Hair Trends: 21 Celebs Who Went for the Long Bob

Model Jourdan Dunn
Jourdan Dunn/
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Is It Time You Chopped Off Your Hair?

Sienna Miller. Getty Images: David M. Benett, Vera Anderson

It's the trend of the moment: cutting off your hair to that perfect length between the chin and the shoulders. You've seen the look by now. It's on the choppy side. It appears effortless yet chic at the same time. It's almost always angled a bit from back (shorter) to front (longer) and it is flattering on all.

Hello long bob.

In this gallery, check out the 21 celebrities who took the plunge and cut their long hair shorter. You'll see hair long and short on Sienna Miller, pictured here, Kim Kardashian, Emma Stone, Jenna Tatum Channing and a host of other celebrities.

The long bob works with all hair textures and on all face shapes. Plus, it's not too short or long that you have to style it, and it looks good curled, waved, air-dried, flat-ironed or blow-dried straight. Bedhead has never looked better than on hair cut this length.

You can wear it parted on the side or parted in the middle, with or without bangs. And once you get sick of it, it's easier to grow out than a traditional bob.

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Sienna Miller's Choppy Bob

Sienna Miller out and about in NYC. Raymond Hall for Getty Images

Sienna Miller chopped off her hair into a choppy, long bob. In her native England, they refer to the style as a "chin-length undercut." Perhaps no other celebrity has worn this cut in so many ways, proving just how versatile it is. She tends to wear it air-dried and wavy, but also curled, slicked-back, parted both down the middle and to the side and with braids.

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Emma Stone's Long Bob

Emma Stone with short and long hair. Getty Images: Dominique Charriau

People are so obsessed with Emma Stone's hairstyles, so imagine how excited everyone was when she stepped out in this long bob. The Twittersphere lit up.

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Emma Stone

Emma Stone at the Golden Globes. Getty Images: Jason Merritt and Jeff Vespa

Here's another look at Stone's fantastic long bob.

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Julianne Hough's Long Bob

Julianne Hough. Jason LaVeris and Ray Tamarra for Getty

Julianne Hough took the short hair plunge back in 2013 and hasn't looked back. You can see why -- her hair is much better shorter than long. The long, not-so-special haircut made her face appear long, whereas the shorter, fuller cut makes her face appear perfectly oval.

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Kate Bosworth's Long Bob

Kate Bosworth. Getty Images

Kate Bosworth cut 10 inches of her long hair in January 2015 to get this sweet, swingy bob. And like many celebrities, she unveiled her new look on Instagram. She reportedly cut her hair to film 90 Minutes in Heaven, which is directed by her husband, Michael Polish. 

Harry Josh was the stylist behind her cut, telling People Magazine, "Bobs are a trend right now. Kate’s really focused on her craft now more so than beauty so this cut was about her movie — not a beauty trend.”

People reports Josh uses John Frieda Beach Blonde sea salt spray and dries her hair with a diffuser when he styles her new bob.

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Model Jourdan Dunn's Long Bob

Jourdan Dunn. Getty Images

Model Jourdan Dunn cut off her long hair in August 2014 and now she seems to be everywhere. Could some of her new popularity be attributed to her amazing haircut?

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Another Look at Jourdan Dunn's Hairstyle

Model Jourdan Dunn. Samir Hussein for Getty Images

Here's another version of her gorgeous cut.

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Giuliana Rancic's Long Bob

Giuliana Rancic. Getty Images

Giuliana Rancic cut off her long hair in the spring of 2013 into a chic long bob that suited her status as a new young mom very well. 

Her center part is very fresh, and the asymmetry -- with the back an inch or so shorter than the front -- is a popular cut for the long bob right now. To get this look, you'll want to flat-iron hair or ask your stylist to thin out your thick hair. If you have wavy hair, you can straighten it with a flat-iron or wear it wavy.

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Jenna Dewan Tatum's Long Bob

Jenna Tatum. Getty Images: Donato Sardella and Valerie Macon

Back in November, 2014, Jenna Dewan-Tatum's stylist, Jen Atkin, debuted the celebrity's new long bob via Instagram.

“I got to give beauty #JennaDewanTatum a fresh ‘blunt ends long layered-straight out the salon’ cut!,” Atkin wrote on Instagram.

According to Atkin, they cut 4 inches off Tatum's hair for a "wash and go" look. 

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Jenna Dewan Tatum

Jenna Dewan Tatum. Getty Images: Michael Buckner and Steve Granitz

Here are a couple of other versions of Tatum's great hairstyle.

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Zosia Mamet's Long Bob

Getty Images: Jason Merritt and Jemal Countess

Zosia Mamet's character Shoshanna on the hit TV drama "Girls" relies on long hair for her updos, but in January 2014, she debuted a long bob on the red carpet. She's kept her hair in a version of the long bob ever since.

It turns out moving to NYC inspired her.

“My style beast was awakened when I moved,” she told InStyle. “There’s an unspoken invitation to style freedom in N.Y.C. I never realized how much I like to experiment, and you are welcome to do that here.”

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Nicole Kidman's Long Bob

Nicole Kidman. Getty Images

Nicole Kidman cut off her insanely long hair just in time for awards season in February 2015. She reportedly cut off a whopping foot of hair extensions and I think the results are a major improvement.

