Grey's Anatomy Season 2: Who, What and How

This episode guide for Grey's Anatomy Season 2 will remind you or catch you up on all of what's happened so far for the cast of the medical drama. 

Season 2 took us deeper into the lives of our five interns, the residents, attending physicians, and the chief of surgery. Between bombs in bodies, Denny's LVAD wires, and Meredith love life, this was an exciting season — not to mention the continuation of last season's cliffhanger involving Derek and Addison.

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2x01 "Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head" (OAD 9/25/05)

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When Derek's wife Addison comes into the picture, Meredith goes to the bar. Webber brought in Addison because she's an expert in obstetrics. 

Cristina reveals that she's pregnant. George finds a loophole to pay for the bartender's surgery. Alex hugs George, and Izzie sees Alex differently.

Meredith finds out Burke is the father of Cristina's baby. Cristina tells Meredith that she put Meredith down as her emergency contact for her D&C because "You're my person."
Meredith avoids Derek and Addison. Derek reveals to Meredith that he caught Addison in bed with his best friend, Mark.

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2x02 "Enough is Enough" (OAD 10/2/05)

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At the hospital, Meredith works on a bowel obstruction case. They think the patient has drug balloons in his intestines, but they discover that it's actually Judy Doll heads. 

Derek asks if Meredith wants to know why he did it and she says no. Addison corners her and says there are two sides to every story, and Meredith says they need to keep their relationship professional. Addison tries to get Derek to give her another chance.

The chief's wife, Adele, comes to take Webber home. She says that all he does is work. Dr. Burke continues as interim chief.
George is assigned to a woman who is brain dead and almost ready to be prepped for organ harvest, but he discovers that she's still alive. Derek removes a tumor from her brain.

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2x03 "Make Me Lose Control" (OAD 10/9/05)

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Ellis Grey is admitted to the hospital. Dr. Webber returns after being home for a week. Ellis thinks that George is her ex-husband, Meredith's father, Thatcher. She yells at him. Later, George yells back saying he hates the way she talks to Meredith. She apologizes.

Cristina faints during surgery due to an ectopic pregnancy. Bailey doesn't leave her side, and her intern friends are all there when she wakes up. Dr. Burke starts to come in but stops when he sees everyone.
Addison tries to charm Derek. She kisses him. Later Meredith says she is exhausted from taking care of her mother, worrying about Cristina, and most of all hating him. She says she won't hate him anymore and kisses him.

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2x04 "Deny, Deny, Deny" (OAD 10/16/05)

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Meredith wants to continue with Derek after Addison gives him divorce papers. Addison tells Meredith that if there is the slightest chance that Derek still wants her, she is staying in Seattle.
Alex and Izzie make a date for the evening. Chief Webber pulls Alex aside to tell him that he didn't pass one part of his medical exam and has to take it again.
Webber finds Ellis scrubbing in. She kisses him and he gently pushes her away. She looks confused and then says she doesn't think she's supposed to be there.
Cristina begins to cry and can't stop. She begs Meredith to sedate her. Later Burke walks in, takes off his jacket, climbs into bed with her and holds her.

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2x05 "Bring the Pain" (OAD 10/23/05)

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Izzie complains about her horrible date with Alex. Meredith complains about Derek. Seriously!
George and Alex are in the elevator, transporting a rookie police officer who took a bullet. The power goes out and the elevator stops. Dr. Burke gets surgical tools, but when he tries to hand them to Alex, Alex won't take them. George takes the instruments and Burke talks him through the surgery. Burke compliments George on his first solo surgery.

Cristina decides that she and Burke are a couple and she lets him know.
Ellis tells Webber that she is thinking of leaving Thatcher and she wants him to leave Adele. He tells her that they'd already had this conversation 21 years ago.

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2x06 "Into You Like a Train" (OAD 10/30/05)

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Derek, Burke, George, and Bailey work on a man and a woman who have the same pole going through their middles. They have to remove the woman from the pole in order to save the man. As they scrub in for surgery, Meredith realizes that Derek is not going to sign the divorce papers. During the surgery, she freaks out when everyone leaves the woman to save the man.

Webber is cleared for surgery and Cristina cleans a severed leg for him but realizes it's the wrong one. She searches through the hospital to find the right one, but can't find it. The paramedics come with the leg and give it to Alex. He takes it to Webber and scrubs in on the surgery without telling Cristina.

