Golfers With the Most Wins in LPGA Majors

List of Golfers Who Have Won the Most Women's Major Championships

Annika Sorenstam with the trophy after winning the 1995 US Women's Open.
Annika Sorenstam shows off the trophy after winning the 1995 US Women's Open, her first victory in a major championship. J.D. Cuban/Getty Images

Which women golfers have won the most major championships in their careers? The list of golfers with the most LPGA majors appears below. A quick glance at those golfers with double-digit wins:

  • Patty Berg, 15 wins in majors
  • Mickey Wright, 13 major wins
  • Louise Suggs, 11 major wins
  • Annika Sorenstam, 10 major wins
  • Babe Zaharias, 10 major wins

Before getting to the full list, a word about women's golf majors. Currently there are five tournaments on the LPGA Tour recognized as women's majors: the ANA Inspiration, U.S. Women's Open, Women's PGA Championship, Women's British Open, and Evian Championship.

But in the past, there were other tournaments included among LPGA majors, while some of the five listed above were, in their pasts, not considered majors. In other words, the story of LPGA majors is a bit more complicated than that of men's majors. Today, the LPGA counts five tournaments as majors; in some past seasons there were four majors, or only three majors, or, in a handful of years, just two. For the full rundown of the changes over time, see our history of LPGA majors.

List of Golfers with Most Wins in Women's Golf Majors

In the following chart, Nabisco Dinah Shore and Kraft Nabisco Championship are both former names of the current ANA Inspiration. And LPGA Championship is the former name of the Women's PGA Championship.

Also included in this chart are mentions of the Titleholders Championship, Women's Western Open and du Maurier Classic, the three former tournaments once classified as LPGA majors.

This list includes all golfers who've won more than two majors.

Golfer Major Wins First Last
Patty Berg 15 1937 Titleholders 1958 Women's Western Open
Mickey Wright 13 1958 LPGA Championship 1966 Women's Western Open
Louise Suggs 11 1946 Titleholders 1959 Titleholders
Annika Sorenstam 10 1995 US Women's Open 2006 US Women's Open
Babe Zaharias 10 1940 Women's Western Open 1954 US Women's Open
Betsy Rawls 8 1951 US Women's Open 1969 LPGA Championship
Juli Inkster 7 1984 Nabisco Dinah Shore 2002 US Women's Open
Inbee Park 7 2008 US Women's Open 2015 Women's British Open
Karrie Webb 7 1999 du Maurier 2006 Kraft Nabisco Championship
Pat Bradley 6 1980 du Maurier 1986 du Maurier
Betsy King 6 1987 Nabisco Dinah Shore 1997 Nabisco Dinah Shore
Patty Sheehan 6 1983 LPGA Championship 1996 Nabisco Dinah Shore
Kathy Whitworth 6 1965 Titleholders 1975 LPGA Championship
Amy Alcott 5 1979 du Maurier 1991 Nabisco Dinah Shore
Se Ri Pak 5 1998 LPGA Championship 2006 LPGA Championship
Yani Tseng 5 2008 LPGA Championship 2011 Women's British Open
Susie Berning 4 1965 Women's Western Open 1973 US Women's Open
Donna Caponi 4 1969 US Women's Open 1981 LPGA Championship
Laura Davies 4 1987 US Women's Open 1996 du Maurier
Sandra Haynie 4 1965 LPGA Championship 1982 du Maurier
Meg Mallon 4 1991 LPGA Championship 2004 US Women's Open
Hollis Stacy 4 1977 US Women's Open 1984 US Women's Open
Beverly Hanson 3 1955 LPGA Championship 1958 Titleholders
Betty Jameson 3 1942 Women's Western Open 1954 Women's Western Open
Nancy Lopez 3 1978 LPGA Championship 1989 LPGA Championship
Mary Mills 3 1963 US Women's Open 1973 LPGA Championship
Jan Stephenson 3 1981 du Maurier 1983 US Women's Open

Note that of the five golfers who recorded double-digit wins in women's majors, four of them (Sorenstam is the exception) did so in the early years of the LPGA Tour. And in the cases of three of them — Berg, Suggs and Zaharias — some or most of their wins even pre-date the founding of the LPGA Tour.