Grey's Anatomy Season 6: Episode Guide

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Grey's Anatomy season 6 opened with death and devastation and closed with more devastation from shootings and death, but the episodes in-between were fun! After a merger with another hospital, new groups of doctors and storylines begin to take on even more twists and turns.​

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6x1 "Good Mourning" (OAD 9/24/09)

Izzie opens her eyes. She is alive. They are unable to save George, however. His mother comes to Callie and says that they don't know whether or not he is an organ donor. George's mother wants Callie to make the decision, but Callie says Izzie knew him best. Alex hasn't told Izzie about George because he doesn't believe she is strong enough. Callie makes him tell her and Izzie says that George would want to donate all of his organs.

At the funeral, Izzie walks away and Alex, Meredith, and Cristina follow. They think Izzie is crying, but she is actually laughing at the absurdity of it all.

Mrs. O'Malley talks to Owen to try and understand why George would have wanted to join the army in wartime.

Callie breaks down and Mark goes to her.

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6x2 "Goodbye" (OAD 9/24/09)

Callie gets a job at Mercy West. Lexie is unhappy that Mark lives across the hall from Callie and Callie thinks nothing of changing in front of him or talking to him while he's showering. Lexie talks to her about it and Callie apologizes and says she won't do that anymore.

There are a lot of rumors going around about what is happening with the chief. He finally makes the announcement that Seattle Grace will merge with Mercy West.

Everyone seems to be in denial and not dealing with George's death. Meredith finally breaks down when they clean out George's locker. Cristina breaks down after sleeping with Owen.

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6x3 "I Always Feel Like Somebody's Watchin' Me" (OAD 10/01/09)

Izzie is so happy with her terrible looking wig and Alex tells everyone not to say anything.

While the attendings feel safe, the residents and interns are scared for their jobs due to the impending merger with Mercy West. Izzie comes back to work three weeks earlier than she was scheduled and works through a grueling five-hour​ surgery with Alex hovering over her.

Mark finds Lexie crying and thinks that she was fired, but she wasn't. She is crying because she is scared that she will be fired.

Derek is mad at Webber for everything that is going on and points out that he saved him, but Webber says that Derek just wanted to look like the good guy while he stole the chief's job.

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6x4 "Tainted Obligation" (OAD 10/08/09)

Meredith's father comes in with psoriasis and needs a liver. Lexie immediately gets tested, but she is not a match. Meredith walks away. Lexie comes to her and says that she never wanted to have to ask Meredith for anything and she understands that Thatcher was not her dad, but he was Lexie's dad and he's going to die. 

Meredith tests as a match for Thatcher, but he won't take her liver because he's already taken enough from her. Meredith thinks about it for a long time and then tells Thatcher that she doesn't know what it's like to have a father, but now she knows what it's like to have a sister and it's good. He accepts her liver and the surgeries go smoothly.

Callie is given her job back as an attending at Seattle Grace.

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6x5 "Invasion" 10/15/09)

The Mercy West folks arrive at Seattle Grace because of the merger. Meredith wants to know everything from her hospital bed.

Izzie shows Charles Percy around. She has a soft spot for him because he is in love with one of the other residents, but she overhears him calling her his surgical bitch.

Cristina hates showing Jackson Avery around​ and ends up crying in Meredith's bed.

Lexie shows April Kepner around and she is very competitive.

Izzie makes a mistake because she's fighting with her Mercy West resident and Webber fires her. She leaves a note in Alex's locker that she's leaving him.

After talking to Arizona, Callie's father accepts her.

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6x6 "I Saw What I Saw" (OAD 10/22/09)

There is chaos in the hospital after victims of a fire are brought in. A patient dies and Webber and the legal team talk to everyone who touched the patient and determine that April Kepner was at fault. Webber fires her.

Derek tells Webber to rethink who was at fault. The hospital has been in chaos since the merger because doctors are working together who don't trust each other.

Meanwhile, Alex tries to get a hold of Izzie and when they finally talk, he has to hang up to deal with a patient.

