Goof Board Balance Board

Here's longboard maestro Wingnut riding the Goof Board balance board. Goof Board

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“It felt just like riding the Goof Board!”

That was 9 year-old Indie’s summation of riding his shortboard the first time. That's pretty solid testimonial for the Goof Board since that was after a few days of practicing on this training/ balance board.

The Goof Board is a balance board that is advertised more for longboarders, but I found it mimics any type of stand-up wave riding in its side to side balance concept. I’ve tried and reviewed other balance boards like the Indo Board and the Holoholo Board. The former approaches training through a back and forward balance approach which is decidedly un-surf-like, but it is very well constructed while the latter is constructed with low grade (yet sturdy) materials but does give both side-to-side and back-to-front balance options.

In terms of construction and durability, the Goof Board is solid. The balancing cylinder didn’t seem too professional at first sight. It appears a cardboard tube but is thick and reinforced with metal inserts that make it very strong. The board itself is built like a authentic little wooden surfboard that flows and rolls freely over the solid cylinder.

No doubt, do not try this the first time without a chair to grab or couch nearby to catch your falling bodice and do not attempt on naked concrete or tile at all. It can easily slip out from under you if there is no friction or grip beneath it. However, with proper precaution and practice, the board is safe for kids and adults.

The Goof Board isn’t easy at first, but practicing on it comes off fun and challenging the more you ride. I enjoyed this balance board quite a bit. But more than the construction and such, I was impressed with the realistic feel of the board.

Unlike the Holoholo balance board which has less movement side to side and the Indo Board which moves back to front, the Goof Board feels a little more like surfing. As I said, the folks at Goof advertise this towards longboarders (with a great video on their site of owner Armin Brown getting all stylish and doing things on it I have yet to imagine), but I sensed a very universal surf-like feel.

Like the balance and mind set needed to stay in the center of the surfboard as you ride a wave, you will use very similar muscles and movements riding the Goof Board. The turning and weight shifting needed to balance and teeter over the center cylinder is similar to that of a surfer drawing a line off the bottom of a wave and staying true to that line down and across the face. Couple that with nose riding and rail turning variations, and this board can help more advanced surfers stay in both mental and physical surf shape (as well as getting beginners up to speed).

The Bottom Line

Obviously, nothing trains you like real surfing, but I had fun using this board as did my son with whom I contested for length of ride and amount of shifts left to right. Laughter ensued as did progress towards his jumping on a shortboard for the first time. He has ridden soft longboards and even did a short stint on a tiny Liquid Shredder, but getting him up and riding on a real surfboard was something different. We approached it using the Goof Board as a confidence building strategy but it became a fun activity of its own.

I am a proponent of balance boards for the mere fact that they require similar physical and mental muscles needed when surfing and really help along with skateboards and surf videos to keep that surf stoke burning when the waves are flat and I found the Goof Board to be a bit better than the other balance boards I have tried and reviewed in terms of construction and a realistic surf-like feel.

Go Rip!

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