10 Great Commuter Motorcycles Under $10,000

Riding the bike in the desert with a friend on back

When it comes to choosing a commuter motorcycle, buyers have many factors to consider, not the least of which is price. Make, model, fuel efficiency, and even environmental issues are likely to be at the top of the list as well. Riders also want their bikes to be fun, functional, good-looking, and fast.

Fortunately, many bike manufacturers understand these needs, and they are putting their resources toward creating exciting and affordable motorbikes that retail for under $10,000. This list, which ranges from super budget bikes to retro rides, offers something for everyone—all at prices that won't break the bank.

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2018 Ducati Monster 797

Image of Ducati 797
Ducati USA

If you've never thought you could purchase a Duc at under or around $10,000, then you'll want to check this bike out. The Monster 797 brings all the pedigree and stripped-down look to a bike that is not only affordable but also suitable for daily use. It's not going to set any quarter-mile records, but the 73hp twin motor will bring a lot of fun to your rides. And it looks great, too, with high-shine red accents on the wheels and engine covering, a cool new headlight fairing, and Pirelli Diablo Rosso II tires.

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2018 KTM Duke 390

KTM 390 Duke

KTM brought something new to the U.S. bike market with the 390. It might not carry the pedigree of other bikes on this list, but it's an aggressive motorcycle in looks if not in power. Weighing only 300 pounds, it's a light ride—and the power unit, a 44hp single cylinder engine, is more than enough to make for a great riding experience. If you're looking for something a little different from the other bikes in this price range, the 390 could be a great choice. 

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2018 Kawasaki Z125 Pro

Image of Kawasaki

Minibikes may not be for everyone, but they do have a place on a list of budget bikes. If you need to hit the freeway on your commute, this is not the bike for you. However, if you only need something to blast around town on, the Z125 is a surefire hit. Not only does it ring in at a little over $3,000, but it also boasts 100mpg, making this single cylinder 12cc bike a money saver both at the cash register and at the pump. It's light at only 225 pounds, and has a sporty look and small body, which is great for riders with smaller frames. 

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2018 Honda CBR500R

Honda CBR500R

You can't go wrong with a Honda, and the CRB brand has proven itself time and again over the years. This is a popular entry-level street bike, due in large part to its sporty good looks and a 471cc liquid-cooled parallel-twin engine that offers a powerful but smooth ride. Simply put, few bikes that can touch this for the money. 

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2018 Suzuki Vanvan 200

Suzuki VanVan 200

If you prefer retro over racer styling, but don't want to pay an arm and a leg to get it, look no further than the Vanvan. This nostalgic—but not outdated!—version of the classic Suzuki offers both comfort and screams. Used to be, this bike was strictly for commuters going back and forth to work or to the store. But thanks to some updates in 2018, the Vanvan is now a comfortable and powerful ride for long-distance jaunts as well.

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2018 Yamaha SCR 950

Image of the yamaha bike

In keeping with the retro theme, this offering from Yamaha hits the spot for fans of nostalgic designs. Inspired by the street scrambler bikes popular in the 1960s, it will handle both urban and light off-road trails with equal comfort. The 942cc twin is a tried-and-tested motor found in the Bolt Cruiser, but coupled with a less aggressive riding position and a different suspension set-up. It's the perfect daily ride or weekend blast. 

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2018 Kawasaki Versys-X 300 with ABS

Riding the bike in the desert with a friend on back

Not only does this model have the styling of an adventure bike, it can be purchased with all the bags and packs you would expect to see with a more expensive version. The suspension might not be quite up to the Dakar rally, but it will take more than any other street bike. The Versys-X also makes for a very comfortable commuter bike. 

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2018 BMW G310R

Image of the bike on sand

Another surprise brand on the list, BMW bikes are certainly not normally found under $10,000. But the Germans wanted a slice of the small bike market, and this is the result. The big story here is the build quality. The G310R is very much a BMW—no cut corners have been cut. The 313cc cylinder air-cooled motor provides 34hp, which is plenty for a bike weighing only 350 pounds. It also comes with ABS as standard.

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2018 Honda Rebel 300/500

Image of the rebel in front of a train

The Rebel has been around for a long time, and for good reason. It has long been one of the most dependable commuter bikes available. Honda nonetheless gave it a complete rehaul in 2017. It is now sportier, handles much better, and offers a 286cc or 471cc engine. There is no doubt that this bike looks more expensive than it is—plus, those looking for a more classically styled bike will be thrilled with the Rebel.

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2018 Triumph Street Cup

Man riding bike

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While this will cost you just a couple hundred bucks over the $10,000 mark, we include it because this classic-looking bike is the complete package. This 90cc Café Racer-style bike is based on the Bonneville, but with some important changes to the handling. It also comes with ABS and a brilliantly loud exhaust system. There is no doubt this is a quality bike with a solid British Pedigree. It may not be high-speed, but its performance is more than enough for the commuter. The riding position is sporty, but not so much that it would be a problem for everyday riders.