Meredith waits to be discharged and Bailey finally discharges her. As they walk out, she asks Derek what happened that day.

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6x7 "Give Peace a Chance" (OAD 10/29/09)

Though the chief orders him not to, Derek does surgery on an inoperable tumor. The chief finds out and stops him, but then after drawing the spine and the tumor on the wall for Meredith, Derek realizes that there can't be a plan, he just has to go in and cut.

He schedules the surgery and everyone covers for him. The surgery is successful and then the chief fires him. He tells the chief to sleep on it and they'll talk more in the morning.

Izzie doesn't show up for her treatment and Alex is devastated.

Lexie and Cristina wear diapers to surgery so that they won't need pee breaks.

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6x8 "Invest in Love" (OAD 11/5/09)

On her birthday, Arizona deals with the death of a favorite patient. The patient's parents give the hospital $25 million.

Webber gives Alex Izzie's $200,000 medical bill. He goes above and beyond when caring for a premature baby.

Reed develops feelings for Alex, while Avery develops feelings for Cristina.

Cristina and Owen fight after she does an unauthorized procedure in his OR.

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6x9 "New History" (OAD 11/12/09)

Adele accuses Bailey of having an affair with Webber. Bailey realizes that Webber is distracted when they find out he made a major mistake in surgery. He asks Bailey to do his surgeries, saying that he needs to focus on his duties as chief. At the bar, Webber orders another club soda and Joe takes his keys and then pours him a vodka behind the bar.

Owen tells Cristina he got her a present, Teddy Altman, a cardiac surgeon with whom he worked in the war. At first, Cristina doesn't like her but comes to respect her. Teddy tells Owen that she has feelings for him.

Izzie returns to the hospital to have Derrick operate on her high school teacher. She tries to hide from Alex, but he sees her.

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6x10 "Holidaze" (OAD 11/19/09)

An 18-year-old shows up at the hospital and introduces herself to Mark as "Sloan," Mark's daughter. She moves in with him and Lexi, and he barely talks to her. She finally tells him that she is pregnant and her mother kicked her out, and he hugs her.

Bailey's father comes to visit and is upset about her divorce. He goes to visit Tucker and little Tuck and comes back and says that Tuck is doing well and he's not judging, he's just concerned.

Owen is upset with Teddy for telling him her feelings because he had the same feelings.

Cristina catches Owen looking at Teddy and tells him that he doesn't owe her anything. He tells both Cristina and Teddy that he loves Cristina.

The chief begins drinking again and Meredith doesn't tell anyone.

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6x11 "Blink" (OAD 1/14/10)

Cristina does her first solo cardiac surgery and asks for help, but Teddy doesn't help and Cristina does it on her own and is so proud of herself. Teddy leaves the hospital and Cristina runs after Teddy and tells her she can get her more money or a research lab or whatever she wants because no one has ever believed in Cristina the way Teddy has. Teddy says she wants Owen, and Cristina tells her to take him.

Derek wants to know what is going on with the chief and Meredith finally admits that he's drinking again.

Sloan's baby has cords around his legs and Addison tries to cut them in vitro, but Mark panics and stops her. Mark invites Sloan to live with him and Lexie, and Lexie later breaks up with him and sleeps with Alex.

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6x12 "I Like You So Much Better When You're Naked" (OAD 1/21/10)

Meredith tells Derek that the chief has been drinking and he wants to tell the board, but Meredith asks him not to for her. Izzie returns and Derek tells Meredith that the first thing he'll do as chief is hire Izzie.

Teddy doesn't leave because Webber had asked her to finish out the last few weeks of her contract. Cristina would rather have Teddy than Owen. Teddy gets drunk and tells Owen and he goes to Cristina and tells her that he won't let her just toss him aside.

Izzie gets a scan and it comes out clean. Alex is so happy for her, but can't be with her anymore because he deserves to be treated better than she treats him.

Mark tells Lexie he slept with Addison and she tells him that she slept with Alex and he is enraged.

