Hair eRazor Fuzion Pubic Shaver & Trimmer

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The Bottom Line

The Hair eRazor Fuzion is a versatile little tool that gives a close shave with limited time and without water. There's a lot of power in the palm of your hand with this bad boy! It is an all-in-one trimmer and shaver that’s small, convenient and rechargeable. The best part is there are no cords or charging station to worry about.


  • Easy to use
  • Small and convenient


  • Expensive
  • A little flimsy


    • Manufacturer: The Image Makers
    • Usage: Electric shaver and trimmer
    • Options: The colors of onyx, sapphire and ruby


    Review: Hair eRazor Fuzion Pubic Shaver & Trimmer

    This device is a rotary style shaver with a built in trimmer. The trimmer stows just like the plug. With a push of a button, the trimmer moves up and the same power button works for it. The only thing you'll need to keep it going is a power outlet. The plugs slide right out of the bottom and stow away when finished charging.

    I did find that it was a little flimsy feeling when pushing the trimmer button up. But once in position, it does a great job.

    Bikini Zone Shaving – For Women and Men

    The Fuzion works great on the bikini line. The trimmer is small and can really reach those areas that are difficult to get to with a razor. You will still need to do the half plié or half straddle, but unlike a razor, you can just trim. No need to worry about nicking your skin.

    Men, the scrotum happened to be no match for this tiny saint. It did the job and as long as the skin was taut, there was no issue. If a razor scares you in this area, (see: Tips for Men Shaving Genitals) this is an amazing alternative that works just as good. Gentleman, fear not the removal of hair down under.

    How Close?

    Using the titanium rotary blade of the shaver can give a really nice shave without the razor burn. No redness, no bumps. It's a bit difficult to get a close shave on the apex of your inner legs without the sometimes uncomfortable and always-awkward leg spread, but it is possible, and without pain I might add.

    Now, it doesn’t give the baby bottom smooth shave but it's very close (see more: Shaving Private Area). It was a miracle worker for those last minute shaves before the beach. Since it doesn’t irritate the skin, you can shave and not get the stinging, burning feeling from the salt water. You can throw it in your purse and touch up when needed.

    I had one instance when I felt a little tug and pull of the hair. It was completely my fault because holding the skin taut is necessary for any shaver, but I was trying to see if it would pull. Other than that, pain-free I was!

    How About Those Legs?

    The device seems to be marketed towards shaving the bikini area but it can be used on other areas as well. I tortured a male friend’s leg. Yes, just one leg. I trimmed and shaved in no time and there was no evidence of a shaver other than the lack of hair. From his leg to his opposite arm, I effortlessly erased the hair from existence.

    It was quick and easy, without water and without pain.

    The Facial Hair It Gets… and Those It Doesn’t

    The area I found it lacked was the facial area (see more: How To Remove Facial Hair) on someone with fine vellus hair. You know, the blond soft hair that eludes you in the bathroom mirror but stands out in the car mirror…that hair seems to duck and hide from the Fuzion. But it was fantastic on the coarse hair. The single dark hair that sneaks up and all of a sudden is a quarter of an inch long doesn't stand a chance against this shaver.

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