5 Things to Know About Gymnast Rebecca Bross

Rebecca Bross at 2012 U.S. Olympic Gymnastics Team Trials
Rebecca Bross at 2012 U.S. Olympic Gymnastics Team Trials. Ronald Martinez/Staff/Getty Images

Rebecca Bross won the 2007 national all-around title as a junior, and in 2009 she earned the world all-around silver medal behind US teammate Bridget Sloan. In 2010, she became the US senior all-around champ and earned the bronze at worlds. She has retired from the sport.

1. She Rocked Her First Worlds

Bross excelled at the 2009 worlds, earning a bronze on bars and a silver in the all-around. She came oh-so-close to winning the all-around gold, too. Leading by 1.275 over Sloan going into the last rotation, Bross seemed a near-lock for gold. But she crashed on her final pass – a back 2.5 punch front barani – and ended up in the silver spot.

2. She Had a Very Successful Year in 2010

Bross earned her first major international all-around victory at the 2010 American Cup. She was the favorite to win, and put together a solid competition, earning gold on every event but vault. Her top scores were 15.30s on both bars and beam.

She said after, "I am very proud of myself. I just wanted to go out and hit, and I did that...It was amazing to watch girls from my gym [Nastia Liukin and Carly Patterson] win this event and then go out and see what they accomplished, and I just hope the string continues for me.”

Later that year, Bross was named the senior all-around champ at US nationals and earned four more medals at worlds, including a bronze in the all-around.

3. She Had a Very Unlucky Injury

In 2011, she dislocated her knee at US nationals, and the injury required surgery. She never completely recovered\ and wasn't named to the 2012 US Olympic team. With six world medals, though, she remains one of the most accomplished US gymnasts in history. Bross continued to compete at the National level thru 2011 and 2012. Her final competition was at the 2012 US Olympic Trials. She now enjoys coaching young gymnasts.

4. She Has Some Great Skills

Bross performed a standing Arabian (at :22) and double Arabian dismount (called the Patterson) off of beam, a front layout punch double front on floor and a sky-high Jaeger (at :37) on bars.

5. She'd Like to Be a Physical Therapist

Born July 11, 1993 in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Bross is the daughter of Terry Bross and Donna Brugge. She has an older brother, Benjamin. She'd like to be a physical therapist someday.
Bross trained as an elite at WOGA Gymnastics and was coached by Valeri Liukin (father of Nastia Liukin).

Bross' Gymnastics Records


  • 2010 World Championships: 2nd team, 3rd all-around; 3rd bars; 2nd beam
  • 2010 American Cup: 1st all-around; 2nd vault (tie); 1st bars; 1st beam; 1st floor
  • 2009 World Championships: 2nd all-around; 3rd bars (tie); 5th floor (tie)
  • 2008 Pacific Rim Championships (Junior Division): 1st team; 1st all-around; 1st vault; 1st beam; 1st floor
  • 2007 International Jr. Japan Competition: 1st all-around; 1st vault; 1st bars; 1st beam; 1st floor
  • 2007 Pan American Games: 1st team; 2nd all-around; 1st floor
  • 2006 Junior Pan American Championships: 1st team; 1st vault
  • 2006 Pacific Alliance Championships (Junior Division): 1st team; 4th all-around


  • 2012 Visa Championships (US Nationals): 4th bars
  • 2011 Visa Championships (US Nationals): 8th beam; 2nd floor
  • 2010 Visa Championships (US Nationals): 1st all-around; 1st bars; 1st beam; 2nd floor
  • 2009 Visa Championships (US Nationals): 3rd all-around; 3rd beam; 2nd floor
  • 2007 Visa Championships (US Nationals - Junior Division): 1st all-around; 1st vault; 1st bars; 2nd beam; 1st floor
  • 2006 Visa Championships (US Nationals - Junior Division): 4th all-around; 2nd beam