'Grey's Anatomy' Season 1 Episode Guide

"Grey's Anatomy" Season 1 DVD cover.


Season 1 of Grey's Anatomy introduced us to five interns and the people they worked with at Seattle Grace Hospital. Meredith Grey brought us into her world and the group was never short on interesting medical cases.

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1x01 "A Hard Day's Night" (OAD 3/27/05)

Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) wakes with a naked man. He introduces himself as Derek (Patrick Dempsey). Meredith goes for her first day as an intern at Seattle Grace Hospital. She and the other first-year interns, Cristina (Sandra Oh), Izzie (Katherine Heigl), and George (T.R. Knight), are assigned to Dr. Bailey (Chandra Wilson), The Nazi. Meredith is dismayed to learn that Derek is Dr. Shepherd, the surgical resident.

George scrubs in with the head cardiothoracic surgeon, Dr. Burke (Isaiah Washington). George messes up and the interns begin calling him 007 (license to kill).

Meredith goes to an assisted living home and talks to her mother about her first days as an intern, but her mother doesn't remember Meredith.

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1x02 "The First Cut is the Deepest" (OAD 4/3/05)

Aside from kissing him in the elevator, Meredith continues to thwart Derek's advances.

Dr. Bailey assigns the interns to different jobs, which none of them are happy about. George runs code and is upset after losing five patients. Cristina is assigned to deliver lab results with Alex Karev (Justin Chambers), an intern reassigned to Dr. Bailey. Izzie is tasked with sutures in the pit and tries to help a Chinese woman who had been there all day, but Izzie never found a translator.

Dr. Burke learns that Chief Webber (James Pickens Jr.) asked Derek Shepherd to the hospital and confronts Webber because he was the number one guy and in line to be chief when Webber retired. Webber wants Burke to stay on his toes and do more.

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1x03 "Winning a Battle, Losing the War" (OAD 4/10/05)

Meredith is unhappy with Izzie and George living with her, and Cristina tells her to kick them out. Derek continues to try and get her to go out with him and she continues to say no.

Cristina and Izzie search for the family of a brain-dead man who was hit by a car. Izzie wants him to live, and Cristina wants to harvest his organs.

George takes care of Webber's VIP patient who makes advances toward George. George discovers that most people think he is gay.

Meredith returns home to find Cristina, Izzie, and George watching tapes of her mother's surgeries. She sits with them to watch.

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1x04 "No Man's Land" (OAD 4/17/05)

Izzie puts up with laughter and whispers after the underwear ad campaign she modeled for is published in a magazine. When Alex Karev pastes magazine pictures of her all over the locker room, she strips down to her underwear, yells at him, and at one point says that he has major debt and she is debt free.

Meredith cares for her mother, and then she gives in to Derek's advances and meets him for lunch.

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1x05 "Shake Your Groove Thing" (OAD 4/14/05)

Stepping back from the operating table, Meredith realizes that her fingernail punctured her glove and wonders if it punctured the heart. George says that the patient is fine and she shouldn't tell Burke. In front of her patient's husband, Meredith blurts out that she may have punctured the heart. Webber schedules a meeting for the next morning with Meredith, Burke, himself, and the hospital's lawyers.

Burke brings Cristina coffee and later she walks in on him while he is changing. She locks the door and the two of them hook up.

Izzie plans a party at Meredith's. Meredith ends up hooking up with Derek in his car. Bailey catches them when she bangs on the window to ask him to move his car.

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1x06 "If Tomorrow Never Comes" (OAD 5/1/05)

Bailey tells Derek not to favor Meredith, which results in him kicking Meredith off of a case. Later he tells her that he was protecting her from Bailey. Meredith says she can take care of herself.

Alex and Izzie see patients, but Alex forgets to charge the battery in his pager, so Izzie has to cover all the cases. A man has a blood clot and the nurse says Izzie needs to open him up, but Izzie says she's never done it before or even seen it done and she could kill him. The nurse says she'll kill him a lot faster if she doesn't crack his chest. Izzie saves the man's life.

Meredith decides that trying is better than doing nothing at all, and she shows up to take Derek on an overnight date.

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1x07 "The Self-Destruct Button" (OAD 5/8/05)

Meredith wishes she had more time to sleep, though it's not just medicine keeping her up all night, but her Dr. McDreamy. When they wake, she tells Derek to sneak out, but Izzie and George see him. Meredith jumps through all Bailey's hoops.

George scrubs in on a surgery with Derek. In the operating room, George accuses the anesthesiologist of drinking. Derek kicks George out of the surgery. Cristina is happy to step in, despite feeling sick all day. The anesthesiologist falls asleep during the surgery and Derek kicks him out. Derek later pulls George aside and tells him he respects him for breaking the doctor code.

Cristina takes two pregnancy tests, unhappy with the results.

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1x08 "Save Me" (OAD 5/15/05)

Meredith considers faith and fairy tales as she watches Derek get ready in the morning. She still holds out hope that the fairytale she dreamed of as a little girl can come true. Meredith wants them to stay at Derek's tonight and she wants him to tell her about himself, but he won't. He says to have faith.

Cristina schedules a D&C.

George asks Nurse Olivia Harper out and she accepts.

Derek takes Meredith to his land, where he lives in a travel trailer. He tells her that he has four sisters, a bunch of nieces and nephews, and his favorite color is blue. Meredith realizes that the fairytale is still there, it just looks a little different than what she imagined. She grabs Derek's hand and leads him into his trailer.

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1x09 "Who's Zoomin' Who?" (OAD 5/22/05)

Meredith thinks about secrets. Her secret is that her mother has Alzheimer's. She does finally tell Derek. Dr. Webber's secret is that he has a tumor that causes frequent blurry eyesight. Izzie and Cristina do a secret autopsy and Bailey catches them. George's secret is that he has syphilis and finds out later that the nurse he slept with, Olivia, also slept with Alex. He punches Alex. Dr. Webber sees Derek and Meredith, so they no longer have to keep their secret, but as they prepare to leave the hospital, a woman comes in. Derek quickly apologizes to Meredith and then asks what Addison (Kate Walsh) is doing there. Addison introduces herself to Meredith at Derek's wife.