Gray Hairstyle Pictures on Black Women

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Gray Hairstyles: A Sharp Cut

Woman with short gray hairstyle
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You may have heard that "mature" women shouldn't go around with long hair. And maybe you don't care. Gray hair that's well cared for can look very glamorous, short or long. If you've always prided yourself on lengthier tresses, there's no rule that says you have to go short just because you've celebrated a milestone birthday.

This style is short, but when you're not concerned about covering your grays, you can relax more when relaxing since you're not using multiple chemical processes on your hair.

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Longer Lengths

Woman with curly gray hair
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This curly look is perfect for the woman who not only wants to show off her natural color but her natural texture as well. Plus, these lengthy locks are beautiful!

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Natural Looks

Woman with short, natural gray hairstyle
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If on the other hand, you are the type who wants to go short and enjoy a low-maintenance lifestyle, then this may be the one for you. It only requires regular visits to a barber or salon; depending on how quickly your hair grows, you may stop in once a month or every other month. In between visits, upkeep is minimal. Simply find products that work for you, including shampoos designed to bring out the best of your silver color, comb through and go.​

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Neat Gray Afro

Woman with gray afro
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As anyone who's worn a teeny weeny afro knows, this is a great style for women who want a no-fuss 'do that showcases cheekbones and pretty faces to their fullest effect. After all, when going this short, you don't have hair to hide behind! With a color this uniform, you don't need it.

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Straight Gray

Woman with straight gray hairstyle
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Want to wear your gray tresses on the longer side? Then go for the full silver fox effect with this glamorous style. Opt for gentle curling methods since thermal tools that are too hot can quickly turn your lovely white shade a dingy yellow.

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Chic Gray Style

Woman with short gray hairstyle
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No matter your age or face shape, this classic cut works for many. Tapered closely on the sides and longer on top, this look isn't exactly low-maintenance, but daily grooming (as long as you wrap it up at night) will be a breeze.

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Soft Curls

Short gray curly hair
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If your texture calls for it, go with a head-hugging cut like this which plays up natural curls nicely. Silver around the temples blends seamlessly into slate gray toward the back, giving you face-framing highlights with your own color.

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Salt-and-Pepper Caesar

Woman with salt and pepper Caesar cut
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Soften the hairline of a classic Caesar cut with the tiniest amount of uneven fringe. Grays are focused around the face while the rest of the hair is slowly changing color. Salt-and-pepper styles like this are a great transition into full gray.

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Naturally Curly

Curly gray hairstyle
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Just because you're "a certain age" and have a head full of gorgeous gray locks doesn't mean you can't still look incredibly sharp, as seen here. Soft curls feature a mix of silver, white and slate, which all blend together into a style full of dimension and movement.

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Precision Gray

Woman with short gray haircut
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This short cut is all about precision layers, so make sure you visit a skilled professional if this is a style you want to achieve.

See how versatile gray hair can be? Don't feel relegated to short looks if that's not your style and if you've always loved how you look with longer hair. On the other hand, don't be afraid to experiment with shorter 'dos, especially if being natural is part of it. Just because you're going gray, have a head of gray or silver hair, or you're slowly moving toward it with salt-and-pepper tresses, your color can be just as fabulous as you are. Plus, enjoy the fact that this color is all yours.