GustOrganics is the first USDA certified organic restaurant in New York. Even more impressive is the fact that GustOrganics is the very first restaurant in the world to use 100% USDA certified organic ingredients.

GustOrganics , located in New York, is a USDA certified organic and certified green restaurant.

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GustOrganics Location

GustOrganics - 100% certified organic restaurant
GustOrganics. Image courtesy ©GustOrganics - Alberto Gonzalez

Gustorganics Flagship Restaurant Is Located At:

519 Avenue of the Americas @ 14th street, New York, New York 10011.


GustOrganics Business Hours:

Breakfast served Monday-Sunday 8am to 11am

Brunch served Saturday, Sunday & Holidays 11am to 4pm

Lunch served Monday-Sunday 11am to 5pm

Dinner served Monday-Thursday 5pm to 11pm; Friday & Saturday 5pm to 12am

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Organic Ideals & Values Served Up at GustOrganics

GustOrganics - Organic Values
Interior of GustOrganics. Image courtesy ©GustOrganics - Alberto Gonzalez

GustOrganics is committed to organic quality, serving up fresh, totally 100% USDA certified organic food on every plate. While organics form the building blocks of GustOrganics, this restaurant goes further still by supporting local organic farmers, and green policies abound as well. GustOrganics also focuses on their guests, and one of their goals is to provide an enjoyable and unique dining experience for all involved.

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GustOrganics Founder Alberto Gonzalez

GustOrganics Founder Alberto Gonzalez
GustOrganics Founder Alberto Gonzalez. Image courtesy ©GustOrganics - Alberto Gonzalez

GustOrganics is the brainchild of an Argentinean-born businessman, Alberto Gonzalez. Gonzalez, a self-professed foodie, came up with a basic plan for GustOrganics after deciding that New York City could use a food venue that offered up a fresh, healthy and organic fare. After polling New Yorkers about their ideas surrounding the perfect organic restaurant, Gonzalez compiled said ideals with his organic values, and GustOrganics was born.

Of course, that's the short version. You can learn more about GustOrganics founder, Gonzalez, at the GustOrganics website.

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GustOrganics Locations & Organic Carts NYC

GustOrganics - Organic Carts NYC
GustOrganics - Organic Carts NYC. Image courtesy ©GustOrganics - Alberto Gonzalez

GustOrganics main location is at 519 Avenue of the Americas @ 14th street, New York, New York 10011. However, GustOrganics has also unleashed certified organic food on the city with their unique, mobile organic carts.

Organic Carts NYC is fresh food on the go. Like the flagship restaurant, Organic Carts NYC serve only certified organic food, perfect for on-the-go healthy lunches. Being that it gets chilly, seasonal hours may apply, and Organic Carts NYC may not always be available.

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Organic & Unique Menu Choices

GustOrganics - 100% Certified Organic Menu
GustOrganics Offers a 100% Certified Organic Menu. Image courtesy ©GustOrganics - Alberto Gonzalez

GustOrganics serves up 100% USDA certified organic, Latin-inspired fare in their Green Certified restaurant. Breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner are all offered, along with take-out and delivery.

GustOrganics menu choices include organic meats, vegetarian and vegan choices, along with some brand new gluten-free tapitos. They also offer a colorful array of natural fruit blends and other cold and hot beverages. They also carry an impressive collection of meals for New York's youngest citizens - fresh organic baby purees and desserts. Baby meals are served at the restaurant or are available for home delivery.

Keep in mind that their fresh menu changes daily, dependent on local organic produce offerings. See the current GustOrganics menu.

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GustOrganics Healthy Menu Choices

GustOrganics - 100% Certified Organic Menu
GustOrganics Certified Organic Food for the Whole Family. Image courtesy ©GustOrganics - Alberto Gonzalez

Beyond certified organic, GustOrganic strives for a healthy menu too, which is a distinction, because organic doesn't always mean healthy. At GustOrganics however, organic does mean healthy. Portion control is a policy and food is never fried. Dishes are flavored with sun-dried sea salt, fresh herbs, and spices.

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Fresh Baked Organic Goodness

GustOrganics - Alfajor - Certified Organic Pastries
Alfajor - Certified Organic Pastries. Image courtesy ©GustOrganics - Alberto Gonzalez

GustOrganics bakes up their fresh organic bread and pastries daily with organic flour and zero artificial enhancers.

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The World's First Organic Bar

GustOrganics - Certified Organic Bar & Drinks
Organic Rojito - Vodka, fresh strawberries, squeezed orange juice, agave & ice. Image courtesy ©GustOrganics - Alberto Gonzalez

For thirsty, and of age patrons, GustOrganics offers the world's very first USDA certified organic bar. There are organic margaritas, martinis and more, plus an array of icy cocktails, including unique vegetable cocktails.

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Outdoor Dining

GustOrganics - Outdoor Seating
Outdoor Dining at GustOrganics. Image courtesy ©GustOrganics - Alberto Gonzalez

On sunny days or even cloudy, enjoy organic fare outside at GustOrganics.

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Eco-Friendly Building

GustOrganics Interior
GustOrganics Green Restaurant. Image courtesy ©GustOrganics - Alberto Gonzalez

GustOrganics was built with recycled woods and other eco-friendly materials. The restaurant also relies on wind energy and solar lighting.

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Certified Green Restaurant

GustOrganics - Green Restaurant
Basil Daiquiri - A Lovely Shade of Green - Just Like the Restaurant!. Image courtesy ©GustOrganics - Alberto Gonzalez

Organic and sustainable aren't the same thing, but at GustOrganics sustainability, not just organic food, is a priority. GustOrganics is Certified Green by the Green Restaurant Association. Some of the green policies in place at GustOrganics include recycling and composting systems, energy efficient kitchen equipment, water conservation equipment, organic uniforms, green cleaning practices and recycled and biodegradable take out containers.

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GustOrganics Pure Water

GustOrganics - Organic & Green Menu
GustOrganics Cooks All Their Food in Eco-Friendly Pure Water. Image courtesy ©GustOrganics - Alberto Gonzalez

One unique attribute of GustOrganics is their water. Instead of shipping in costly and environmentally damaging bottled water, they use tap. As most environmentalists will tell you (self-included), tap water is hands down the safest, most eco-friendly choice when it comes to water.

GustOrganics runs their tap water through a UV lamp that kills bacteria, then rerun it through a purification system that takes out metals and toxins. They store their water in safe and reusable glass bottles and serve to patrons upon request. They additionally cook all their food with their pure water.

Do you doubt the safety and importance of tap water vs. bottled water? If so, I suggest you see two films - Flow and Tapped.

Water conservation and plastic bottles DO affect us all, and it rocks that GustOrganics is doing their part in this area.

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Learn More About GustOrganics

GustOrganics. Image courtesy ©GustOrganics - Alberto Gonzalez

Learn more about GustOrganics: