Gifts for Singers Under $50

6 Practical Presents for Singers

Whether hoping to become a world class opera singer or run a local vocal studio, singers need inspiration, the right tools, as well as talent to get started. Assuming your friend or loved one already has the know-how, here are some gifts that will peak their interest and keep them singing.

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The Singer’s Musical Theatre Anthology with Accompaniment CD’s

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Publisher Hal Leonard put together five volumes of Broadway solos for sopranos, mezzo-sopranos (or belt singers and altos), tenors, and baritones. Each and every volume have stand alone solos that tell a story by themselves. Singers will find it fun to play the accompanying CD and sing along. Unlike a karaoke track, the CD plays the exact same notes your pianist will when you perform the piece with live accompaniment. Not only will it provide inspiration for recital repertoire, but it may inspire young singers to put more time into practicing. In addition, a volume is devoted to auditions for each voice type. These books pick the best 16-Bars of show-off pieces, which is often the amount of time you are given to sing at an audition. Another set of volumes are designed for teenagers and three volumes are devoted to duets.

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Black Dog Opera Library

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The black dog opera library is a series that includes a small book with the libretto or words of an opera in its original language and English along with pictures and commentary about the operas history. Quality CD’s of the full-length opera are also included. If you are on a budget, then I suggest starting with "Carmen" by Georges Bizet, "La Bohème" by Giacomo Puccini, "Rigoletto" by Guiseppe Verdi, or "The Magic Flute" by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Otherwise, a deluxe box set with four famous operas including "Carmen," and "La Bohème," is a luxurious gift under $50 perfect for an enthusiastic performer. For those truly interested in singing as an art form, even those unfamiliar with opera will enjoy and learn from this well thought out little opera library.

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"ravo!: A Guide to Opera for the Perplexed" by Barrymore Laurence Sherer

Bravo! A Guide to Opera for the Perplexed
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Some opera facts are not taught in a school of music or during voice lessons. For the singer just starting to skirt around the world of classical music, this book demystifies the cultural aspects of opera even to the extent of explaining why we shout, "Bravo!"

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Acoustic Guitar:

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One of the greatest gifts given to me as a teenager was a guitar. I never took lessons or became a great guitarist, but to play well enough to strum a few chords while singing takes very little effort and guitars are easy to take on camping trips and other adventures. On-line courses are easy to follow and with their help most people can learn their first simple song in less than an hour. And believe it or not, guitars are usually cheaper than sheet music.

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A Reader’s Digest Merry Christmas Songbook

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Of course, this one applies mostly to Christmas, but I would be happy to get a copy year round. I have the older version of the songbook with the blue cover, and it is my favorite Christmas book of all time. The newer one comes with a CD you can sing along with, but excludes the songs, “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus,” “Mary’s Bo Child,” “My Favorite Things,” “Silver Bells,” “Sleep Well Little Children,” and “Toyland.”

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Performers who frequently back out last minute, even if it is due to sickness, are less likely to find success. Especially when under the weather, a good humidifier keeps the vocal cords hydrated providing the support a singer needs when "the show must go on."