Navy Gunner Mate – GM –NEC-814

Gunner Mate fires a 25 mm chain gun aboard USS Cape St. George.
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A gunner's mate (NEC-814) is one of the Navy's original job classifications—known as the rating. It dates back to 1794 when sailors originally had to maintain the cannon, gunpowder, and cannonballs on the Naval sailing ships. In the modern Navy, gunner mates (GMs) handle much more sophisticated weaponry.

About the Navy NEC Coding System

In the Navy, the Navy enlisted classification (NEC) system extends the rating structure for enlisted personnel. These NEC ratings help to categorize service members—on both active and inactive duty—for manpower and other purposes. These codes were updated in 2017 to better align sailors to duty assignments that best match their skills and training.

While all service members will have a rating designator to indicate their job or duties, the NEC code extends that classification to include the rate. The NEC documents wide skills, knowledge, aptitude, or qualification to identify people for management purposes.

For example, if a Navy police officer Master at Arms (MA) receives specialized training as a K-9 Dog Handler, they would be awarded NEC MA-2005. From that point on, the sailor could be assigned to Navy law enforcement duties involving military working dogs.

Navy enlisted classifications work much as do the military occupation specialty (MOS) codes used in the other branches of the military.

Below are the NECs for the GUNNER'S MATE Community Area

0746 - 0750 - Advanced Undersea Weaponsman
Performs intermediate level maintenance on assigned torpedo and associated equipment to include troubleshooting, maintenance and the observance of handling and safety precautions. Employs knowledge of general description, operating principles and functions of all components and systems.

0746 - Advanced Undersea MK-46 Maintenance Weaponsman (applies to GM, AO)

0750 - Torpedo MK 48 Heavyweight Off-line Technician (applies to GM, MM)

0751 - Torpedo MK48 Heavyweight On-Line Technician (applies to GM, MM)

0812 - Small Arms Marksmanship Instructor (applies to AO, AW, AWR, AWS, BU, CE, CM, EA, EO, EOD, FC, GM, MA, MM, MN, ND, SB, SO, STG, SW, UT)

0814 - Crew Served Weapons (CSW) Instructor (applies to AO, AW, BU, CE, CM, EA, EO, EOD, FC, GM, MA, MM, MN, ND, SB, SO, STG, SW, UT)

0870 - MK 46 MOD 2 Gun Weapon System (GWS) Technician (applies GM, FC)

0878 - Oto Melara 76 MM/62 Caliber Gun Mount MK-75 MODS 0/1 Maintenanceman (applies to GM)

0879 - 5"/54 Caliber Gun System MK-45 MOD 1 and 2 Maintenanceman (applies to GM)

0880 - 5”/62-Caliber MK 45 MOD 4 Gun Mount Maintenance (applies to GM)

0979 - MK-41 VLS Baseline IV Through VII Technician (applies to GM)

0981 and 0983 - Guided Missile Launching Systems and Missile Maintenance Technician
Operates, inspects, and performs organizational and/or intermediate level maintenance on electric-hydraulic powered guided missile launching systems, missile equipment, and explosive components. Prepares missile components and associated equipment for checkout and/or firing. Tests and repairs electrical control circuitry, electronic and magnetic amplifiers, and power supplies using standard and specialized test equipment. Personnel in paygrades E-7 and above will supervise the foregoing, organize and monitor system test teams, and instruct junior personnel in all aspects of their assigned equipment.

0981 - MK-41 Vertical Launching System Maintenance Technician (applies to GM)

0983 - MK 41 Vertical Launching System (VLS) Advanced Technician (applies to GM)

1050 - ACB-12 Gun Computer System (GCS) MK 160 MODs 14-16/Electro-Optical Sensor System (EOSS) MK 20 MOD 0 Fire Control (FC) Technician (applies to FC)

1080 - Close-In Weapon System (CIWS) Phalanx Block 1B Baseline 2 Technician (applies to FC)

1091 - AEGIS Computer System Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD) 4.X Technician (applies to FC)

1093 - AEGIS Radar System (SPY-1) Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD) 4.X Technician (applies to FC)

1094 - AEGIS Fire Control System (FCS) Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD) 4.X Technician (applies to FC)

1095 - AEGIS Fire Control System (FCS) Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD) 5.X Technician (applies to FC)

1097 - Aegis Ballistic Missle Defense (BMD) 4.X Supervisor (applies to FC)