10 Great Motorcycle Gifts Under $100

Thrill a biker without breaking the bank!

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If you decide to spend a little more money on a great gift for the motorcyclist in your life, here's an eclectic collection of goods priced at around $100 or less that are sure to satisfy all sorts of riding enthusiasts.

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Motorcycle Dream Garages by Lee Klancher - $52

Author and photographer Lee Klancher showcase the garages and bikes of famous motorcycle impresarios like Jay Leno and Roger Goldammer, not to mention the collections of lesser-known but equally intriguing personalities. This coffee table book is sure to inspire lust among any moto enthusiast with a pulse.

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AMA Membership - Starting at $49

Triumph Bonneville Long Term Test

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Membership in the American Motorcyclist Association not only helps fund lobbying for motorcyclist rights, it also includes free roadside service—which can be a lifesaver if you're ever stranded on the road. And if you're still on the fence, consider that AMA membership also includes a subscription to their monthly American Motorcyclist magazine.

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Superbike Ducati DVD - $25

1995 Ducati 916
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This DVD explores the world of the legendary Ducati V-twin, arguably the pinnacle of Italian motorcycle-building, which is known for its high glamour, exceptional performance, and superior engineering. Includes info on racing successes and bike styles—including the most current of the superbikes— along with interviews with lesser-known designers and engineers and Ducati expert Alan Cathcart's road and track reports.

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Battery Tender Jr. - $25

There are plenty of points to ponder when you store a motorcycle for long periods of time, and one easy way to avoid hassle down the line is to trickle charge the battery. Battery Tender Jr. is a reasonably priced way to give the gift of voltage and ensure that a bike will fire right up when it's time to ride again.

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The Grand Prix Motorcycle by Kevin Cameron - starting at $55 used

MotoGp Of Great Britain - Race
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Although this popular book now runs over $100 for a new hardback, it's worth scouting a used copy in excellent condition because it's considered the best book on the subject out there. The top-tier world of Grand Prix motorcycle racing has been documented elsewhere, but this coffee table book by longtime Cycle World journalist Kevin Cameron offers an official technical history that's been officially licensed by MotoGP. With excellent illustrations, curious historical details, and astute analysis, this book covers every GP bike from the 1949 AJS "Porcupine" E90 to Valentino Rossi's 2008 Yamaha YZR M1. A must-read for any MotoGP fan.

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Tire Repair Kit - $50

Portable hand pump inflates a tire tube
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If you've ever been stuck with a flat tire, you're well aware that options are often sparse when it comes to getting back on the road in a hurry. If you plan on any amount of long distance riding, you'll want to pack a tire repair pack in your emergency kit. This particular example from Aerostich includes everything you'll need to fix tubed or tubeless tires, including CO2 cartridges, rubber cement, and patches. Don't leave home without it!

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The Harley-Davidson Motor Co. Archive Collection by Randy Leffingwell - $25–$85

Harley Davidson
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This 408-page book was released in 2008, but it's still the definitive guide to the most important bikes in Harley-Davidson's vast archives. Featuring everything from the serial number one bike built in 1903 to more modern offerings, this compendium's beautiful studio photographs, and detailed histories should keep Harley enthusiasts entertained for hours. At $25, the hardback price is less than the $85 cost of the paperback, probably because the paperback allows for the book to lie more flat when open, which makes for easier reading and viewing when a photograph spans two pages.

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Camelbak Blowfish Hydration Backpack - $104

Staying hydrated is crucial during warm weather rides, especially when you're on the road for long lesser-known. Camelbak makes a variety of bladder-equipped backpacks with built-in drinking tubes, and their Blowfish model holds up to 100 ounces (3 liters) or liquid, with an expandable cargo section that's perfect for​ emergency kits.

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Huxlay Brothers Biker Jeans - $60

Armored pants offer ultimate lower body protection in the event of a spill. But for those who insist on wearing denim jeans when they ride, Huxlay Brothers biker jeans with DuPont Kevlar lining are the next best thing. Features 14-ounce denim construction with double stitched Kevlar lining and extra Kevlar at the hip, thigh, and knees to prevent cuts and abrasions. Huxlay's pair for women are available at about the same price point.

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EKEN H9R 4K Ultra HD Action Camera With Wifi - $55

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Can't afford a Go-Pro? You can still gift your motorcyclist with a fun action camera so they can record their favorite riding adventures. It also allows on-the-go editing so sharing is instantaneous. Additional features include a housing that is waterproof up to 100 feet, an action camera tripod, two rechargeable 1050mAh batteries, remote control, and mounts that are compatible with most other action cameras, including GoPro.