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Rose Byrne's Long Bob Hairstyle

Rose Byrne. Getty Images

It's become her signature look. Rose Byrne cut her hair into a long bob in February 2014 and has hit the red carpet with several versions since then.

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Another Version of Rose Byrne's Long Bob


Here's a version of Rose Byrne's long bob styled in waves.

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Kim Kardashian Goes From Long to a Long Bob

Kim Kardashian. Manny Carabel and Jamie McCarthy for Getty

The thing to do when you cut off your hair is to debut the look on Instagram, which is exactly what "The Keeping Up With the Kardashians" star Kim did in February, 2015, just before the Grammys.

"I cut my hair short today," Kardashian wrote in the caption for the pic.

She told Glamour Magazine back in November 2014 that she doesn't wash her hair every day and that she depends on her "glam team" to style her hair.

"If I'm getting it done, I'll get a blow-out on the first day, and on the second day I'll add waves and curls to it, and on the third day I'll keep that messy, and on the fourth day stick it up, and then wash it that night."

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Kate Mara Striking Transformation

Kate Mara. Getty: FilmMagic and Frederick M. Brown

Stylist Mara Roszak (she's Emma Stone's hairstylist, too, and responsible for Stone's much-loved long bob), told Allure Magazine that Kate Mara gets all the credit for the long bob she gave her.

"It was Kate's idea to chop off her hair," Roszak tells Allure. "We played with it in a couple stages. First, she went blonde, and then we went a little shorter before going all the way. She has really thick hair, so I had to take a lot of weight out."

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Another Look at Kate Mara's Long Bob

Kate Mara. Getty Images: Dan MacMedan, Jason LaVeris

Here's another look at Kate's long bob.

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Freida Pinto's Amazing Transformation

Freida Pinto. Venturelli and Jennifer Lourie for Getty Images

Actress Freida Pinto cut her long hair in December 2014 after ending a 6-year relationship with her "Slumdog Millionaire" costar Dev Patel.

The images here show just what a good decision that was. With long hair, she looked like your average 20-something. Nothing special there. But with her new long bob and red lips, she looks breathtakingly gorgeous.

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Jessica Alba's Long Bob

Getty Images

Sticking with the trend of getting a long bob and then telling the world via social media, Jessica Alba did just this in early March 2015 when she debuted her new long bob on Instagram during the famous South By Southwest conference, commenting, "Uh oh someone chopped off her hair!"

She cut her hair off a year ago as well and debuted that cut on Instagram, too, thanking her stylist Jen Atkin (yes, the same stylist Jenna Dewan Tatum used for her long bob).

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Stylist Jen Atkin and Jessica Alba

Stylist Jen Atkin and Jessica Alba. Jessica Alba's Instagram account

Here's the picture Jessica Alba posted on Instagram to announce her cut.

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Blogger Nicole Warne's Long Bob

Nicole Warne. Getty Images: Kirstin Sinclair

The founder of the style and travel blog Gary Pepper Girl, Werne is known for her amazing taste in fashion and style, so it's no surprise she cut off her long, non-descript hair for the swingy, trendy, sophisticated long bob. See her 1​.8 million follower instagram page

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Blogger Nicole Warne

Blogger Nicole Warne. Getty Images: Kirstin Sinclair, Caroline McCredie

Here are more versions of Warne's gorgeous bob.

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Zanita Whittington's Long Bob

Zanita Whittington. Photos: Instagram and Don Arnold for Getty Images

Zanita Whittington is a colleague of Nicole Warne, another Aussie fashion and style princess. Check out her Instagram. Her long bob proves that even girls with curls can wear their hair short.

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Zanita Whittington

Zanita Whittington. Getty Images: Graham Denholm, Marc Piasecki

Here's another look at Whittington's great hairstyle.

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Brooklyn Decker

Brooklyn Decker. Getty Images

Brooklyn Decker was one of the original long bob adoptees back in 2011. But then she grew her hair long again. And dyed it brunette. 

So imagine everyone's surprise when she cut her hair again. See the difference the haircut makes. It's much improved. 

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Elizabeth Olsen

Getty Images: Jerod Harris and David Livingston

Pictured here are Elizabeth Olsen in July 2014 and then with a much shorter bob in February 2015. Of course the stylist behind this cut, Mark Townsend, debuted the new shorter do on -- what else? -- Instagram.

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Lauren Conrad

Getty Images: RB/Bauer-Griffin, Dave Kotinsky

Love this new, fresh look on Lauren Conrad, courtesy of her stylist Kristin Ess.

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Lucy Hale

Lucy Hale. Getty Images

She's the star of Pretty Little Liars star and she cut off her hair into a long bob in late 2014. The stylist behind her new look was none other than Lauren Conrad’s stylist, Kristin Ess. You'll remember that Conrad is also sporting a long bob.

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Vanessa Hudgens

Getty Images

Vanessa Hudgens also took to social media to debut her new bob, which she claims is not a lob, writing on Instagram, "Who needs a lob when you can have a bb (blunt bob)!! Thanks to my boo @kristinabarricelli @gemini14salon."