Guitar Hero 5 PlayStation 2 Cheats Guide

Unlock all characters, songs, and more

Guitar Hero 5 playing screen with four guitar rails and two in-game characters


Guitar Hero 5 is a musical rhythm game developed by Neversoft and published by Activision in 2009. It offers a four-person band experience, with instrument controllers available for lead and bass guitar, drums, and vocals. It also introduced several new features, including drop-in/drop-out gameplay, a competitive mode, and new avatars. Like other entries in the series, it has cheat codes that can unlock hidden effects, features, and more. Use them to turn yourself into a rock god.

Guitar Hero 5 PS2 Cheat Codes

Enter the codes below using the game's cheat menu and the regular buttons on the controller. The letters stand for their respective colors: R=Red, B=Blue, G=Green, and Y=Yellow.

Effect Cheat Code
Air instruments R, R, B, Y, G, G, G, Y
Unlock all hammer-ons and pull-offs (HOPOs) G, G, B, G, G, G, Y, G
Always slide G, G, R, R, Y, B, Y, B
Auto-kick Y, G, R, B, B, B, B, R
Contest winner 1 G, G, R, R, Y, R, Y, B
Focus mode Y, G, R, G, Y, B, G, G
Turn off heads-up display (HUD-free mode) G, R, G, G, Y, G, G, G
Invisible characters G, R, Y, Y, Y, B, B, G
Performance mode Y, Y, B, R, B, G, R, R
Unlock all characters B, B, G, G, R, G, R, Y
Unlock all songs B, B, R, G, G, B, B, Y
Vocal fireball R, G, G, Y, B, G, Y, G
Star color R, R, Y, R, B, R, R, B
Hyperspeed G, B, R, Y, Y, R, G, G
Gem colors B, R, R, G, R, G, R, Y
Flame color G, R, G, B, R, R, Y, B