4 Things to Know About Gymnast Morgan White

Gymnast Morgan White
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Morgan White was named to the 2000 Olympic team but had to withdraw before the competition began due to injury. White was the 1998 junior national all-around champion and a member of the 1999 world team.

She was a junior national champ.

White's last year as a junior, 1998, was a banner year for her. She placed second in the all-around at the Junior Pan American Championships, as well as first on bars and second on beam. She won the 1998 US Classic, then went on to win the junior all-around title at nationals, and the bars and floor gold medals as well. With just two years until the Olympics, White was setting herself up very well for success as a senior gymnast.

She was named to the Sydney Olympic team.

White was a steady competitor throughout 2000, placing seventh all-around at US nationals despite a fall on vault, and then improving to fourth all-around at the 2000 Olympic Trials. She was selected to the six-member Olympic team after the competition, and headed to Sydney, Australia for the Games.

But a foot injury she'd been training through flared up while she was abroad, and White was forced to withdraw from the competition before it began. Tasha Schwikert was named to the team in her place, but White is still officially recognized as an Olympian by USA Gymnastics.

She did some unique skills, especially on bars.

White was known for her intricate invert work on the uneven bars -- circle and giant skills in which a gymnast turns her palms completely outward, making the elements far more challenging. This type of uneven bar work also requires very flexible shoulders and wrists. Watch Morgan White on bars.

On beam, White performed a back handspring to an Onodi series, and mounted with a punch front onto the beam. Watch White on beam.

She came from a gym of Olympians.

Morgan White was born June 27, 1983 in West Bend, Wis., to Ron and Debbie White. She has two older brothers named Dustin and Dylan.

White trained for the 2000 Olympics at Cincinnati Gymnastics Academy with coach Mary Lee Tracy, who also coached 1996 Olympians Amanda Borden and Jaycie Phelps, as well as 2000 Olympic alternate Alyssa Beckerman.

White's Gymnastics Results:


  • 2000 Olympics: 3rd team (White was unable to compete due to injury, however)
  • 2000 Senior Pacific Alliance, Christchurch, New Zealand: 1st team; 3rd all-around (tie); 5th bars; 2nd floor (tie)
  • 2000 Visa American Cup, Orlando, Fla.: 2nd all-around; 6th vault; 4th bars; 4th beam; 2nd floor
  • 2000 RCA Gymnastics Challenge, Las Vegas, Nev.: 4th all-around;
  • 1999 World Championships, Tianjin, China: 6th team
  • 1999 Pan American Games, Winnipeg, Canada: 1st all-around; 3rd bars
  • 1999 China Dual: 1st team
  • 1998 Jr. Pan American Championships, Houston, Texas: 1st team; 2nd all-around; 1st bars; 2nd
  • 1998 International Team Championships, Knoxville, Tenn. (USA, CHN, ROM): 2nd team; 2nd bars (Junior Division)
  • 1997 International Artistic Gymnastics Challenge, Brussels, Belgium: 1st bars
  • 1997 Pan American Championships, Medellin, Colombia; 2nd team; 2nd bars


  • 2000 Olympic Team Trials, Boston, Mass.; 4th all-around
  • 2000 John Hancock US Gymnastics Championships (US nationals), St. Louis, Mo.: 7th all-around; 5th bars; 4th beam; 5th floor
  • 2000 US Classic, Tulsa, Okla.: 2nd all-around
  • 1999 John Hancock US Gymnastics Championships (US nationals), Sacramento, Calif.: 7th all-around; 3rd bars;
  • 1999 American Classic, Pomona, Calif.: 2nd floor
  • 1998 John Hancock US Gymnastics Championships (US nationals), Indianapolis, Ind.: 1st all-around; 1st bars; 2nd beam; 1st floor (Junior Division)
  • 1998 US Classic, San Antonio, Texas: 1st all-around; 2nd bars; 1st beam; 2nd floor (Junior Division)
  • 1998 American Classic, Orlando, Fla.: 1st bars (Junior Division)