Guitar Hero PS2 Cheats and Tips

Unlock all songs, guitar skins, and more

Guitar-playing character in Guitar Hero for PS2


Guitar Hero is a rhythm-based music game developed by Harmonix. It first launched in 2005 and let players simulate a rock or pop performance using a guitar-shaped game controller. Getting proficient can be tough, so here's a guide with cheat codes and tips.

This guide is specifically for Guitar Hero on PS2.

Guitar Hero PS2 Cheats

Activate the following cheats while on the Main Menu.

Cheat Code Effect
Yellow, Orange, Blue x2, Orange, Yellow x2 Unlocks every bonus in the game (you can't save the game after activating this).
Yellow, Blue, Orange x2, Blue, Blue, Yellow, Orange The rock meter is always green.
Blue, Orange, Yellow, Blue x2 Unlocks hero guitar.
Orange x2, Blue, Yellow, Orange Player uses air guitar.
Orange, Yellow, Blue x2, Orange, Yellow, Blue x2 Gives the audience skull faces.
Blue, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Yellow, Orange No venues.
Blue, Orange, Yellow X3, Blue, Orange Gives the audience monkey heads.
Complete Career Mode on Expert Difficulty Unlocks the Battle Axe.

Guitar Hero Bonus Songs

Unlock the following bonus songs by purchasing them in the in-game shop.

Bonus Song Cost
"Call Out" by The Acro-Brats $250
"Behind the Mask" by Anarchy Club  $250
"The Breaking Wheel" by Artillery  $250
"Fire it up" by Black Label Society with Zakk Wylde  $300
"Sail Your Ship By" by Count Zero  $250
"Fly on the Wall" by Din $250
"Decontrol" by Drist  $250
"Get Ready 2 Rokk" by Freezepop  $250
"Cheat on the Church" by Graveyard BBQ  $300
"Hey" by Honest Bob and the Factory-to-Dealer Incentives  $250
"Farewell Myth" by Made in Mexico  $250
"Guitar Hero" by Monkey Steals the Peach $250
"All of This" by Shaimus  $250
"Cavemen Rejoice" by The Bags $300
"Story of My Love" by The Model Sons $250
"Even Rats" by The Slip $250
"Eureka, I've Found Love" by Upper Crust $300

Guitar Hero Unlockable Guitar Skins

Like the bonus songs, these can be bought in the in-game shop.

Guitar Skin Cost
Apline White Gibson EDS-1275 $150
Birdseye Maple Gibson ES-335 $200
Blue Gibson Firebird $150
Cherry Gibson Les Paul Special $200
Cooper Gibson Firebird $200
Cracked Blue Gibson Flying V $250
Custom Cherry Gibson ES-335 $250
Custom Dragon Gibson Moderne $250
Custom Flame Gibson SG $250
Custom Rising Sun Gibson Explorer $250
Custom Snakeskin Gibson Corvus $250
Ebony Gibson ES-335 $150
Ebony Gibson Les Paul Standard $150
Ebony Gibson Moderne $200
Ebony Gibson SG $150
Gibson Morderne Red $150
Goldtop Gibson Les Paul Standard $200
Green Lighting Gibson Les Paul Special $250
Natural Gibson Corvus $200
Natural Gibson Explorer $200
Natural Gibson Flying V2 $200
Psychodelic Gibson Firebird $250
White Gibson Corvus White $150
White Gibson Explorer $150
White Gibson Les Paul Special $150
Worn Cherry Gibson Flying V $150
Worn White Gibson SG $200
Zakk Wylde Gibson Les Paul Custom $250