5 of Our Favorite Powder Mineral Sunscreens

Mineral Sunscreens to Protect Your Skin

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Why Use Powder Sunscreen?

Powder Sunscreen


Powder mineral sunscreens that can be applied with a brush or a make-up puff are all the rage these days. Why? Because they are easy to use, they keep your skin looking fresh, and there is no oily feeling or greasy mess on your skin after application. And our favorite part? You can keep them in your handbag without worrying about the product spilling all over the inside of your bag.

Here are 5 top rated powder mineral sunscreens. Try one! We know you'll love it as much as we do for the ease of application and reapplication.  These product are a fantastic way to reapply your sun protection throughout the day without messing up your make-up.

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A leader in the skin care field, Peter Thomas Roth creates a mineral sunscreen with up to SPF 45 protection. It comes in multiple shades and colors, from tinted, which helps even your skin tone, to sheer, which is simply for sun protection without looking like you have make-up on your face.

It's a splurge sunscreen product, for sure, but one that gets rave reviews. It was noted by a reviewer that the brush bristle are a bit rougher than her natural makeup brush bristles. Another reviewer said she notices that when her skin looks oily, this product completely help. It is perfect to have on hand for long days in the sun this summer.

This is the mineral sunscreen we're currently using, and we are loving it. Bare Escentuals: Natural Sunscreen has a more compact brush that is easy to store in your handbag. Simply tap on the end of the brush to make sure product is evenly distributed on the tip of the brush and then sweep on your face, neck and shoulders for instant coverage.

We love the hint of color Bare Escentuals Sunscreen has.  This product makes us feel like we're simply refreshing our mineral foundation.

Colorescience was one of the first product lines to come out with a powdered mineral sunscreens, and they have a great lineup of products to choose from. The one shown here is in a brush, but they even have a shaker can that you sprinkle the powder on, a puff that applies the sunscreen or a roller ball for even application.

The product comes in multiple colors, including all clear (no color), perfectly clear (hint of color) and almost clear (a bit deeper color). You can even choose to have a little sparkle if that fits your personality. It's easy to slip into your purse so you can be sure you have sun protection with you everywhere you go.

Jane Iredale's Powder Me Dry Sunscreen is a sunscreen with a puff-like applicator. It also has a mirror that makes applying anywhere on your body easy. Simply pop in your handbag and have it on hand throughout the day; which makes reapplying sunscreen super easy. Can be sure you are getting great sun protection from this product.

There are two color selections: translucent and tanned. Obviously "tan" can mean different things to different skin tones, so unless you get a chance to try this product in person before you buy, we'd suggest sticking with clear and applying it over your bronzer that you know suits your skin tone.

OK, this isn't technically a simple sunscreen product, as it has foundation like coverage, but this product is such a great product that we had to include it in our list.

It comes with a puff applicator that you simple blend into your skin. You'll get SPF 15 coverage while disguising your skin imperfections. While we're more inclined to recommend a creamy coverage in the cooler months than in hotter months, there is nothing like only needing a little mineral coverage in the summer. And because it's so easy to apply, it's great to carry this with you and touch up your sun protection throughout the day as you need to.

There are seven colors to choose from in this non-messy, easy to apply product by Philosophy.