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6x13 "State of Love and Trust" (OAD 2/4/10)

Derek hires April Kepner back as a resident.

Bailey gets upset with the anesthesiologist when her patient wakes on the table. It turns out that she doesn't stay under anesthesia like the average person and it was nobody's fault.

Callie tries to talk to Mark because he is being a hypocrite being so mad at Lexie for sleeping with Alex.

Bailey tells Arizona that Alex has a knack for peds and she puts him on her service and is impressed with his work.

Christina misses Teddy's page because Owen asks her to stay with him and she tells him that when she stayed, she lost a little piece of herself, just like when she was with Burke.

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6x14 "Valentine's Day Massacre" (OAD 2/11/10)

Teddy tells Owen, in front of Cristina, that she knows she said she loved him, but she wants to take it back. She misses her friend. She can deal with everything else, as long as they are friends.

Lexie changes her hair to blond and she and Alex have sex.

Sloan says she's giving the baby up. Mark wants to adopt the baby and Callie will help. Callie catches Sloan sneaking out, gives her money, and tells her to call if she needs anything. Mark cries when Callie tells him.

Derek doesn't enjoy being chief. He wants to do surgery. April helps him with his administrative tasks. She is afraid to do surgery after killing a woman. Derek talks her into it and they lose the patient. She wants to quit, but Derek talks her out of it.

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6x15 "The Time Warp" (OAD 2/18/10)

Webber talks to Derek about getting his job back after being sober 45 days. Derek says that the board didn't approve it, but maybe they will in a couple of months. They did authorize Derek to give him a job as an attending surgeon. Richard declines. Derek asks him to stay for the lecture. He has an open spot.

Callie, Bailey, and Webber talk to the group about past cases and remember their personal lives as they reminisce. Callie fixed a guy's legs and then celebrated by sleeping with Alex. Bailey was a quiet intern, who learned to speak up for herself. Webber and Ellis Grey were the outcasts​ but managed to diagnose an AIDS case that was the first in their area. Ellis wanted him to leave Adele, but he refused and started drinking.

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6x16 "Perfect Little Accident" (OAD 3/4/10)

Harper Avery comes into the hospital and everyone is star struck because he is a famous doctor and there is an award named after him. When they find out that Jackson Avery is his grandson, they ask to meet Harper. Avery complains to Meredith about having the famous grandfather and Meredith tells him that she gets it, but if her mother was there, she would want to be with her and learn from her.

Mark yells at Alex and throws him out of his OR every chance he gets because Alex slept with Lexie. Mark later apologizes when Alex comes out of the on-call room, but walks away when Lexie follows him out.

Christina tells Owen that he should be friends with Teddy, and both he and Teddy make an effort.

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6x17 "Push" (OAD 3/11/10)

Bailey is concerned about her third date with Dr. Warren when Callie tells her she needs to "prep the surgical field." At his house, she starts to lecture him, but he says he's not scared of her and she needs to just talk. Things go very well.

Mark asks Teddy out to lunch so that he can get to know her better. Lexie is upset that he is moving on.

Callie works on making cartilage and finally succeeds. She tells Arizona that they are going to live in a huge house and have lots of kids. Arizona says it sounds great, except for the kids part of it. Callie is shocked that Arizona doesn't want kids.

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6x18 "Suicide Is Painless" (OAD 3/25/10)

Webber gives Derek tips on how to get through the day as chief.

Callie tells Arizona that she wants to have a baby someday.

Owen doesn't sleep because he's remembering the horrors of the war. He remembers playing soccer with the guys and Teddy until injured soldiers came in. Teddy goes on the helicopter with patients and he and his commanding officer go in a truck. When the truck is blown up, Owen tries to save the officer for hours, but finally lets him die when he begs. Minutes after the officer dies, Owen sees the rescue helicopter. Teddy had come to find him.

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6x19 "Sympathy for the Parents" (OAD 4/1/10)

Derek wants to have a baby and Meredith doesn't want to, but she is thinking about it. Owen wants a baby and Cristina doesn't. Callie wants a baby and Arizona doesn't.

