10 Greatest Moments in Big Brother Reality TV History

The Show's Best Moments From Chilltown to the "Big Brother" Twins

"Big Brother" has been summer's guilty pleasure since its first season in 2000. From explosive arguments and Big Brother twins to strategic blunders and game twists, the show always delivers on its catchphrase, "expect the unexpected." These 10 most memorable moments from "Big Brother," in no particular order, are just a few examples of why we continue to tune in each season.

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Chilltown Becomes the First Big Brother Alliance

'Chill Town' Will Kirby (L) and winner Mike 'Boogie' Malin
Will Kirby (L) and Mike 'Boogie' Malin. Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

In Season 2, ​"Big Brother" legend Will Kirby formed the first of the show's many alliances, teaming up with Mike "Boogie" Malin to create Chilltown. Will eventually won that season after masterfully manipulating his fellow houseguests. The pair resuscitated Chilltown for the All-Star season in 2006 which was won by Mike Boogie, making Chilltown the most successful alliance in reality television history.

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Marcellas Wins the Veto but Doesn't Use It

Marcellas Reynolds. Courtesy CBS

The Power of Veto allows a contestant who has been nominated for eviction to remove his nomination, forcing the Head of Household to nominate someone else in his place. At the final five in "Big Brother 3," Marcellas Reynolds won the veto but chose not to use it on himself, believing he was safe no matter what happened. He was very wrong. After a tie vote, he was evicted by Jason, the new Head of Household.

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The Big Brother Twin Twist

Natalie Montgomery
Natalie Montgomery. Courtesy CBS

The show throws twists into every season, and in Season 5 there was one in particular that amazed viewers. Twin sisters Adria and Natalie Montgomery played the first half of the game as one person (using Adria's name), switching places every couple of days. The "Big Brother" twins were promised that they could both play as individuals if they lasted through the first five weeks, which they accomplished. Natalie was introduced into the game on day 35, though she had already spent plenty of time in the house. The season was aptly nicknamed "Project DNA," for "Do Not Assume."

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Kaysar Meets the Revolving Door

Kaysar Ridha
Kaysar Ridha. Courtesy CBS

"​Big Brother 6" gave fans the chance to vote their favorite evicted houseguest back into the game for a second chance. Fans overwhelmingly chose Kaysar Ridha, who was part of the Sovereign Six alliance in a house that was deeply divided. Upon his return, Kaysar participated in an endurance Head of Household competition that lasted over 14 hours. He and Jennifer Vasquez were the last two standing and Kaysar stepped down after eliciting a promise that he would not be nominated or evicted that week. Jennifer went back on her promise and Kaysar left the house once again, the very week he had returned.

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The Toothbrush Incident

Shannon Dragoo
Shannon Dragoo. Courtesy CBS

"Big Brother 2" contestant Shannon Dragoo was an addition to the Chilltown alliance, having struck up a romance of sorts with Will Kirby. When Head of Household Hardy Ames-Hill nominated Shannon and Will for eviction, Shannon decided to do a little house cleaning. She took Hardy's electric toothbrush and gave the toilet a good scrubbing with it. She was immediately called to the diary room where she was instructed to tell Hardy what she had done. She lied and told him she had dropped and broken the toothbrush.

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Dick Versus Jen

Evel Dick and Jen Johnson
Evel Dick and Jen Johnson. Courtesy CBS

Season 8 brought us one of the most memorable contestants ever in the form of Evel Dick Donato. He clashed with many of the houseguests but his feud with Jen Johnson carried on until Jen was evicted. The two hated each other, and their arguments continued to escalate. In addition to shouting insults at his nemesis, Dick poured a glass of iced tea over her head in one episode. This all culminated in Jen going a little crazy, destroying Dick's cigarettes by dumping them in a garbage bin and pouring bleach all over them.

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Janelle's One-Liner

Janie BB6
Janelle Pierzina. Courtesy CBS

Janelle Pierzina was an instant fan favorite during "Big Brother 6." A blonde bombshell, she was also very clever and played the game with an intensity that hadn't been seen before. Janelle won the Head of Household competition immediately following her friend Kaysar's second ouster. When she was handed the keys to her private room by the outgoing Head of Household Jennifer, she turned to her enemies in the house and yelled at the remaining folks there.

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Jeff Uses the Coup D'Etat

Big Brother 11 Jeff
Jeff Schroeder. Courtesy CBS

The Coup D'Etat was a special power earned by one houseguest, which gave him the capability to overthrow the Head of Household and replace the nominees (despite the fact that most of the houseguests couldn't pronounce it). During "Big Brother 11," Jeff Schroeder became the first person to actually use this power. Though the resulting nominations and eviction helped Jeff's game a great deal, his power move started a downward spiral for Chima, who broke down and ended up breaking many of the show's rules. Throwing her microphone into the hot tub became the final straw and she ended up being removed from the game.

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Janelle and Erika Bust Chilltown

BB All Stars Erika
Erika Landin. Courtesy CBS

Season 7 of Big Brother was an all-star season, where memorable houseguests returned to compete against one another. Chilltown members Will Kirby and Mike Malin teamed up with Janelle Pierzina and Erika Landin respectively, and called their strategy "Operation Double Date." The girls didn't like each other and relied on the boys to guide them through the game. This group made it to the final four and at that point, Janelle and Erika finally started to compare notes. Realizing they had been playing all along, Janelle cast the vote necessary to evict Will from the game. Erika threw the final Head of Household competition, leading to Mike Boogie evicting Janelle and winning the season.

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Dan's Funeral

BB10 Dan
Dan Gheesling. Courtesy CBS

During "Big Brother 14," Dan Gheesling found himself not only nominated, but also the houseguests' chosen one for eviction. Almost everyone wanted him out of the house. Instead of campaigning, Dan came up with a genius idea -- he would hold his own Big Brother funeral. He did this in front of everyone else in the house and went around the room saying nice things about (nearly) everyone, pulling on their heartstrings and causing a bit of chaos. For a full explanation of the "funeral," visit Dan Gheesling's website where he lays it all out in fantastic detail.