Top 10 Cities for a Girls' Weekend Getaway

Best Destinations for an Escape With Your Gal Pals

Plan an unforgettable girls' weekend getaway leaving diaper bags and screaming kids behind. Just grab your suitcases and meet up with your mom friends in one of the top 10 girls' weekend getaway vacation destinations made for girlfriends who need some downtime.

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Miami, Florida

A picture of Miami, Florida
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Miami is a tropical paradise worth visiting any time of the year. Rent a convertible in summer or winter and load your girlfriends into the car. Be sure to drive to South Beach, the ultimate location to see and be seen.

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Los Angeles, California

A picture of Los Angeles, California
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Treat yourself like a Hollywood celebrity when you visit Los Angeles. You and your girlfriends can get decked out for an afternoon on Rodeo Drive, even if you're only window shopping. Or blow your spending money at Dolce & Gabbana or Louis Vuitton, if you dare. Some items cost more than your hospital bill for labor and delivery. Just stroll down the famous street and act like you'll be returning to your Malibu mansion as soon as your limo arrives. Only you and your gal pals need to know that in real life you clip coupons and your minivan is littered with crushed Cheerios.

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New York, New York

A picture of New York
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Slow down in the world's busiest city. It doesn't matter if you've been to New York City 100 times or if this is your first time, standing in the heart of the city that never sleeps is electrifying. New York City has something to satisfy all of your girlfriends' interests. Just don't go home without taking in a Broadway show. Remember, you're kidless so you don't have to worry about age restrictions and bedtimes.

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Las Vegas, Nevada

A picture of Las Vegas, Nevada
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Hit the jackpot with a girls weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada. Not a gambler? Between the shows, the food, the shopping, and walking the strip, you can spend an entire weekend in Las Vegas without ever standing in front of a one-armed bandit.

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Austin, Texas

A picture of Austin, Texas
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The capital of Texas is also known as the live music capital of the world. This makes Austin a perfect spot for girlfriends who want to spend their weekend listening to everything from indie rock to jazz. Time your trip so you can attend the Austin City Limits Festival that puts you in front of 100+ live bands. It's a three-day weekend with no songs involving itsy bitsy spiders or letters of the alphabet.

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Jackson Hole, Wyoming

A picture of Jackson Hole, Wyoming
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Cool off at one of the most famous skiing spots in the U.S. Jackson Hole, Wyoming, is a posh destination for powdery slopes to explore during the day and warm fireplaces to enjoy at night. Rent a cabin or stay at a five-star hotel. Hit the slopes or unwind on a massage table. There's a reason celebrities love to vacation here.

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Napa Valley, California

A picture of Napa Valley, California
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It's no mystery what you'll be doing if you and the girls head to Napa Valley, California. Girlfriends love wine country so much, many hotels and bed and breakfasts offer girlfriend getaway packages just for ladies looking to temporarily escape carpools, housework, and toddler meltdowns. Your journey to mom serenity is even better with a trip to one of Napa Valley's premier spas. Massages, mani/pedis, mud baths, and more will rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit.

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Cozumel, Mexico

A picture of Cozumel, Mexico
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You could fly to your destination but why not cruise there instead? Say bon voyage to obligations for a few days and set sail to Cozumel. This Mexican destination is known for its pristine beaches and breathtaking views. The beauty of cruising is your food and lodging are paid for through your cruise and you experience all of the fun of entertainment at sea as you travel to a gorgeous destination. Potty training frustrations and family schedule demands melt away when you're surrounded by 360-degrees of ocean.

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New Orleans, Louisiana

A picture of a parade in New Orleans, Louisiana
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There's always a party going on in New Orleans, Louisiana. The French Quarter's beautiful architecture and lively spirit of the people make any time of year great for visiting The Big Easy. For the ultimate "Nawlins" experience, take your girlfriends during the city's Mardi Gras festivities. The music, parade floats, beads and Bourbon Street atmosphere in general are just a few of the reasons more than 1 million people attend Mardi Gras each year.

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Great Smoky Mountains

A picture of a cabin in the Smoky Mountains
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Retreat to the woods for a girls' weekend that's rustic but features modern amenities, such as a gas fireplace and hot tub. Cabins in the Smoky Mountains let you and your girlfriends be at one with nature without having to pitch a tent and cook beans over a campfire. Ready to rejoin civilization? In a short drive, you can be back in the land of fast food joints and shopping malls.

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