Harvest Moon: Back to Nature Cheats for PS1

Get any girl to marry you and more cheats for PlayStation

Harvest Moon: Back to Nature is a farm simulation game in the popular Story of Seasons franchise. The first Harvest Moon title to be released on a non-Nintendo console, Back to Nature, has cheats and glitches that you can exploit to expand your farm's fortune.

These cheats apply to Harvest Moon: Back to Nature for the original PlayStation console, but some cheats may also work with the Sony PSP version.

Harvest Moon: Back to Nature

How to Get Any Girl to Marry You

When the game begins, at the start of the movie of your character playing with animals, press X, Triangle, X, X, Square, Circle, Circle, X to make every girl want to marry you at the start of summer.

How to Get Karen to Marry You

A new flower blooms every season. Pick all the flowers from each season, then give her each flower until her face turns pinkish-red to figure out which one is her favorite. Keep giving her that flower whenever it's in bloom to woo her over, but be careful not to talk to her too much or you'll scare her away.

How to Get Infinite Water in the Water Can

Go to the mine that is only available during winter. Dig down until you see a path, then follow the path to find a spring. When you fill your water can, you will have an infinite amount of water. If you upgrade your water can, you must return for a refill.

How to Duplicate Dog Balls

Throw a ball for your dog to fetch, then run after it. If you pick up the item at the exact same time as your dog, you'll end up with two balls in your inventory.

How to Max Out Tools on the First Day

As soon as you can start playing on the 2nd of spring, you can use any of the items in your toolbox over and over again without becoming exhausted. Before you go outside, use the ax, hammer, and other tools repeatedly to get them up to 400%. Then, leave your home and immediately go to the Hot Spring for two hours so that you don't pass out from exhaustion. Fill your water can while you're there.

At the beginning of the next day, you can use the water can repeatedly as long as you're inside your home. Get it to 400%, then visit the Hot Spring right away. Take your equipment to Mystrile for full upgrades.

This process may take a while, but it's worth the time investment since you can get strong enough to break big rocks and tree stumps from the beginning of the game.

How to Get the Fishing Rod and Pole

Go to Mineral Beach on Saturday, Sunday, or Monday between the hours of 7 a.m. and 10 a.m. to find Greg. Talk to him to get the fishing rod. You must have an empty slot in your inventory to receive it.

Use the rod to catch fish for the pond by your house. After collecting 50 fish in your pond, Greg will bring you the fishing pole, which allows you to catch bigger fish.

How to Protect Your Hothouse During a Hurricane

Putting your dog in the Hothouse during a storm prevents the building from taking damage. Your canine companion will also remain safe.

Gold Animals Money Glitch

There's a glitch you can exploit to make easy money by trading gold animals between memory cards. You'll need two memory cards: one with your normal save file on it, and the other with an empty farm. With both cards plugged in, open your save file and give your gold animals to the empty farm on the other memory card, then quit the game without saving.

Open the other save file and give the animals back to the original farm, then quit without saving. When you open the same save file again, the gold animals should still be there. Repeat this process to keep giving yourself animals that you can sell for gold.