'Grey's Anatomy' Season 2 Synopsis

Grey's Anatomy Season 2 DVD cover

​​Grey's Anatomy season 2 begins right after Addison shows up and introduces herself to Meredith as Derek's wife. Later, a patient finds that Meredith was sleeping with Addison's husband and she is rude to Meredith. Addison steps in and says that she was the one who cheated on her husband and the patient owes Meredith an apology. Derek tells Meredith the story. Derek and Addison were living in New York and he came home to find Addison in bed with his best friend, Mark. He'd left and come to Seattle.

Meredith's McDreamy Issues

Addison came to Seattle to talk Derek into going back to New York with her. He doesn't exactly jump at the chance and she gives him divorce papers saying she'll sign if he does. She tells Meredith that she doesn't want a man who doesn't want her, but if there is the slightest chance he does, she's not leaving Seattle.

First, Meredith says that she wants nothing to do with him, but then she changes her mind and says she wants him to choose her and love her. She says to sign the divorce papers and meet her at Joe's bar. She waits, but he doesn't show until after she leaves.

Derek tries to make the best of things with Addison. Their relationship is strained and Derek clearly likes being around Meredith, but he is trying to work it out with Addison. He tells Addison that Meredith was not a fling, he had fallen in love with her and those feelings don't just instantly disappear.

After some time hating Derek, Meredith decides they can be friends. In the mornings they walk the dog that Meredith got from the pound but couldn't keep and gave to Derek.

Derek is extremely upset when he learns that Meredith is dating the dog's vet. He calls her a whore and she says Derek doesn't get to call her a whore because he broke her. Addison picks up on the tension between them and has a meltdown that half the hospital hears.

Meredith feels claustrophobic when she sees Derek watching her. She runs off and he follows and they end up sleeping together. When it's time to leave, Meredith is between the vet and Derek and they are both asking her to come with them. She looks at one and then the other and back again.

The Baby and the Daddy

Cristina tells Meredith that she is pregnant, but won't tell her who the father is. Meredith figures it out when George says he saw Cristina kissing Burke. Cristina passes out during a surgery and is rushed to surgery for an ectopic pregnancy. A few days later, Burke and Cristina get back together. Eventually, he wants to know what her plans were for the baby and she is surprised that he is not angry when she says she hadn't planned on having the baby.

Burke is shot and loses some control of his hand and Cristina has a hard time being there for him, but finally, joins him in his hospital room and holds his hand.

Seriously? George?

George tries to tell Meredith how he feels about her, but she doesn't really listen, until one night when she is especially vulnerable. They sleep together, but Meredith has a crying fit in the middle of making love and George runs out and then moves out. She tries to apologize, but he will have nothing to do with her. After several months, he forgives her, saying that he knew it was wrong, even while it was happening, and he should have stopped it.

George starts dating Dr. Callie Torres, an insecure woman who is a great orthopedic surgeon. She wants to fit in with George's friends but seems to be on the outside.

Izzie and the Weak Heart

Izzie falls in love with one of Burke's heart patients while she's dating Alex. Alex tells the patient, Denny, to pull away because he's going to die and then Izzie will be devastated. Izzie finds out what Alex did and breaks up with him. In order to get Denny moved up on the donor list to get the heart he needs, Izzie cuts one of his wires thinking that Burke will be back with the new heart any minute and will be able to fix Denny. Burke doesn't come because he'd been shot and Izzie, Meredith, George, and Cristina try desperately to save Denny, but they don't know what to do.

Alex talks cardiothoracic surgeon Erica Hahn into coming to the hospital to do the surgery and she ends up saving Denny. Denny asks Izzie to marry him and she accepts. Denny seems perfectly fine, but then all of the sudden dies, and Izzie is devastated.

A Stressful Birth

Dr. Bailey tells Webber she is pregnant, and a few months later Addison puts Bailey on bed rest. Bailey comes to the hospital in labor. Her husband, rushing to get to the hospital, crashes his car and Derek does brain surgery on him. He pulls through and Bailey, with lots of help from George, has a baby boy.

McSteamy's Entrance

Mark Sloan shows up at the hospital and flirts with Meredith. Derek punches him, and as Meredith holds the mirror so that Mark can stitch his own face (he's a plastic surgeon), he points out that when Derek caught him in bed with Addison, he turned and walked away, but when he was merely talking to Meredith, Derek punched him.