Golf Bags: A Guide for Beginners and Buyers

golf bags
Golf bags come in different shapes and sizes for different purposes. This one is a "stand bag," designed for walking golfers. Courtesy of Sun Mountain; used with permission

Golf bags are among the golf accessories that make up a golfer's full complement of equipment. Unlike some other accessories, golf bags are a necessity - after all, you have to have a way to carry your clubs around the golf course.

Golf bags come in many sizes and different styles, often designed for their specific tasks: ultra-lightweight, lightweight and stand bags for walkers; cart bags and staff bags (or tour bags) for golfers who prefer to ride in carts, for example.

New Golf Bags On the Market

What are the latest product releases in the golf bag department? We track those here:

What if you just want to browse a large selection of golf bags for informational or price comparison purposes? To compare prices, compare styles, compare features? One option is to walk into any large golf retailer and browse the merchandise.

Manufacturers/Brand Names of Golf Bags

Another way to get information about the features and pricing on golf bags is to go straight to the source: the websites of the companies and brands that make and/or market bags.

The following links take you to those companies' websites, or, in the case of full-line brands (Titleist, TaylorMade, etc.), to the golf bags section of their websites: