Golf Equipment: On the Market and In the Know

Male golfer preparing to hit tee shot
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What is the newest, whiz-bang golf equipment selling in golf shops now? What are the technical aspects of golf clubs? Where can beginners find resources to help them understand the various types of clubs and equipment?

We can highlight articles and features relating to all those questions ... and we will, right here on this page. We'll start by taking a look at what's new in the golf equipment marketplace, then continue with golf club tech, club care and more. (If you don't find what you're looking for in one of the categories that follows, try the search box.)

Golf Clubs and Balls On the Market

So: What about those latest golf clubs and golf balls? The following pages tell you about (and show you) the latest equipment in each category, the new releases from manufacturers large and small.

Golf Accessories On the Market

Of course, clubs and balls aren't the only equipment golfers need or want. There are shoes and bags, for example - the two largest categories of golf accessories.

Beginners: Meet the Golf Clubs

Info for more advanced golfers is below, but beginners have much more basic questions about golf clubs. So before we get to the more technical stuff, let's go over the basics of the different types of clubs:

And our overview of the different types of golf clubs includes the "Meet the Putter" section.

What about women's golf clubs? Glad you asked:

Another resource for newbies to the sport is the Golf Beginners FAQ, which includes a dozen or so entries on equipment, two of which are these:

Tools of the Trade: Golf Club Features & Tech

What about the technical side of golf equipment? These two FAQ indexes help explain more advanced features of clubs:

Golf Clubs FAQ
On this page, you'll find a series of questions about the technical aspects of golf clubs. More importantly, you'll find answers to those questions. What kind of Q&As are we talking about? As an example, here are a few:

Golf Shafts FAQ
Just as with the Clubs FAQ above, on this page, we ponder some of the most commonly asked questions about the shafts in golf clubs. As examples, here are three entries:

In addition to the FAQs, our golf equipment glossary provides in-depth definitions of both common terms and more esoteric golf equipment terminology.

What about golf balls? Let's also answer a few questions about those little pellets we knock around the golf course:

And just for fun, we'll toss in this one:

Do You Know the Names of the Old Golf Clubs?
Mashies, niblicks - even mashie-niblicks - do you know what the golf clubs of yore were called? And how they related to modern clubs and golf sets?

Taking Care of Your Golf Clubs

Golf equipment can get pretty expensive, depending on your preferences (and your budget). Regardless of how much money you spend, taking good care of your equipment will help it last longer and perform better, as explained in 8 Easy Way to Take Care of Your Golf Clubs. See also: