God of War for PS4 Cheats, Codes & Walkthroughs for PS4

Unlock the secret realms and find the magic boosting Valkyrie Armor

If you wish to visit the secret realms, defeat every Valkyrie, and view the secret ending, the gods will forgive you for using these God of War cheats.

This article is about the 2018 game God of War for PS4. For help with the 2005 game of the same title, see God of War Cheat Codes for PS2.

Upgrade the Leviathan Axe

Kratos approches a giant turtle while carrying a boar in "God of War."

The Leviathan Axe can be upgraded to a maximum level of 6 by bringing frozen flames to Brok. You can get most of the frozen flames from bosses encountered during the main story. If you miss one, it will appear under the Lost Items section in the shop.

The final frozen flame is obtained by trading in the Chilling Mist of Niflheim. It's locked inside a chest in the central chamber of the Niflheim realm. You'll need to collect 5,000 mist echoes to open the chest.

Upgrade the Blades of Chaos

Chaos flames can be used to upgrade Kratos' blades up to level 5. As with the frozen flames, all but one can be obtained during the main story. To fully upgrade the Blades of Chaos, defeat the Valkyrie in Muspelheim to earn the Raging Inferno of Muspelheim, then exchange it for the final chaos flame.

New Game +

After finishing the game, choose New Game + from the main menu screen to restart the story with all of your previously acquired moves, equipment, and currency. Additionally, you can craft new armor including the “Cod of War” suit from God of War II.

God of War Secret Ending

After finishing the main story, return to Kratos’ home and go to bed. You’ll then see a special preview of the next God of War game.

Unlock the Muspelheim Realm

Unlocking Muspelheim requires you to find four Muspelheim Language Ciphers. There are more than four such ciphers hidden throughout the game, but these are the easiest to find:

Muspelheim Language Cipher Locations
Location Where to Find It

The River Pass

Enter the cave underneath the witch’s house and look for a chest covered in viscera.

The Mountain

After meeting Mimir, descend the stairs and pass the mystic gateway to find a chest.
Cliffs Of The Raven Land on the beach southeast of the temple. Look on the left side of the cliff for a small opening covered by wood. Smash through it with your ax, and give Atreus a boost so he can drop a chain for you to climb.

Forgotten Caverns

Go into the caverns northwest of the temple and climb to the upper level.

Once you have four ciphers, you'll have access to Muspelheim from the Realm Travel Room.

Unlock the Niflheim Realm

Unlocking Niflheim requires four Niflheim Language Ciphers. The easiest ones to get can be found in the following locations:

Niflheim Language Cipher Locations
Location Where to Find It

The Mountain

Go up the steps to the green garden area, then drop down to the snowy path. Look along the left side for another area you can drop down to where you’ll find a realm tear and a chest.
Lookout Tower Search the beach south of the temple near the Odin statue's foot.
Ruins Of The Ancient After gaining access to Konunsgard, travel northwest of the temple to find a Soul-Eater and a chest on the beach.
Council Of Valkyries Dock on the beach just right of the giant statues holding oars. Break the red crystals to clear a path and climb the cliff wall to find a chest.

Niflheim will be selectable from the Realm Travel Room after you collect the ciphers.

Golden Talisman of Protection

The Golden Talisman of Protection is a helpful accessory that can be obtained early in the story. After gaining access to the temple in the Lake of Nine, travel northeast to Stone Falls. You'll have to battle some revenants and solve a puzzle to reach the chest containing the Golden Talisman of Protection.

Legendary Forbidden Grip of Ages

To get the most powerful pommel for the Leviathan Axe, you must scale Muspelheim Tower in the southern region of the Lake Of Nine. It's only accessible via the Lookout Tower boat dock once the water level has dropped far enough for you to reach it.

Once atop Muspelheim Tower, stand in the golden circle between the two braziers with burning fires. Face Tyr's Temple and use the Right Analog-stick to look in the following directions:

Pause briefly while looking at each location. You’ll hear a gong sound halfway through the process if you’re doing it right.

