20 Hilarious Turkey Day Pictures, Cartoons, and Memes

Right now you're probably slipping into a turkey/wine coma and looking for something to help you avoid more awkward political debates with your crazy Uncle Stu. I'm here to help. Scroll through the picture gallery below for some Turkey Day laughs. Who knows—maybe you'll look busy enough that your family will leave you alone for a few minutes.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Gobble gobble.

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Star Wars Turkey

 Via Imgur

Who knew something so familiar could look so ... otherworldly.

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Grumpy Cat

Cat and turkey

 Via Izismile


This guy might not be one of the most famous cats on the internet, but he should be.

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A Turkey Mess

Turkey pooping stuffing and reading a newspaper

 Via Pleated-Jeans

I will never think of stuffing the same way again. (Not that this image will stop me from cramming stuffing into my face hole on Thanksgiving, but that's neither here nor there.)

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Cooking Show

Dog watching oven with turkey in it

 Via Reddit

"This is even better than Animal Planet!"

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Organ Agreement

Thanksgiving cartoon

 Via theAwkwardYeti.com

Leave it to the excellent webcomic The Awkward Yeti to point out this hilarious truth! "Stomach, don't even think about acting all full. Push through the pain, damn it!

This comic fits right in on the list of 15 funny comics that are way too accurate.

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Thanksgiving cartoon

 Via HappyThanksgivingWishes

As a pasty white gal, I could sure use something like this! Also, if you can look at this image without thinking of Kramer on "Seinfeld," we need to talk.

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Turkey Face

Turkey with banana nose

 Via Izismile

Don't play with your food. Oh, never mind. That sh*t's funny! Play away.

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Family Matters

Thanksgiving cartoon

 Via Trendsphotos

Ain't this the truth? Thanksgiving is a great time of year to catch up with all of your elderly aunts, who invariably want to know why you aren't married or why you don't have children yet. Good times.

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A Bad Sign

Turkey meme

 Via funmunch

Being defriended on Facebook is never a good sign.

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Quiet Bath

Turkey hot tub

 Via Izismile

"Oooh, nothing like a nice, hot bubbling spa day, right guys? Uh, guys?"

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Tricky Turkeys

Turkey cartoon

 Via Imgur

If only more farmers were blind. (That's the weirdest sentence I've typed in quite a while.)

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Turkey-Saurus Rex

Turkey cartoon

 Via The Oatmeal

The Oatmeal always has a way with words, and this Thanksgiving comic is no exception. Roasted dinosaurs, eh? Works for me!

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Amino Acid Excuse

Turkey cartoon

 Via Someecards

It couldn't possibly be the gallon of wine I drank. Nope, never. Gotta be that sneaky tryptophan!

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There's a Reason They Call It Stuffing

Turkey cartoon

 Via Thumbpress

Yuck, when you put it that way ... maybe I will pass on the stuffing after all.

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Elastic Waistband

Friends meme

 Via Guyism

One of the best episodes of "Friends" ever, in my opinion. This episode is second only to the one where Monica gets her head stuck in the turkey. Not a Thanksgiving (or a buffet, or Super Bowl party, or any other excuse to binge eat) will go by without me gleefully putting on "my eating pants."

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I am thankful for nothing

 Via Guyism

Kids. They're so refreshingly honest, aren't they?

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Owl at Rest

Via Facebook.

Chillin' like a Thanksgiving villain.

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Turkey Rock

Turkey rock

 Via Reddit

Rockefeller Center in New York City is such a magical place during the holidays. Turkey for everyone!

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Unhappy Pilgrim

Kid dressed as pilgram

 Via Awkward Family Photos

And the award for Grumpiest Pilgrim Girl goes to...

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Kramer, Cooked

Kramer as turkey

 Via YouTube

Of course, there's no way I could make a gallery of funny Thanksgiving pictures without including this classic "Seinfeld" moment. They just don't make sitcoms the way they used to.