Hand Tattoo Tips

Image courtesy Inked Photography

There is a fine art to hand and foot tattooing. So fine in fact, many tattoo artists simply refuse to do them. Not only do these spots pose obvious challenges due to frequent use during the healing process, hand tattoos are much more difficult to tattoo as the artist must work along uneven surfaces, as well as different skin and bone structures.

Despite their flaws, hand tattoos remain quite popular.

Novelty and trendy design ideas such as a fingertip moustache or a Rihanna inspired "Shhh..." tattoo placed on the index finger make this location look fresh and expressive. Although novel, without proper knowledge of the challenges and aftercare of hand tattoos, the final results can be poor and permanent.

What You Need to Know About Hand Tattoos

First, you should never hastily decide to tattoo this area. Ample thought, preparation, and a skilled artist are all necessities if you opt for a hand tattoo, along with consideration of your future. Many employers frown upon visible tattoos in the workplace, and even the United States military has a ban on hand tattoos. Enlisting in the services or finding work in a career you love may prove to be difficult if not impossible with hand tattoos. Be sure to think long-term with all of your tattoos and body modifications.

When getting a hand design, don't just stumble into a tattoo shop and decide to ink this area without some sort of plan as to how you will function with limited hand capabilities for the following several days.

If you can take time off of work and/or school or have vacation reserve, you can better plan your tattoo and hopefully provide enough time for adequate healing.

High Maintenance

After your hand tattoo is healed you may need to go back and have it retouched. Bear in mind artists usually won't retouch hand tattoos for free or assume any personal responsibility for the wear and fading, especially in this location.

For these reasons, you'll need to factor in a future budget of tattoo maintenance as well. Your tattoo may need to be touched up several times during the first year before it looks its best. How often is dependent upon how well the tattoo healed the first time, along with the strength of the design, and of course its exposure to the daily elements and wear. Over the lifetime of your hand tattoo, expect several more touchups to maintain the beauty of your body art.

Hand Tattoo Design Ideas

Design ideas for hand tattoos are endless. Some people opt for traditional old school designs like a sparrow tattoo. Others select a fluid or organic tattoo that offers movement such as dots or wave effects. These types of tattoos are very artful and can even have a spiritual theme to them. In addition to hand tattoos, some people opt for simple finger tattoos. Wedding band tattoos are an example of a small yet significant piece of body art. Word and phrase tattoos are also popular on the fingers.

Although finger tattoos are becoming quite trendy, the sides of the fingers and the palms of the hand are just so difficult to tattoo effectively. You could very likely have a small expression of "Faith" that fades within a few weeks, just from daily hand use and chores.

It's better to tattoo the top of the hand or the knuckles if you must opt for a finger tattoo.

Try Temporary Tattoos

If you're really serious about getting a hand tattoo, you may want to try temporary henna body painting just for fun. Mehndi symbols represent the inner and outer sun and can help awaken your spirit.If you want to add more of a spiritual touch to your hand tattoo, henna inspired floral designs are a dainty and unique option. In addition to henna, you can also experiment will all different types of temporary tattoos and play around with placement and design ideas.

Following the face, hands are the second most visible place to tattoo. If you decide on a hand tattoo, be aware of the additional healing challenges and touch-ups you'll need to ensure your tattoo looks its best for the long haul.

Invest time in finding an artist who is skilled in tattooing the hands and who has experience and confidence working with the uneven surface. Then check the artist's portfolio and take a look at their hand tattoos AFTER they have healed. Lastly, choose a meaningful tattoo design when you can. Your hands serve as a greeting to the world, so make your best impression.