great stave

The piano's two-part great stave.
A systemic barline connects the top and bottom staves in piano music. Image © Brandy Kraemer

Definition of Great Stave:

The great stave is the two-part staff used in piano music, consisting of the treble staff on top and the bass staff on the bottom. It may also refer to the three-part organ staff, which has an extra bass staff for foot pedaling.

Great stave* is used primarily in the U.K., while grand staff is used in the U.S. The variations grand stave and great staff may also be used.

* The British English “stave” is synonymous with the American staff; “staves” is the plural form for both.

Also Known As:

  • grand staff (U.S.)
  • accollatura (It)
  • accolade (Fr)
  • Akkolade; Klaviersystem (Ger)

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How to Read Sheet Music:

See the notes on the treble and bass staves, as well as their ledger lines, and learn mnemonic devices to help you remember them.

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