'Grey's Anatomy' Season 6 Synopsis

Mergers and Shoot Outs

Cast of Grey's Anatomy

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Grey's Anatomy season 6 started with a bang and ended with many bangs! After some lackluster themes and episodes in past seasons, season 6 returns to redeem the show in its entirety by providing engaging and action filled drama with every episode.

Grey's Anatomy What Happens in Season 6

With a merger with another hospital and new groups of doctors, the storylines begin to take on new twists and turns:

George's Death

Everyone is devastated by George's death, though most block it out, but at one point or another, they each cry for their loss.

A Liver for Thatcher

Thatcher needs a new liver and Lexie immediately gets tested. She is not a match and asks Meredith to test. She is reluctant at first, but then tests and finds out she is a match. She is laid up in bed for awhile after the surgery.

Merge with Mercy West

The Chief announces that Seattle Grace will merge with Mercy West. Reed, April, Percy, and Avery are some of the residents that come from Mercy West. At first they don't fit in, but eventually, things go smoother, even though there is a lot of competition for surgeries.

Izzie Leaves

Izzie disappears and Alex doesn't know if she's continuing her treatment. He repeatedly tries to call her, but she doesn't call him back. When she does return and finds out she's cancer free, she wants to get back together with him, but he says that he deserves better. He starts dating Lexi, but when he thinks he's dying, he calls for Izzie.

Owen Gives Cristina a Teddy

Owen gets Teddy Altman, a cardiothoracic surgeon who was in the war with Owen to come to the hospital. Cristina loves her, but the problem is, so does Owen. Owen loves Cristina and Teddy, and Teddy finally makes him choose and he chooses Cristina.

Bailey Dates

Bailey begins dating anesthesiologist Ben Warren and she is much happier until she sees him flirting with a co-worker. He tells her that it's fake flirting and that he does it so that she'll be nice to him when she's scheduling, but that he really cares about Bailey and that's really flirting.

Derek is Chief

Meredith realizes that the chief is drinking, but covers for him. She mentions it to Derek and asks him not to tell anyone. He holds off for awhile but then tells the board. They send Webber to a rehab facility and make Derek chief. Derek hates being chief because he doesn't have time for surgeries. When Webber comes back, the board doesn't let him resume his job right away, so he works under Derek as an attending.

No Babies

Arizona and Callie break up because Callie wants kids and Arizona doesn't. After a death scare, Callie says she can live without kids, but she can't live without Arizona. Arizona says she wants lots of kids.

Mark's daughter finds him and tells him that she's pregnant. He invites her to live with him, so Lexie leaves. When the baby is born, Mark wants to keep him, but Arizona talks him out of it, saying that the baby has good parents who are waiting for him.

Meredith finds out she is pregnant, but later that day there is a shootout and she miscarries before she even has a chance to tell Derek.

The Shoot Out

Gary Clark brought his wife Allison to the hospital, but they couldn't save her. She was Webber's and  Lexie's patient, and against Gary's wishes, they turned off the machine that was keeping her alive because of an advanced directive she'd signed three years earlier.

Several weeks later, after a lawsuit, Gary comes into the hospital and asks Reed where the chief is and she blows him off, so he shoots her. Alex comes in to see what happened and he shoots him. Alex drags himself to the elevator.

April trips over Reed as she's walking while writing in her journal. She is in shock but manages to tell Derek that Reed is dead. Derek calls security and the police and is instructed to lock down the hospital.

Gary shoots Percy, but not Bailey because she says she's a nurse. When Gary leaves, she tries to save Percy with the help of her patient. They drag him to the elevator, but the elevators aren't running because they are on lockdown and Percy dies.

Gary shoots a nurse, and then Mark and Lexie find Alex and try to help him.

Gary finds Derek and while Meredith and Cristina watch, Gary trains his gun on Derek. Derek talks him down, but April comes in and then Gary shoots Derek.

Cristina tries to keep Meredith from going to Derek, but she does after Gary has left. They get him to an OR and Cristina operates.

Gary finds Lexie and says that he is there to shoot Derek, Webber, and her because they are the ones who let his wife die. Gary is shot in the shoulder by a sniper.

Owen and Teddy make it out, but Owen goes back in after Cristina. Webber, who had not been in the hospital, slips by the police and makes it in.

Owen finds Cristina operating on Derek with a gun to her head. Gary wants her to stop. Owen creates a diversion and gets shot. Avery unplugs the heart monitor and Gary thinks that Derek is dead and as soon as he leaves, they begin to operate on him again. Cristina tells Meredith to take Owen next door and get the bullet out of him. April notices that Meredith is bleeding and Meredith says she's having a miscarriage.

Webber finds Gary, and Gary says that he only has one bullet left so he can't shoot Webber and then himself like he had planned. Webber says he can shoot Webber and then go to jail, or shoot himself and go to the afterlife with his wife. He shoots himself.