Webber does surgery on Alison Clark to remove a tumor. She starts bleeding in her brain and is in a coma. Her husband, Gary, is convinced that she'll wake up, but because she signed papers three years earlier, Derek says they are bound by law to take her off of the machines.

Alex's brother, Aaron, comes because he has a hernia. He reveals that Alex took care of him and their little sister and ended up in juvenile hall for stealing food for them.

Lexie calls April out on her infatuation with Derek.

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6x20 "Hook, Line and Sinner" (OAD 4/29/10)

Derek has to decide whether to offer a permanent contract to Teddy or a famous cardiothoracic surgeon. He finally offers it to Teddy, but only because the other guy turned it down.

Callie is upset that Arizona doesn't want to have a baby and thinks it's because her brother died, which makes Arizona even madder. They are about to break up and then Callie says she doesn't need a baby.

Sloan's baby is born and Mark talks her into keeping him, but Arizona shows him that Sloan is not ready for a child. Mark calls the couple who is adopting the baby and holds Callie's hand as he watches the couple with the baby.

Lexie stands up to Alex and tells him that if he doesn't respect her, she won't have sex with him no matter how much she wants to.

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6x21 "How Insensitive" (OAD 5/6/10)

Callie and Arizona decide to break up since Arizona doesn't want kids and Callie does.

Derek tells Meredith that Owen didn't recommend Teddy for the job and when Meredith sees Teddy thanking Owen for the recommendation, Meredith gives Owen a look. Owen gets mad at Derek and he gets mad at Meredith.

Cristina takes care of a nine-year-old whose mother is in surgery. Her mother dies and it brings up feelings of when Cristina's dad died.

Alex signs Izzie's divorce papers and then kisses Lexie.

Derek and his lawyer meet with Gary Clark, who is suing Derek over the death of his wife. Derek's lawyer says Mr. Clark doesn't have a case.

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6x22 "Shiny Happy People" (OAD 5/13/10)

Owen asks Cristina to move in with him and she accepts. Meredith alludes that there is something going on between him and Teddy. Meredith goes to Owen and says that she knows he didn't recommend Teddy for the job and that if he doesn't tell Cristina, then he'll know and Meredith will know that he's that guy.

He tells Cristina and they fight in the stairwell. They hear a beeper and look down the stairs to see Teddy.

Cristina breaks up with Owen.

Arizona kisses Callie in the elevator and then walks away.

Teddy catches Mark in bed with Reed.

Alex tells Lexie that they are a thing and then Mark tells her that he is still in love with her. She says she's with Alex now.

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6x23 "Sanctuary" (OAD 5/20/10)

Meredith discovers she's pregnant.

Gary Clark comes into the hospital and asks Reed where the chief is and she blows him off, so he shoots her. Alex comes in to see what happened and he shoots him. Alex drags himself to the elevator.

April discovers Reed and tells Derek.

Gary shoots Percy, but not Bailey because she says she's a nurse. When he leaves, she tries to save Percy.

Gary shoots a nurse, and then Mark and Lexie find Alex and try to help him.

Gary finds Derek and while Meredith and Cristina watch, Gary trains a gun on Derek. Derek talks him down, but April comes in and then Gary shoots Derek.

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6x24 "Death and All His Friends" (OAD 5/20/10)

Cristina tries to keep Meredith from going to Derek, but she does after Gary has left. They get him to an OR and Cristina operates.

Gary finds Lexie and says that he is there to shoot Derek, Webber, and her because they are the ones who let his wife die. Gary is shot in the shoulder by a sniper.

Owen finds Cristina operating on Derek with a gun to her head. Gary wants her to stop. Owen creates a diversion and gets shot. Avery unplugs the heart monitor and Gary thinks that Derek is dead and as soon as he leaves, they begin to operate on him again. Cristina tells Meredith to take Owen next door and get the bullet out of him. April notices that Meredith is bleeding and Meredith says she's having a miscarriage.