7 Good First Date Ideas

On a date.
 Inti St Clair/Blend Images/Getty Images

Rather than meeting your date at a dark and crowded bar or noisy restaurant, there are many good, fun, and interesting first date ideas that can help to spice up your typical first date routine. So rather than meeting for a first date at the same old and tired spots around town that you're used to, these seven first date ideas can be the perfect way to meet someone who could turn out to be perfect for you.

1. Go Bowling

When you're looking to take your dating repertoire to the next level, bowling is a great way to help strike up a conversation between you and your date as well as turn up the fun. And while you certainly don't have to be an expert bowler, the informal atmosphere of a bowling alley can help you both feel more comfortable while also adding a little bit of friendly competition between the two of you. When you're looking for a terrific first date idea that's out of the ordinary, bowling leaves nothing to spare.

2. Visit a Farmers Market

It's also a great idea to meet your new date (and potentially your new mate) at a farmers market. In this type of open and outdoor environment, you and your date can walk around, taste different food samples, and get to know each other better as you enjoy your time in this laid-back setting. And while you're both checking out the peaches, pears, and other local produce, this can help to produce a spark between the two of you. A farmers market can also help to inspire you to start planning your menu or cuisine of choice for date number two! 

3. Go Miniature Golfing

Choosing to go miniature golfing on a first date is a fun and different way to get to know someone better. No matter your golfing skills, you can see if you and your date hit it off together while the two of you hit golf balls throughout the course. Golfing also introduces an element of competition, which can help to turn up the opportunities for you to flirt with each other. If you're looking for a date that's a whole lot of fun, why not pick an activity where there's a chance at hitting a hole in one? 

4. Visit a Museum

Meeting your date at a museum is also a key way to shake up your usual first date routine. Whether it's an art museum, history museum, car museum, or any other type of genre, museums provide a great ambiance for you to walk around while getting to know someone better. Not only are you able to see different exhibits and stroll through interesting rooms or gardens, but you're never at a loss for conversation since you're constantly surrounded by objects to look at and to talk about with your date. Going to a museum on a first date can help you learn more about your date while learning more about an entirely different subject.

5. Take a Cooking Class

Another first date that'll add a dash of fun is to sign up for a cooking class together. You and your date will get to show off your cooking skills while also working on your collaboration skills as you learn to make or bake something new. Since relationships require couples to problem-solve and work as a team, taking a cooking class together can help you to see if you make a good pair when the heat is rising.

6. Take a Painting Class

Speaking of classes, attending a painting class is also a first date option that won't disappoint. There are many different paint nights that take place at local bars and restaurants where you and your date can show off your creative side while also drinking a sidecar or eating a side of fries. Not only will your painting skills (or lack thereof) help you and your date connect, but you get to leave with a souvenir at the end of the night or maybe even a goodnight kiss

7. Go to an Outdoor Fair or Festival

Opting to meet at a local fair or festival can be a great way for you and your date to get to know one another. On this type of first date, you can walk around, go on rides, indulge in some street food, listen to performers, and chat with your date in a way that takes the pressure off a bit. Since you're not sitting and staring at each other in a dark and cramped setting, this type of date can help the conversation to flow in an easier and more natural way, all while you get to enjoy the happenings around you. When you pick a location and activity that allows you both to relax and be yourselves, you're increasing your chances of having a great first date with someone.