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2x07 "Something to Talk About" (OAD 11/6/05)

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Members of the hospital staff talk about poor, pathetic Meredith whom Derek dumped. Cristina and Izzie try to cheer her up with a patient they stole from psych, a man with a tumor who believes he's pregnant. Izzie and Cristina sell tickets to his surgery, but Meredith kicks them all out, saying the man is tired of everyone staring at him.
Addison and Derek go to couples therapy. Derek wants Addison to move to Seattle and Addison wants Derek to stop talking to Meredith. Neither will concede. Richard asks Addison to stay in Seattle and work at the hospital. Addison decides to move and Derek says he'll stop talking to Meredith.
Against Cristina's wishes, Burke tells Webber about their relationship.

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2x08 "Let It Be" (OAD 11/13/05)

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Meredith continues to struggle with her breakup from Derek.
Friends of Derek and Addison come to the hospital from New York. The woman found out she has the cancer gene and wants her breasts cut off and her ovaries and uterus taken out. Addison supports her, but Derek and the woman's husband do not. In the end, Derek talks the husband into supporting his wife.
Cristina and Burke go out to dinner on a date, but don't have much to talk about, until a man collapses in the restaurant.
Bailey tells Webber that she is pregnant.

Meredith and Derek keep ending up in the elevator together. She says she misses him. He gets really close to her and then says he can't, and steps out of the elevator.

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2x09 "Thanks for the Memories" (OAD 11/20/05)

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Izzie begins to cook the Thanksgiving meal. Meredith goes to the hospital and George's father and two brothers come and get him to go on their annual turkey shoot. Cristina and Burke come over and Cristina is upset that Meredith drank all the booze. Izzie has no idea what she's doing and Burke steps in to help her.
A man fills in as an attending, looking forward to meeting "The Nazi." He asks Bailey where "he" is and Bailey says she'll keep a look out. All day she tells the attending of orders from The Nazi and the attending keeps looking for him. As he's leaving, Webber calls Bailey The Nazi and she smirks at the attending.
Meredith asks Derek if he loves Addison and Derek says he doesn't know.

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2x10 "Much Too Much" (OAD 11/27/05)

Meredith sleeps with a guy she'd brought home from Joe's bar. Cristina sleeps with Burke. Derek sleeps with Addison. Izzie tries to sleep with Alex, but there are technical difficulties.
Meredith and Steve wake in the morning and he leaves, but finds her later at the hospital because he can't get rid of his erection. Meredith sneaks him into a room, but Bailey finds out, she calls for a neurological consult and Derek finds out that Meredith had been with Steve.
Burke gives Cristina a key to his apartment, which freaks her out. He says that she has to take some steps too. She takes him to her incredibly messy apartment.
Alex tries sex with Izzie again, but can't perform, so he sleeps with Olivia.

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2x11 "Owner of a Lonely Heart" (OAD 12/4/05)

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Meredith is alone. Izzie is alone now that Alex cheated on her, and mad at Meredith for talking to Alex. George is alone because he doesn't have Olivia or Meredith. Cristina leaves every morning without even having breakfast with Burke.

Addison tells Derek that she is lonely and they sit together and talk. Meredith puts a preemie in an islet with her sister and the baby begins to improve immediately.

Addison teaches Izzie a hard lesson, one which Webber taught Addison several years ago to help Izzie not get so attached to her patients. Meredith takes Izzie to the pound and they pick out a dog to take home.

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2x12 "Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer" (12/11/05)

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On Christmas Day, Meredith walks into the living room to see that Izzie has decorated a huge tree. George says it looks like Santa threw up. Meredith says they are being supportive and tells Izzie that she loves it. Cristina is disturbed when she sees a small tree in Burke's living room. He wants them to decorate it. Burke is spiritual, but Cristina is not.
Meredith helps Alex study for the boards. Cristina catches them. George catches Cristina helping Alex and then Izzie catches George. Izzie begins to help Alex, but then breaks down in tears. He apologizes for hurting her.
Derek tells Addison that he doesn't want to hurt her and he doesn't want to leave her, but Meredith was not a fling. He fell in love with her.

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2x13 "Begin the Begin" (OAD 1/15/06)

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Meredith visits her mother. Derek tells Meredith about a clinical trial that might help her mother. At work, they flirt in the elevator, which opens to Addison.
Izzie makes a New Year's resolution to let the whole thing with Alex go. She takes care of Denny Duquette, one of Burke's heart patients.
Burke wants to know what Cristina was going to do about the baby. She tells him that she wasn't planning on having the baby. She is surprised that he's not angry.
Addison hates living in Derek's trailer. Derek says she's passive aggressive and she finally admits that he's right. She asks if she's just supposed to wait it out until his feelings for Meredith subside. He says that would be nice.

