Girls Night Out Ideas

6 Fun Things to Do With Your Girlfriends

Female friends provide a support network and add to your life unlike any other type of friendship. One way to strengthen your female friendships is to see each other regularly for some fun and bonding time.

For a girl's night to be successful, you need to relax, do something fun, and have enough time for conversation so you can catch up on everything your girlfriends have been up to. Even a few hours with your gal pals can improve your viewpoint and lift your mood.

The Girlfriends' Swap

Woman showing a friend her new dress
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Do you have some shoes, clothes, books, or antiques you want to get rid of? Consider doing a mini-swap with your girlfriends instead. 

Everyone brings a few things they want to part with, and you can "shop" each other's stuff. This is a great way to get some new items in your fashion line up, especially if you're budget-conscious.

The Spa Sesh

3 women in sauna at spa for girl's night out
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Most women juggle a lot of different responsibilities, so the chance to just be pampered for a few hours is golden. More than that, the vibe will encourage you and your girlfriends to open up and talk about things near and dear to your heart.

Most spas and salons have some sort of package that offers a discount for a group of people. Call around to see which spas provide the services and price range you're looking for.

The Cultural Outing

women toasting at concert
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If you and your friends love theater or ballet, make a night of it. Just be sure to arrive early or stay late to get in some time to connect.

Many cities offer a variety of cultural activities to choose from, especially on weekends, so check with your local performing arts center or chamber of commerce to see what's available in your area.

Some ideas include:theater, poetry readings, book signings, lectures, dance performances, and concerts.

The Night Out on the Town

group of women friends at restaurant
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Get out and enjoy the various establishments your city offers, like dance clubs, restaurants, bars, bowling alleys, and even movie theaters.

If you're in a rut and doing the same types of things over and over, one way to change that is by visiting places you haven't been to yet. It will give you even more things to talk about.

The New Adventure

women reading tarot cards
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Have a girl's night where you try something you've never done before.

Ever wanted to learn French, get a psychic reading, or learn more about wine? Get each of your girlfriends to throw out ideas and go down the list until you've hit them all.

The Healthy Route

women friends laughing in yoga class
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Girls nights don't have to be all about indulging in wine and food. Get the gals together to do some yoga, visit a nutritionist, or play team sports.

Your girlfriends can be a source of encouragement and support in your quest to live a healthier life.