LPGA Tour Yearly Victory Leaders

Plus other seasonal win records on the LPGA

Tournament host Nancy Lopez presents Annika Sorenstam her trophy after winning the Chick-fil-A Charity Championship in 2005
Between them, Annika Sorenstam (left) and Nancy Lopez (right) led the LPGA Tour in wins 12 different years. Rex Brown/WireImage/Getty Images

Elsewhere we showed you the list of LPGA golfers with the most career wins. But which golfers have led the LPGA Tour in wins in each of the tour's individual seasons? That's what we present here.

Each year in LPGA history is listed in the chart below, followed by the golfer(s) who led the tour in wins, and how many wins she had that season. (Actually, we go back to 1948, two years prior to the founding of the LPGA, when the WPGA - the short-lived predecessor to the LPGA - was in effect.)

But first, let's check a couple related and interesting pieces of information.

Who Holds the Record for Most Wins in a Single Year on the LPGA Tour?

The LPGA record for most wins in a single season is 13, established by Mickey Wright in 1963. Here are the leaders in this category:

  • 13 wins - Mickey Wright, 1963
  • 11 wins - Mickey Wright, 1964
  • 11 wins - Annika Sorenstam, 2002

Six other times in tour history a golfer won 10 times in a single season: Sorenstam in 2005; Kathy Whitworth and Carol Mann in 1968; Wright in 1961 and 1962; and Betsy Rawls in 1959.

Note that Wright won 10 or more tournaments in four consecutive seasons, 1961-64.

Which Golfers Led the LPGA in Victories Most Often?

Sorenstam is the record-holder for most years leading the LPGA in victories. She was the leader (or co-leader) in wins in 1995, 1997, 1998, and 2001-05.

  • Annika Sorenstam, 8 years leading in wins
  • Kathy Whitworth, 7 years
  • Mickey Wright, 6 years

Now, here are the golfers who led the LPGA Tour in wins each year (there are more records below the chart):

Annual Win Leaders on the LPGA Tour

YearGolfer(s) With Most WinsNo. of Wins
2018Ariya Jutanugarn, Sung Hyun Park3
2017In-Kyung Kim, Shanshan Feng3
2016Ariya Jutanugarn5
2015Inbee Park, Lydia Ko5
2014Stacy Lewis, Inbee Park, Lydia Ko3
2013Inbee Park6
2012Stacy Lewis4
2011Yani Tseng7
2010Ai Miyazato5
2009Lorena Ochoa, Jiyai Shin3
2008Lorena Ochoa7
2007Lorena Ochoa8
2006Lorena Ochoa6
2005Annika Sorenstam10
2004Annika Sorenstam8
2003Annika Sorenstam6
2002Annika Sorenstam11
2001Annika Sorenstam8
2000Karrie Webb7
1999Karrie Webb6
1998Annika Sorenstam, Se Ri Pak4
1997Annika Sorenstam6
1996Laura Davies, Dottie Pepper, Karrie Webb4
1995Annika Sorenstam3
1994Beth Daniel4
1993Brandie Burton3
1992Dottie Pepper4
1991Pat Bradley, Meg Mallon4
1990Beth Daniel7
1989Betsy King6
1988Juli Inkster, Rosie Jones, Betsy King,
Nancy Lopez, Ayako Okamoto
1987Jane Geddes5
1986Pat Bradley5
1985Nancy Lopez5
1984Patty Sheehan, Amy Alcott4
1983Pat Bradley, Patty Sheehan4
1982JoAnne Carner, Beth Daniel5
1981Donna Caponi5
1980JoAnne Carner, Donna Caponi5
1979Nancy Lopez8
1978Nancy Lopez9
1977Judy Rankin, Debbie Austin5
1976Judy Rankin6
1975Carol Mann, Sandra Haynie4
1974JoAnne Carner, Sandra Haynie6
1973Kathy Whitworth7
1972Kathy Whitworth, Jane Blalock5
1971Kathy Whitworth5
1970Shirley Englehorn4
1969Carol Mann8
1968Kathy Whitworth, Carol Mann10
1967Kathy Whitworth8
1966Kathy Whitworth9
1965Kathy Whitworth8
1964Mickey Wright11
1963Mickey Wright13
1962Mickey Wright10
1961Mickey Wright10
1960Mickey Wright6
1959Betsy Rawls10
1958Mickey Wright5
1957Betsy Rawls, Patty Berg5
1956Marlene Hagge8
1955Patty Berg6
1954Louise Suggs, Babe Didrikson Zaharias5
1953Louise Suggs8
1952Betsy Rawls, Louise Suggs6
1951Babe Didrikson Zaharias7
1950Babe Didrikson Zaharias6
1949Patty Berg, Louise Suggs3
1948Petty Berg, Babe Didrikson Zaharias3

More Win Records on the LPGA Tour

Consecutive Years With at Least One LPGA Win
Whitworth had at least one win in 17 consecutive LPGA seasons, the tour record. See Most Consecutive Years With an LPGA Win for more.

Most Consecutive Wins
The LPGA record for most consecutive wins in tournaments played is 5, achieved first by Nancy Lopez and later matched by Annika Sorenstam. (Read more here.)

Most Different Winners in One LPGA Season
In 1991, there were 26 different winners on the LPGA Tour, the tour record.

Most Multiple LPGA Winners in One Year
In 1999, 11 different golfers won two or more LPGA Tour events.

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