  1. Straight ahead at Tyr's Temple.

  2. The left brazier on the Muspelheim Tower deck.

  3. Straight ahead at Tyr's Temple.

  4. The right brazier on the Muspelheim Tower deck.

  5. The left brazier on the Muspelheim Tower deck.

  6. Straight ahead at Tyr's Temple.

  7. Down at the floor of the Muspelheim Tower deck.

  8. The right brazier on the Muspelheim Tower deck.

  9. The left brazier on the Muspelheim Tower deck.

  10. Straight ahead at Tyr's Temple.

  11. This may take a few attempts, but once executed correctly, a realm tear will appear containing the Grip of Ages.

Niflheim Mist Armor

Speak with Sindri in Niflheim to learn about Ivalidi’s Workshop. Earn 500 mist echoes, then talk to Sindri again to get the workshop key. There are nine pieces of rusted armor in the workshop that are required to craft the Mist Armor.

Avengers: Infinity War Gauntlet in God of War

The Shattered Gauntlet of Ages is an obvious reference to the popular Avengers movie franchise. After completing the "Fafnir's Storeroom" favor for Sindri, take on the "Family Business" favor. The mission will send you to Northri Stronghold where you’ll obtain the Exotic Shattered Gauntlet of Ages.

To upgrade the gauntlet, you’ll need five dragon tears. One is obtained during the main story, and three of them are earned by freeing dragons around Midgard. The fifth must be pilfered from the dead body of Baldur's dragon near the top of the Forgotten Caverns. Once powered up, the gauntlet can be augmented with special gems that grant Kratos new abilities.

God of War Valkyrie Armor Guide

To get the fully upgraded Valkyrie Armor, you'll have to beat the Valkyries. The Valkyries are the strongest enemies in the game. Nonetheless, you can encounter some of them early in the story after completing the "The Magic Chisel" mission. Once you find one of them, the "Prove your Valour" side mission will begin, and all Valkyrie locations will be marked on your map.

God of War Valkyrie Boss Locations
Valkyrie Location


Thamur’s Corpse, inside a Hidden Chamber of Odin
Geirdriful The Foothills, inside a Hidden Chamber of Odin


The Mountain, inside a Hidden Chamber of Odin

Kara Witch’s Basement, inside a Hidden Chamber of Odin


Helheim, inside a Hidden Chamber of Odin
Olrun Alfheim Light Elf Shore, inside a Hidden Chamber of Odin
Gondul Muspelheim Trial VI
Hildr Niflheim

Sigrun the Valkyrie Queen

After beating the eight Valkyries, go to the Council of the Valkyries to unlock the battle with Sigrun. She is significantly stronger than the others, so go in prepared with your best equipment and runic attacks. If successful, you'll earn Sigrun’s Helmet along with some other loot. Bring the helmet to Brok for an upgrade.

God of War Trophies

God of War has 37 trophies to unlock:

God of War Trophy Guide for PS4
Trophy Requirements

Allfather Blinded

Kill all of Odin's Ravens

Chooser of the Slain

Defeat all nine Valkyries
Darkness and Fog Retrieve the treasure from the workshop's center chamber
Fire and Brimstone Complete every Trial of Muspelheim

Like Oil and Water

Complete all favors for Brok and Sindri

All Will Fall

Defeat 1,000 enemies
Curator Collect every artifact
Dangerous Skies Free every dragon

Iðunn's Orchard

Fully upgrade your health

Quick Tempered

Fully upgrade your rage
The Truth Find every Jötnar shrine
Treasure Hunter Use treasure maps to locate all dig spots

Unfinished Business

Help all of the wayward spirits

Best Dressed

Craft an outfit for Atreus

Dwarven Ingenuity

Upgrade a piece of armor
Enchanted Slot an enchantment into your armor

Nice Moves

Obtain a runic attack gem

Path of the Zealot

Obtain the traveler armor set


Obtain the ancient armor set
The Best Moves Fully upgrade a runic attack


Find all Muspelheim and Niflheim languages ciphers


Fully upgrade the Leviathan Ax

Last Wish

Complete the story

A New Friend

Survive the Witch's Woods

Beneath the Surface

Explore the entirety of the Lake of Nine
Death Happened Here Explore the entirety of Veithurgard
Dragon Slayer Defeat the Dragon of the Mountain

Feels Like Home

Help the light elves return home

Hello, Old Friend

Retrieve the Blades of Chaos
Past Haunts Escape Helheim
Promise Fulfilled Heal Atreus
Round 2 Rescue Atreus

The Journey Begins

Defend your home from the stranger

Troubling Consequences

Defeat Magni and Modi
Twilight Beckons Defeat Baldur

Why Fight It?

Fully upgrade the Blades of Chaos
Father and Son Obtain all other trophies