Use These Cheats for a Leg up in Half-Life 2

Half Life 2 is a sci-fi first-person shooter video game developed by Valve Corporation. Released in November 2004, it is the follow-up title to Half-Life and once again puts players into the role of crowbar-wielding scientist Gordon Freeman.

Having been in stasis for the past 20 years, Gordon Freeman is awakened to find the world has been taken over by the Combine, an empire made up of aliens, synthetic beings, and humans, due to the Black Mesa Research Facility in the first game.

Upon its release Half-Life 2 received universal critical acclaim, winning dozens of game of the year awards for the year it was released. Areas of praise included Half-Life 2's engaging storyline, physics engine, graphics/animation, and overall game mechanics.

The release of Half Life 2 also marked the release of Valve's digital software distribution platform Steam. Developed at the same time as the game, Steam has since become the leader for the digital distribution of PC games and has spawned other digital distribution platforms.

A demo for Half Life 2 was also released, this allows gamers the chance to play one mission from the game before purchasing. It is still available for download through Steam, many years since its release.

Enabling Half-Life 2 Cheats

In order to enable the Half-Life 2 cheat codes, including the powerful Half Life 2 God Mode, the console option needs to be added into the Half-Life 2 program executable. To do this, left click start menu then navigate to the Half-Life 2 shortcut icon, or find the shortcut icon on your desktop. From there, right click on the shortcut and select "properties. In the Target field add -console (i.e. "C:\Program Files\Half-Life 2\hl2.exe" -console).

Then start the game normally. While playing the game press tilde (~) to bring up the console. Enter the following cheat codes for the desired effect.

Special Instructions for Entering Half-Life 2 Weapon/Item Names

All Half-Life 2 cheats for weapons and items need to be entered in the form of weapon_[weapon_name] or item_[item_name]. So as an example if you would like to give Gordon a stunstick, simply type weapon_stunstick in the console.

Half-Life 2 Cheat Codes

Cheat Effect
god God Mode
notarget Enemies Ignore You
noclip No Clipping Mode
give Get Item
hurtme Damage Player
impulse 101 Give All Weapons
impulse 102 Skulls
impulse 76 Grunt
impulse 82 Spawn a Jeep
impulse 83 Spawn Airboat
buddha Reduce Health
maps List Maps
npc_create Creates an NPC
npc_create_aimed Creates an NPC aiming away from the player.
hud_quickhelp/text? 1 Shows crosshair
ch_createairboat Spawn Airboat
map Load Specific Map
cl_drawhud 1 Toggle HUD display On
cl_enablehud 1 Toggle HUD display On
cl_showfps 1 Shows FPS Rate
setpos Move player to specified origin
sv_gravity # Set Gravity (# = number)
sv_stopspeed # Set Minimum Stopping Speed on Ground (# = number)
sv_friction # Set World Friction (# = number)
sv_bounce # Sets bounce multiplier for physically object collisions (# = number)
sv_maxvelocity # Sets Maximum Velocity of moving object (# = number)
sv_waterdist # Set Vertical View when eyes are near water plane. (# = number)
air_density # Change the density of air. (# = number)

Cheat Code
healthkit give item_healthkit
healthvial give item_healthvial
box_buckshot give item_box_buckshot
box_mrounds give item_box_mrounds
box_sniper_rounds give item_box_sniper_rounds
box_srounds give item_box_srounds
battery give item_battery
suit give item_suit
ml_grenade give item_ml_grenade
ar2_grenade give item_ar2_grenade
alyxgun give weapon_alyxgun
ar1 give weapon_ar1
ar2 give weapon_ar2
binoculars give weapon_binoculars
brickbat give weapon_brickbat
bugbait give weapon_bugbait
cguard give weapon_cguard
crossbow give weapon_crossbow
crowbar give weapon_crowbar
cubemap give weapon_cubemap
extinguisher give weapon_extinguisher
flaregun give weapon_flaregun
frag give weapon_frag
gauss give weapon_gauss
hmg1 give weapon_hmg1
hopwire give weapon_hopwire
iceaxe give weapon_iceaxe
immolator give weapon_immolator
irifle give weapon_irifle
manhack give weapon_manhack
ml give weapon_ml
molotov give weapon_molotov
physcannon give weapon_physcannon
physgun give weapon_physgun
pistol give weapon_pistol
rollerwand give weapon_rollerwand
rpg give weapon_rpg
shotgun give weapon_shotgun
slam give weapon_slam
smg1 give weapon_smg1
smg2 give weapon_smg2
sniperrifle give weapon_sniperrifle
stickylauncher give weapon_stickylauncher
stunstick give weapon_stunstick
thumper give weapon_thumper



Load Command
d1_canals_01 map d1_canals_01
d1_canals_02 d1_canals_02
d1_canals_end d1_canals_end
d1_tempanals_02 d1_tempanals_02
d1_town_01 d1_town_01
d1_town_02 d1_town_02
d1_town_03 d1_town_03
d1_town_04 d1_town_04
d1_town_05 d1_town_05
d1_trainstation_01 d1_trainstation_01
d1_trainstation_02 d1_trainstation_02
d1_trainstation_03 d1_trainstation_03
d1_trainstation_05 d1_trainstation_05
d1_under_01 d1_under_01
d1_under_02 d1_under_02
d1_under_03 d1_under_03
d1_under_04 d1_under_04
d2_coast_01 d2_coast_01
d2_coast_02 d2_coast_02
d2_coast_03 d2_coast_03
d2_coast_04 d2_coast_04
d2_coast_04_dx60 d2_coast_04_dx60
d2_coast_05 d2_coast_05
d2_coast_06 d2_coast_06
d2_coast_07 d2_coast_07
d2_coast_08 d2_coast_08
d2_prison_01 d2_prison_01
d2_prison_02 d2_prison_02
d2_prison_03 d2_prison_03
d2_prison_04 d2_prison_04
d2_prison_05 d2_prison_05
d3_c17_03 d3_c17_03
d3_c17_04 d3_c17_04
d3_c17_05 d3_c17_05
d3_c17_06a d3_c17_06a
d3_c17_06b d3_c17_06b
d3_c17_07 d3_c17_07