Hair Color Ideas for Brilliant Brunettes

Easy Brown Hair Color Formulas

Brown hair can be tricky. There are many shades and variations, and a cool brown to one client can look like a warm brown to another. The two most important factors when coloring brown hair is to communicate with your client and to have a clear understanding of their underlying pigment, especially if you'll be lifting them from their natural base. Hair color levels from 1-5 all share some form of a red underlying pigment. You'll have to determine if you want to 'use or lose' this warmth.

If you're attempting a cooler hue, a blue concentrate can be your best friend. Just keep in mind that adding blue concentrate can cause the hair color to look darker, so adjust your formula accordingly. If a warmer brown is what you're after, don't get caught adding too much extra warmth if the underlying pigment will supply it for you. 

From rich, chocolaty hues to cool, icy browns, these colors can work on almost anyone. Read below and start trying these easy, dark hair color ideas in your salon today. 

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Rich Chocolate With a Copper Shimmer

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Apply a fine fine foil throughout the top of the hair with the accent color and then apply the base color in between the packets and cover all remaining hair. The glaze will be performed at the shampoo bowl and applied to towel dried hair.

Natural Level: 3

Base Color: Redken Shades EQ 03NB

Accent Color: Redken Blonde Icing Ammonia Free + Redken Blonde Icing 20 Volume Conditioning Crème Developer

Glaze: Redken Shades EQ 05C

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Deep Brown With Caramel Accents

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Natural Level: 6 - Color-treated 

Base Color: Wella Color Touch 5/0

Accent Color: Kaleidocolors Bleach (blue tone) + 20 vol developer

Glaze: Wella Color Touch 7/73

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Dark Brown With Golden Accents

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Natural Level: 5 - 20% Grey

Base Color: Joico Vero K-PAK Color 5N + 5G + 20-volume developer 

Accent Color: Joico Vero Ultra Caramel + 30-volume developer

Glaze: Verochrome B5 + 6G (process 10 minutes)

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Golden Brown With Caramel Highlights

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Natural Level: 5

Base Color: Wella Koleston Perfect 6/0 + 7/3 + 20 volume developer

Accent Color 1: Wella Koleston Perfect 12/22 + 30 volume developer

Accent Color 2: Wella Koleston Perfect 8/2 + 40 volume developer

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As with any hair color service, the magic starts in the salon, but it needs to be maintained at home. Make sure to educate your client about the steps they'll need to take to keep their new brunette locks vibrant and shiny for weeks. A color-safe shampoo is a must, but they can also invest in shampoos and conditioners that are specifically formulated for brunette shades. Each time they wash, a small amount of color will be deposited, keeping the shade deep and rich.

Another expert tip for keeping color vibrant - wash with cooler water! Warm water opens up the cuticle and causes hair color to wash out and fade faster. Cool water keeps color true and hair shiny.