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2x14 "Tell Me Sweet Little Lies" (OAD 1/22/06)

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Meredith still loves Derek. Cristina figures it out when Meredith calls him McDreamy. Cristina doesn't tell Burke that she's kept her apartment. Izzie and Alex deal with a coach who pushed his athlete too far. Alex wants to punch him and Izzie sees that he wants to get thrown out of the program so that he doesn't have to open his medical board exam results.
Addison sends Bailey home with orders to stay in bed. Bailey tells her interns that even though she is not there, she knows everything that goes on in that hospital.
Izzie and George want to get rid of the dog, which Meredith has named Doc. They take Doc to Derek and Addison.

Alex asks Izzie to open his exam report and she does and then tells him passed.

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2x15 "Break on Through" (OAD 1/29/06)

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The nurses go on strike and George won't cross the line. However, the nurses want him to sneak in to check on their patients.
Izzie tells a teenager about her own baby, a daughter she gave up at the age of 16.
Meredith sees Webber talking to Ellis and patting her hand.
Meredith is tasked with removing the tube keeping a woman alive while the woman's daughter and friends stand around her. Meredith goes into a closet and cries. Derek finds her and she says she doesn't want her mother to die alone and then lies her head on his shoulder.

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2x16 "It's the End of the World" (OAD 2/5/06)

The EMTs bring a man in who accidentally shot himself with a bazooka. An EMT has her hand in the man's chest to stop the bleeding. The bomb squad is called and the East wing is evacuated.

Derek refuses to evacuate because he's got an open brain, Bailey's husband, in the OR next door. Bailey is in labor. Burke leaves to talk to the bomb squad, and the anesthesiologist sneaks out, leaving the EMT alone.

Meredith and Cristina see her and see that she is panicking. They go in to help her, followed by Burke and the head of the bomb squad. She pulls her hand out and everyone ducks, except Meredith, who quickly sticks her hand into the chest cavity to hold the amo.

Izzie pulls Alex into an on call room and seduces Alex.

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2x17 "As We Know It" (OAD 2/12/06)

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Meredith has her hand on live ammunition inside a body cavity. Chief Webber has a panic attack.
George talks Bailey into having the baby, which she names William George Bailey Jones.
Burke opens the patient's chest and the bomb squad guy tells Meredith to pull it out level. She freaks out because she can't remember the last time she kissed Derek. She pulls out the amo and hands it to the bomb squad guy. He walks out of the room followed by Meredith. The amo fires and Meredith is thrown into the air. Izzie and Cristina take Meredith to the shower and clean her up. That night, Derek comes to the house and they discuss their last kiss.

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2x18 "Yesterday" (OAD 2/19/06)

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A man comes into the hospital flirting with Meredith. When Derek sees, he punches the guy. The guy, nicknamed Dr. McSteamy by Meredith, Cristina, and Izzie, is Mark Sloan, plastic surgeon, and Derek's ex-best friend who slept with his wife. Mark has come to Seattle because he still loves Addison and wants to take her back to New York.

Mark points out that when Derek caught him in bed with Addison, he turned and walked away, but when he was merely talking to Meredith, Derek punched him.

Meredith suspects that her mother had an affair with Webber and that's why her father left. She goes to see her father.
George knocks on Meredith's door and tells her that he is in love with her, and then they sleep together.

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2x19 "What Have I Done to Deserve This?" (OAD 2/26/06)

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George and Meredith both try to sneak out of the house. They try to avoid each other at work. George assumes that Meredith has told everyone, so he blurts out that they'd slept together. Later, George packs up his things at the house and remembers the evening before. Meredith had begun crying in the middle of making love and George ran out of her room.
At work, George falls down the stairs and meets Dr. Callie Torres, orthopedic surgeon, who fixes his arm and gives him her phone number. George is homeless and Burke invites George to stay with him and Cristina.
Alex is jealous when the heart patient, Denny Duquette, returns to the hospital and flirts with Izzie. Izzie blows off a date with Alex to eat with Denny.

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2x20 "Band-Aid Covers the Bullet Hole" (OAD 3/12/06)

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Derek and Meredith decide to be friends and they meet in the mornings to take Doc for walks. Derek asks if all her friends are still mad at her and she says they are, but won't tell him why. She finally tells him that she slept with George and he tells her to apologize to George. Then, he goes home to Addison and accepts his part in their relationship problems, and apologizes.
Bailey brings her baby to work and when a surgery comes in she tasks Cristina with taking care of the baby.
Alex tells Denny that he and Izzie are together, and Izzie stops talking to Alex. She talks Denny into doing a procedure which will keep him in the hospital until they find a heart for him, but will buy them time to find a heart.

