The Godfather Cheats and Secrets for Xbox

Get more money, ammo, and unlockables

The Godfather is an action-adventure game based on the iconic 1972 film of the same name. Considering the source material, it's no surprise the Xbox version has cheat codes and secrets galore. Learn how to unlock money, respect, and more and become the Don of New York City.

These cheats are for the Xbox version of the game. There are separate cheats for The Godfather on PlayStation 2.

The Godfather Cheat Codes

To activate cheats, pause the game and input the following button combinations using the D-pad for directions:

Cheat Code
Get $5,000 X, Y, X, X, Y, then click the Left Analog stick
Full Ammunition Y, Left, Y, Right, X, then click the Right Analog stick
Full Health Left, X, Right, Y, Right, then click the Left Analog stick
Unlock All Movies Y, X, Y, X, X, then click the Left Analog stick

How to Take Over Compounds

The best way to expand your empire is to take over compounds controlled by other crime families. Make the Tattaglias in northeast Brooklyn your first targets because they're the weakest family in New York.

Have as much ammo as possible before approaching an enemy compound. You need to take cover at all times, as your opponents will aggressively defend their base, so plan your infiltration carefully.

Ducking behind bushes doesn't protect you from enemy fire.

Once inside the compound, fight your way to the basement and set a time bomb on one of the supporting pillars. Even if you're killed in the explosion, you'll win a new safe house and the accompanying guards. Once you have control over all the compounds and warehouses in a neighborhood, you can extort local businesses.

Enemies won't respawn as long as you remain in the same immediate area.

How to Earn Infinite Respect

There's a glitch you can exploit to earn extra cash and Respect points. After finishing the first mission, save and quit the game before you answer the phone downstairs. When you reload the save file, you'll receive an extra $500 and 500 Respect points as a reward for the previous mission. Repeat this process indefinitely to keep earning Respect points until you decide to pick up the phone.

How to Get Infinite Money

As an alternative to using cheat codes, rob the hotels, nightclubs, and other businesses you own for quick cash. Attack the cash register to open it and collect the money inside. When you leave and reenter, the register will be fixed, so you can keep robbing yourself blind.

How to Become the Don of New York

When you achieve 91.5% game completion, you'll earn the title of "Don Of New York City" as well as one million dollars and infinite ammunition for all your guns.