How to Do a Front Walkover

If you can do a solid bridge stretch, you’re ready to try a front walkover. Though you may also want to try a back walkover first; many gymnasts actually find a back walkover easier than a front walkover.

Front Walkover: Bridge With Leg Up

Young girl indoors doing back walkover
Tom Merton/Getty Images

First, start with the same drill as you’d do to start learning a back walkover, a bridge with one leg up:

  • Push up to a bridge, and lift one of your legs as high as you can.
  • Work up to a position where you can lift your leg so it points straight up to the ceiling. This will help you learn how to balance with support from only one leg and your hands, and improves your flexibility too.
  • Practice lifting each of your legs. Though you will most likely do a front walkover with the same leg supporting you each time, it's still helpful to be able to do this drill each way.

Front Limber

Next, try a front limber (basically a front walkover to two feet) over a barrel mat or with a spotter:

  • Start standing up, with your arms stretched over your head.
  • Lunge forward and kick into a handstand.
  • Go past the handstand with both legs, using your spotter or the barrel mat for support. You should end up in a bridge position.
  • Now comes the trickier part. Push off your hands, shift all of your weight to your feet, and slowly stand up. Again, use your spotter or the barrel mat to help support your back. When both you and your coach feel that you're ready, try a front limber without a spotter or the barrel.

Front Walkover With a Spot

Once you can comfortably do a front limber, you're ready to try a real front walkover with a spotter. Here's how:

  • Start standing with your arms stretched over your head, and one leg (whichever one you prefer) held straight out. You can also start with both feet on the ground, and one leg slightly in front of the other.
  • Now lunge forward and push into a handstand, keeping your legs split.
  • Lean past the handstand until your lead leg touches the ground.
  • Shift your weight onto that leg, and slowly stand up. Use the spotter to help support your back as you stand up.
  • End with your arms by your ears, standing straight up. Work up to an end position where you can hold your front leg up parallel to the floor.

Front Walkover With a Barrel

You may also want to try your front walkover using a barrel mat. These mats are designed especially with moves like this in mind. They can really help when you're trying to rely less on a spotter. However, you'll still want someone to spot you when you're just starting out. 

Front Walkover Without a Spot

When you and your coach decide that you're ready, try a front walkover without a spot or barrel.