Things to Do When You Feel Frustrated and Angry as a Single Parent

Tips for Handling Your Own Anger and Frustration

No one is a perfect parent. We all have days when we're frustrated, angry, depressed, or simply "done." What makes you an awesome parent isn't not having those kinds of days. It's doing something about it so that you don't take it out on your kids. Here's a list of things to try when you just can't take it anymore:

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This is actually a great stress-buster, and cleaning the space around you will also help to clear your mind and create the sense of order and balance that you need in your life.

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Do Something Different

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If you feel like you just need a fresh start with your kids, doing something completely different and unexpected can break the tension and provide a clean slate to start from.

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Take a Break

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Forget all the stuff that needs to get done, and just sit for a few minutes. Or, if you can, go outside and take a walk. This will help to clear your head and enable you to return to your responsibilities refreshed.

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Plan Some Time Away

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Make plans to swap play dates with a neighbor or go out with some friends for an evening. Alternatively, consider hiring a babysitter so you can go out by yourself for a bit.