15 Grammar Jokes That Will Make You Feel Smarter

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Not everyone was paying attention back in grammar school, and on the Internet, it shows. Social media posts are rife with comma mix-ups and classic your vs. you're mistakes. These hilarious examples of bad grammar usage will do much more than make you laugh — they'll also make you feel like a veritable genius!

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Comma Usage Is Important

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Commas are funny things. You put one little comma in the wrong place, and your sentence takes on a whole different meaning than you might have intended. The "Let's eat grandma" sentence is a classic example of how commas can change sentence meaning. 

Another funny example: Compare this sentence: "I love cooking, my family, and my dogs" to the much more unsettling "I love cooking my family and my dogs."

What did dogs ever do to you?!

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Sometimes a Lack of a Comma Is Just as Bad.

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I don't personally know any "disabled elderly pregnant children," but if we find some, we'll be sure to let them know where their designated toilet is.

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That's Not Quite What We Meant.

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See? One little comma means the difference between being a Hobbit and being a legendary pop singer.

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Who, Me?

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The question is, did this smart aleck student get sent to the principal's office or not? Because technically, he's 100% right. 

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Just Making a Few Adjustments to this Sentence

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This meme is funny, but it also proves how much adding a simple colon and moving the comma down a few words can change the meaning dramatically.

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Commonly Confused Words

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Dessert vs. desert often trip people up when writing. Other words that people often confuse are advice, advise, aisle and isle, and accept, except.

Don't even get us started on how often people confuse affect and effect!

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I'll Gladly Accept Your Caramels

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Here's another case of a pair of commonly confused words: accept an except. In this case, mixing up the two terms transformed the meaning of this well-intentioned office coworker note... with delicious results.

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To, Too, and Two

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If you've spent anytime at all on the internet, you know that some people just cannot figure out when to use the three different forms of to, two, and too.

It's quite simple, really, but that doesn't stop them from writing "to funny" when they really mean "too funny." It happens so often, no wonder they're making memes about it!

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Unnecessary Quotation Marks

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Some people just love to put words in quotes, whether it makes sense to do so or not.

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Clichés Are So Cliché.

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A cliché is "a phrase or opinion that is overused and betrays a lack of original thought." 

So, to this clichéd tee-shirt slogan, we say "touché."

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You're vs. Your

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Why does this grammar rule stump so many people? Your = possessive. You're = you are. There – you're welcome!

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Where's My Red Pen?

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All of those apostrophes – ouch. Not to mention the way they mangled the word "inconvenience." If this sign doesn't make your head explode, you're probably not a grammar geek.

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Two Easy?

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You've got to love it when a mistake like this shows up live on TV. Using the wrong version of "two" for a story about education is a special kind of irony.

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This One's For The True Nerds

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(You know who you are!) 

It's all too easy to fall into the trap of writing passively.

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Well, Grammar, Apparently.

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For the millionth time, it's TOO.

As in, it's too bad that they put up this sign and made good people like us just a little bit more neurotic.