25 Gordon Ramsay Tweets That Burn Hotter Than Your Oven

Wannabe cooks are lining up for insults on Ramsay's Twitter

Via Getty Images/Frazer Harrison 

Gordon Ramsay is one of the most famous chefs on television, thanks to shows like "Kitchen Nightmares" and "Hell's Kitchen." Anyone who has watched him on TV knows that he's a perfectionist with a huge, sometimes rude personality, so if something doesn't live up to his high standards he is not afraid to strongly voice his opinion.

Ramsay's tendency to scream at the cooking contestants on his show is so legendary that he's already become a meme several times over, yet it's not his "advice animal" macros that are the best examples of the Gordon Ramsay meme—it's his Twitter feed. He constantly interacts with his fans, but every so often a fan will tweet a photograph of something they cooked and ask him to critique it, and that's when the real fun begins! Let's just say that, as usual, Ramsay does not hold back.

"I Made a Full English for My Boyfriend. What Do You Think?"

Via @GordonRamsay on Twitter.

Are those Spaghetti-Os? Either way, Ramsay is not impressed with this overloaded plate full of carbohydrates, telling this fan to "check his pulse."

"My Roast Chicken. What U Think?"

Via @GordonRamsay on Twitter.

"You're supposed to roast the chicken, not take it to the crematorium," Ramsay quipped.

Yup, this bird is cooked, alright!

"Rate my Friend's Lasagna!"

Via @GordonRamsay on Twitter.

"Could she at least cook it first?"

Uh, yeah.. exactly! Those noodles are so plain and raw we can't imagine this dish has any flavor whatsoever.

"The Best Poached Egg in a Noodle Soup You Will See All Day"

Via @GordonRamsay on Twitter.

This fan was so confident with his work! Ramsay surely has something good to say about that poached egg, right? NOPE.

"Looks like toxic scum on a stagnant pool," Ramsay replied.

"Please Rate my Medu Vada Sambar and Nariyal Chutney"

Via @GordonRamsay on Twitter.

Okay, even the tastiest Indian food doesn't always present well on a plate, but when your plate is a rather questionable metal tray don't be surprised when Ramsay calls you on it. "I didn't know you could tweet from prison," said our hero.

"This Is My School's Idea of a 'BBQ Beef Burger..."

Via @GordonRamsay on Twitter.

"Please confirm my suspicions that this is roadkill," Ramsay's fan wrote. Obviously the picture she sent makes McDonald's McRib look gourmet in comparison.

"Are you sure there's beef inside that weird rectangular thing? Schools should know better," was Ramsay's response.

"Last Night's Ratatouille"

Via @GordonRamsay on Twitter.

Ramsay could have been funnier here, but his reply still managed to be short and the opposite of sweet: "I prefer the movie!"

"My Friend Made This Last Night"

Via @GordonRamsay on Twitter.

"Wtf does that thing have a name?" Ramsay asked, and honestly... what is that?

"Do You Like Our Fajitas and Homemade Guacamole?

Via @GordonRamsay on Twitter.

Ramsay yet again called it like he saw it with this hilarious retort, "Looks like your dog stopped by on your plate."

"What Do You Think of This Steak?"

Via @GordonRamsay on Twitter.

Um... that's a steak? Maybe once it was a steak, now it's a hunk of charcoal!

Naturally, Ramsay had thoughts. "New battery for your smoke alarm," is his oh-so-helpful reply.

"What Do You Think, Mate?"

Via @GordonRamsay on Twitter.

"I feel sick," was Ramsay's (and everybody else's) answer.

"Thoughts on This Cake Before and After Colin the Dog Ate It?"

Via @GordonRamsay on Twitter.

"Even the dog can't finish it," Ramsay aptly pointed out. Seriously, we think the dog did them a favor.

"What Do You Think of My Chicken Alfredo on Garden Rotini?"

Via @GordonRamsay on Twitter.

This industrious young man is learning to cook to impress his girlfriend, but if he's looking for tips on how he can improve he's come to the wrong place.

"I'm surprised she's still your girlfriend!"

"How Did I Do?"

Via @GordonRamsay on Twitter.

Like anyone with a functioning set of eyeballs, Ramsay couldn't help but notice that this sandwich is burned to a crisp. The chef speaks for all of us when he says, "Get some glasses, Tyler."

"Made a Spooky Skeleton Cookie"

Via @GordonRamsay on Twitter.

Yet again, Ramsay isn't afraid to tell someone that their food looks like poop. "Looks like your dog laid one in the oven," he told her.

"What Do You Think of My Stoner Mashed Potatoes..."

Via @GordonRamsay on Twitter.

"With beats [sic] and BBQ basil chicken?"

I think none of those things should ever exist together on a plate, but what do I know? Let's see what the professional chef had to say: "I feel stoned just looking at this mess!"

Agreed—you'd have to be stoned to eat it.

"Thoughts on the Chicken and Waffles I Prepared?"

Via @GordonRamsay on Twitter.

"How many days did you cook the chicken?"

(10/10 would still eat that, though. Just saying.)

"Thoughts on my Late Night Omelette?"

Via @GordonRamsay on Twitter.

"Have you been sick?"

"Rate the Level of Doneness on This Steak..."

Via @GordonRamsay on Twitter.

"... from raw to piece of old shoe."

One look at that gray piece of overcooked beef and we know Ramsay's reply will be harsh: "Gandhi's flip flop."

"How's My Grandmother's Food Lookin'?"

Via @GordonRamsay on Twitter.

"Cremated... Ashes to ashes."

Why do people keep sending him burned offerings?

"How Did My Grandma Do on This Lasagna?"

Via @GordonRamsay on Twitter.

"It looks as dry as my grandma... she passed 20 yrs. ago."

"What Do You Think of My Cake I Made?"

Via @GordonRamsay on Twitter.

"Kitty, did you drop it?" asked the faux-concerned chef.

"What Do You Think of This Hospital Meal?"

Via @GordonRamsay on Twitter.

"They're trying to keep you in!"

Yup, just looking at it makes me feel under the weather.

"Just Whipped Something Up for Mom"

Via @GordonRamsay on Twitter.

You lost us at American Cheese, girlfriend. Ramsay had another way of telling her that her food looks awful, going with a play on words.

"Looks like you've just tripped up!"

"What Do You Think of My Friend's Pan Seared Chicken Breast?"

"Pan screwed chicken breast!" Ramsay corrected.

There you have it, folks. Next time you're tempted to tweet Gordon Ramsay a picture of your dinner, think twice or risk getting seriously burned!