Golf Cart Manufacturers

Two golfers riding in a golf cart.

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Maybe you're in the market to buy your own golf cart. Or perhaps you already own one, but need to locate service or parts. The golf cart manufacturers below not only make golf carts, they have (in most cases) worldwide dealer networks and can service their models, as well.

The term "golf carts" refers to the motorized (whether electric or gas-powered) vehicles on which golfers strap our bags and climb in to drive around the golf course. They are also called "golf cars."

Club Car

The golf carts made by Club Car range from those you find on the course to those engineered for off-roading. Visit the "Dealer Locator" page, select your country, and then click on the type of cart you're interested in to find local dealers. Club Car is a division of Ingersoll Rand and the cart part of the business dates to 1958.

Columbia ParCar Corp.

This Wisconsin-based manufacturer makes electric vehicles including golf carts. From the homepage, click on the "Passenger" section. The ParCar Web site does not include a searchable dealer locator; however, there is an inquiry form that can be filled out and the company promises to reply with information about local dealers.


First off, the name: It's officially "E-Z-GO," all uppercase. But in keeping with style guidelines, we use "E-Z-Go" (just as we use "Ping" rather than the official "PING"). E-Z-Go's Web site says the company was founded in 1954 (and became part of Textron in 1961) and is now "the world’s largest manufacturer of golf cars and utility vehicles." Look for the "Where to Buy" link on the homepage to use the dealer locator.


Garia is a maker of luxury golf carts, which means its models are expensive. If you want to ride in luxury when golfing, Garia is a company to check out. (Its carts are manufactured in the same factory that builds Mercedes Benz and Porsche vehicles.) Some of the features you'll find in Garia models include built-in refrigerators, windshield wipers, automotive-style dashboard with 12V outlet, and a water filler system.

Star Electric Vehicles

Star EV is a golf cart maker based in South Carolina. It makes electric carts that are designed to be street-legal in most states and go up to 60 miles on a charge. It makes multiple models of golf carts as well as other types of EVs, and also sells accessories.

Yamaha Golf-Car Company

The Yamaha Golf-Car Company is a division of Yamaha Motors, founded in Japan in 1955 (the company existed in previous incarnations dating back to 1897). To get a sense of the company's offerings for the golf course, click into the "Personal" section. To find a dealer, click on the "Dealer Locator" section, which lists dealers all around the world.