Halo: Combat Evolved Cheats and Tips for Xbox

Tips for co-op mode and more cheats for the original Xbox

Halo: Combat Evolved is the first entry in Microsoft's flagship video game franchise. Use these tips and cheats for Halo on the original Xbox to take down your foes and unlock the secret ending.

These cheats are for the Xbox version. There are additional cheats for Halo: Combat Evolved on PC.

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How to Unlock the Secret Ending in Halo

Beat the final level of campaign mode on the Legendary difficulty setting to view an alternate ending.

How to Reload Faster

After you press X to reload, press B to perform a melee attack and speed up the re-load animation.

This trick doesn't work with certain weapons such as the shotgun.

How to Perform Instant Kills in Halo: Combat Evolved

If you're short on ammo, sneak up on your opponents and hit them from behind with a melee attack for an instant kill. Getting that close to any enemy puts you at greater risk of getting shot, so only attempt this trick if you're sure they are oblivious to your presence.

How to Beat Co-Op Mode

When playing with a partner, one player should focus on fighting while the other stands back and holds on to your best items and weapons. That way, if one partner dies, you'll still have a stocked inventory. After clearing a room full of enemies, you can redistribute your resources.

How to Get Instant Full Life in Multiplayer

If you're about to lose all of your health while playing in co-op mode, have your partner hit you in the back for an instant kill, and you'll respawn with full life.

You can also blow yourself up with a grenade to respawn with full life, but your weapons will be sent flying in the explosion, so you'll have to recollect them.

Recommended Weapons for Multiplayer Battles

The best weapon combinations for multiplayer are a sniper rifle and a shotgun. The sniper can take out enemies from a distance, while the shotgun is ideal for close-range attacks.

How to Quickly Defeat Covenants

When you see a ship full of Covenants descending, toss a grenade into the door as it opens to kill a bunch of them at once. If you see a horde of Covenants standing around, try to sneak up on them and throw a grenade. If you can get a plasma grenade to stick to a Grunt, the alien will run behind his companions and blow them all up at once.

How to Fight the Flood

Shine your flashlight on people and aliens infected by the Flood to stop them in their tracks. They can still use their weapons, and they will start running again if you reload, so kill them as quickly as possible.

Don't bother with sniper rifles since your bullets will go right through them. Instead, use the shotgun for a one-shot kill. You can use an assault rifle on the smaller crawling Flood, but conserve your shotgun and pistol ammo for the bigger ones.

How to Defeat Flugs

Use the shotgun to take out groups of baby Flugs before they possess anyone. The shotgun is also the best option for killing possessed Flugs, but it's best to destroy them before they get to that point.

How to Kill Sleeping Grunts

Pick off sleeping Grunts one-by-one by sneaking up behind them and performing a melee attack for an instant kill. As long as you don't shoot your gun, the other nearby Grunts will keep sleeping.

How to Pierce the Hunters' Armor

Shoot the orange spots on the backs of Hunters to pierce their armor. The sniper rifle is the best option since you can zoom in on your target, but any weapon will do. When playing with a partner, have one player distract the Hunter while the other sneaks up behind him to attack.

If facing a Hunter head-on, shoot them in the head with a pistol or shotgun to knock them back and expose their necks. Shoot for the neck for an instant kill.

You can also defeat Hunters using plasma grenades. After the grenade sticks to their armor, run in the opposite direction in a zig-zag pattern so you don't get caught in the blast.

How to Defeat Jackals

Destroy the Jackal's shield with a photon weapon to make them vulnerable. If you have a sniper, shoot through the small notches on the shield from afar.

How to Find Hidden Shields in the Pillar of Autumn

In the first Pillar of Autumn level, kill the Covenants and go into the empty airlocks that they came out of to find two extra shields.

Halo Easter Egg: Music From Myth

There's an Easter egg hidden near the end of level 5 (Assault On The Control Room). Ride a Banshee up to the Control Center and land on the center ledge in front of the door, then walk to the right edge of the ledge. Stand still for a while to hear music from the PC game Myth.