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2x21 "Superstition" (OAD 3/19/06)

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After four patients die in the morning, people brace themselves for three more. Burke wants his scrub caps, but they are at the launders. Cristina has one but won't give it to him unless he kicks George out. Burke tasks George with getting the scrub cap. George tells Izzie and she freaks out because Denny is going into surgery. She threatens Cristina and Cristina gives Burke the cap.

Denny pulls away from Izzie after Alex tells him that he is going to die and she will be devastated. She figures out what happened and breaks up with Alex. Denny wakes from surgery and Izzie says she can't fall for a patient and then kisses him.

George is still not speaking to Meredith, and Alex yells at him saying he's not over her. George asks Callie out.

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2x22 "The Name of the Game" (OAD 4/2/06)

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Meredith sees her father in the hospital when he and his wife bring in the halfsister that Meredith never knew about. Her name is Molly and she tells Meredith that she has a sister named Lexi. Meredith doesn't want to talk to her father, and George protects her, even though he's still not talking to her. Thatcher's wife talks to Meredith and says that her father thinks about her a lot.
Webber tells Thatcher that Ellis has Alzheimer's and Meredith is having a hard time dealing with it.
George calls Callie from the hospital and realizes that she is living in the hospital.
Cristina walks around the house naked and Burke kicks George out.
Izzie spends as much time with Denny as she can.

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2x23 "Blues for Sister Someone" (OAD 4/20/06)

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Bailey wonders what is going on with Izzie and Denny, and Meredith warns Izzie, but Bailey sees her hugging Denny.

Meredith goes out with Doc's vet. They help a horse give birth and then go back to his place. He promises not to try to have sex with her, so she takes a shower and puts on his clothes. A patient comes in, so they go downstairs. It's Derek with Doc. Derek is very upset to see Meredith there. Derek goes home and has sex with Addison in the shower.

Bailey is still upset that she is not getting any surgeries, and confronts the chief who says that she just got back from maternity leave.

Addison ties the tubes of a woman against her husband's will and Alex tells the husband, who files a lawsuit.

George moves back into the house.

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2x24 "Damage Control" (OAD 5/7/06)

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Derek yells at Meredith over a patient and then they yell at each other in the stairwell. She says that she'd met him and he was perfect and then he chose Addison and broke her. Now she is glued back together and he can't call her a whore. He says that whatever they have is over and she agrees.

Izzie is proud of Meredith because she's had four dates with Finn, and hasn't so much as kissed him. She tells Finn that she is scary and damaged and he tells her that he is scary and damaged too, and they kiss.
Callie tells George that she feels like she's in high school and he has to stand up for her with his friends.
Denny's spirits are low and he wants to leave the hospital. Izzie lies in bed with him.

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2x25 "17 Seconds" (OAD 5/14/06)

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Doc has bone cancer and while they talk to the vet, Addison notices the tension between Derek and Meredith. At the hospital, she yells at Derek asking what she needs to do to get his attention. She mentions sleeping with the vet, "but that won't work because I'm not Meredith Grey." Meredith and a bunch of doctors and nurses are staring at them.

George explains to Callie that Meredith, Cristina, and Izzie are his family and if she wants to be part of the family, she needs to make nice. Callie consults with Meredith on Doc.

Burke goes to get Denny a heart, but another surgeon, Dr. Hahn wants the heart as well. Izzie cuts Denny's LVAD wire to stop his heart so that he will get the new heart, but before Burke enters the hospital, he is shot.

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2x26 "Deterioration of the Fight or Flight Response" (OAD 5/15/06)

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Bailey gets help to get Burke inside and they operate on him, but there are complications with his right hand. Derek tries to fix it but needs to wake Burke from the surgery, so Webber gets Cristina, but she freezes and Derek has to calm Burke himself.
Izzie, George, Cristina, and Meredith try desperately to save Denny, but panic when they find out Burke's been shot and is not coming. Alex talks Erica Hahn into going to Seattle Grace to put the heart in Denny. Denny's surgery goes fine. Denny asks Izzie to marry him and she says yes.
The Chief's niece is brought in. She has terminal cancer.

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2x27 "Losing My Religion" (OAD 5/15/06)

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The interns go into Webber's office and each says that they were the one to cut Denny's LVAD wire. He talks to them individually, but can't break them. He tasks them with doing whatever his niece wants. She wants a prom.

While Derek is dancing with Addison and Meredith is dancing with Finn, Meredith and Derek stare at each other and then they both run out, go into an operating room, and have sex. Derek asks what this means. Callie finds them and sends Meredith to Denny's room. Izzie is lying in bed with Denny, who had died. Alex picks her up and sits with her while she cries. They go downstairs and Izzie tells the chief that she was the one to cut the wire and she did it by herself.

Meredith is between Derek and Finn, who both call to her.