Good Luck and Marriage

Are Successful Marriages Just Lucky?

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People often tell newly married couples "good luck!" Does a couple really need good luck to have a successful marriage?

Setting aside superstitions and cultural marriage traditions, how much of a role do you think good luck plays in having a successful marriage? Much more than luck is involved in having a long successful marriage.

Create Your Own Good Luck in Your Marriage

I don't think luck has anything to do with having a successful marriage. Your successful marriage starts with making the right choice in choosing your spouse and listening to your inner voices if you are having doubts about getting married.

You will create your own good luck in your marriage by being responsible in your marriage, admitting your mistakes, and by learning from your mistakes.

Ways to Create Good Luck in Your Marriage

You can create your own good luck in your marriage by:

  • Getting married for the right reasons.
  • Waiting until you are in your mid-twenties.
  • Agreeing to share in household chores.
  • Deciding together to fight fair.
  • Being willing to forgive.
  • Not nagging.
  • Scheduling regular date nights with one another.