Halloween Costume Ideas: The Gym Teacher

Find Inspiration for the Best Coach Costumes

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There are a lot of Halloween costume ideas to choose from and dressing up like a gym teacher is a fun option for both teens and adults. This is also one of the easiest (and cheapest) costumes you can create and it is fun for any Halloween party.

Why We Love the Gym Teacher Costume

Everyone has memories of their gym teachers. Some we loved and some, well, they worked us so hard that there was definitely no love there!

Gym teachers are some of the most colorful characters in the school. They all seem to have some personality traits that are perfect for satire. From the constant blowing of a whistle to knee socks that went out of style three decades ago, gym teachers are perfect for a fun and easy Halloween costume.

How to Make a Gym Teacher Halloween Costume

The best part of the gym teacher Halloween costume is that it is unbelievably easy to create. All you need is some sports gear and attire and the rest of the character is created by personality.

It is likely that everything you need for this costume is right there in your home.

Costume Elements

  • School t-shirt
  • Sports shorts or pants
  • Clipboard with pen attached
  • Sports ball
  • Baseball cap
  • Sneakers with white athletic socks
  • Whistle, megaphone, or stopwatch

Creating the Gym Teacher Costume

This costume can use a generic gym teacher as inspiration or someone you actually know. It can be straight and a little more serious or a satirical representation of the wackiest gym teacher you can imagine.

  1. Wear gym shorts, a school t-shirt and sneakers with white socks. For a retro look, choose knee-high athletic socks with stripes paired with short shorts from the 1970's and don a headband with dark aviator glasses. For a modern look, go with breakaway pants with a stripe down the side (like basketball players wear) or a tracksuit.
  2. Add a whistle and clipboard with a pen tied to it.
  3. Pick the ball of your choice and a baseball cap if you like.
  4. Walk around the party announcing things like 'Line up!' loudly.

Find Inspiration for Your Gym Teacher Character

Movies and television are filled with inspiration for your gym teacher character.

Hardball and Retro Gym Teacher

For the tough, retro gym teacher look, check out The Wonder Years. This 1980's television show featured Coach Ed Cutlip (played by Robert Picardo) as the iconic hardball gym teacher who enjoyed bullying students. His signature red baseball cap and an athletic polo shirt are the perfect inspiration for a retro costume.

Strict and Serious Modern Coach

Cheerleading coach, Sue Sylvester (played by Jane Lynch) from the TV show Glee is another great source for the tough gym teacher character. She rocks the tracksuit like few gym teachers can and her stern demeanor is unforgettable. Don't forget the stopwatch or megaphone!

The Wacky Gym Teacher

If you are looking for inspiration for the screwball gym teacher who takes their job a little too seriously, then Coach Sandoval "Sandy" Hines (played by Keegan-Michael Key) on Mad TV is the perfect example. He is a short-tempered Catholic high school gym teacher whose sketches are among the funniest TV moments.

Stop by the thrift store for those tight short and coordinate it with a colorful polo shirt. If you are in the mood, grab a bald headpiece and be sure to study up on the character through the clips on YouTube. This character is all about the zany (and serious) personality!