Gorgoroth Interview

A Conversation With Guitarist Infernus

Infernus. Soulseller Records

The Norwegian black metal band Gorgoroth are in a lot of turmoil right now. Longtime bassist King Ov Hell just left the band. Vocalist Gaahl is currently in prison, and guitarist Infernus is getting ready to go to prison. The long running band is used to controversy, and have been making headlines in their native country since their formation in 1992.

Gorgoroth's latest effort Ad Majorem Sathanas Gloriam has been receiving excellent response in Europe and North America. Satyricon/1349's Frost played drums on the album. Infernus took the time to talk about the album, the band's legal issues, and the state of black metal.

Chad Bowar: What led to King Ov Hell's departure from the band?
Infernus: It has already been stated on gorgoroth.org, that we mutually agreed upon it, as the situation was that he could not in public front or stand 100 percent behind what we represent. It was best for both parts that he left.

What will be the impact of his loss, since he wrote a lot of the music?
I haven't had much time to reflect on this yet, as the decision was made last week, and I have been occupied with all kinds of organizational work during the period. Obviously we are in need of a live bass player, that's the first thing that comes to mind.

To which degree me or other people will be writing music for the next album is too early to say. Focus is now getting through this chapter of the band's history with imprisonments and all the practical hassle that brings with. Thereafter we aim at touring in order to promote Ad Majorem Sathanas Gloriam.

Do you think Frost's presence on this album helped take the music to a new, higher level?
He's an old friend and former member. He has always been around for us, being it live or in studio. He surely put his mark on the music as well, as expected.

Ad Majorem Sathanas Gloriam has been out for a couple weeks in Europe. How has the early response been?
Quite simply, overwhelming. We knew we worked upon something extraordinary this time, but could never foresee or expect such a response. We actually entered the Norwegian top of the pops here last week. Who would ever believe that to happen? I am not sure what to believe, who has been changing most, us or the rest of the world. I'd take a guess on the last of the options.

How did you decide on the title?
It just came to mind once I was reading an article upon the counter reformation, the Jesuit order and on Ignatius de Loyola.

What are your expectations in the U.S. and North America?
Hopefully we will receive just as positive response over there as well, but things are a bit different there. We haven't exactly been touring there much, so I guess the recognition and notoriety that follow us here won't help us to the same degree.

Also having a brand new promotion department there, I am curious to see how the cooperation us amongst will work out. It is of course an important factor as well. Anyway, judging from how Regain Records have been taking care of us and our interests so far, I am pretty sure they hooked us up with the right people.

What is the status of your court case appeal?
I got the results not too long time ago. My lawyers (messed) them up pretty bad as well, as expected. I get away with 120 days. Not bad, taking into consideration that the local mongo police squad and some completely possessed freak of a district attorney kept it going for more than three years blabbering on about and requesting many years imprisonment. I even, believe it or not, walked out of the main police station here a couple of weeks ago with a machine gun they then had to deliver back.

I understand Gaahl is in the middle of serving his sentence. When is he expected to be released?
Pretty soon! I am quite sure that will be before you celebrate Christmas, as long as he is behaving, and the other inmates as well off course.

When will Gorgoroth play live shows again?
In the summer of 2007 we aim at doing some summer festivals, amongst others in Germany.

Do you think most black metal bands have gotten away from the original philosophy and ideology of the genre?
I do not care what was the original philosophy and ideology of the genre, and I most probably do not care about or approve hat is by common man referred to as black metal today.

(interview published 2006)