Gift Ideas for Tweens Who Love Animals

If your tween loves animals, these gift ideas are for you.

Family looking at a Rhino in Howletts Zoo, the huge safari enclosure protects species which would be endangered in the wild, Bekesbourne, Nr Canterbury, Kent, England. Additional Credit: Kent Tourism Alliance
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Shopping for today's tweens can be challenging, but if your tween is an animal lover, gift giving is easily accomplished. Kids who love pets and animals also love receiving presents that focus on their passion and hobby. If your child is into animals, whether they're domestic or wild, these gift ideas can help you find the ​ideal gift for a birthday, the holidays or even a special event.

Gifts for Tweens Who Love Animals

  • A gift card to a local pet store
  • A subscription to an animal-themed magazine such as Cat Fancy, Dog Fancy or Young Rider, a magazine for horse lovers
  • A membership to a local zoo or aquarium
  • New pet items such as a leash, collar, food bowl, pet shampoo or toys
  • The ingredients to make homemade dog or cat treats, along with a recipe card that explains how to make them
  • A stuffed animal
  • Adopt a whale, manatee or another animal in your child's name
  • Books about your child's favorite animal
  • Room decorations themed around animals or your child's favorite animal such as animal print pillows, bedspreads, posters, or other items
  • Make a donation to a local animal shelter in your child's name
  • A framed picture of your child's favorite pet
  • Military i.d. tags with the name of your child's favorite pet stamped on them
  • Animal themed jewelry
  • Make-up, bath and body products that are not tested on animals or have animal products in them
  • A caricature of your child and his pet
  • A scrapbook that your child can use to keep information and pictures about his pets or favorite animals
  • A keepsake box to put animal treasures in, such as a picture of a pet, a collar from a beloved pet that passed away, or small items purchased in the gift shop of a zoo or aquarium your child visited
  • Animal care books so that your child can properly learn how to care for the pets in your home
  • Your child's favorite animal movies to watch over and over
  • A kit to make your own birdhouse or birdfeeder
  • A book on how to attract animals, butterflies or birds to your yard
  • A digital camera or a Polaroid so that your child can learn how to photograph animals
  • A kit on growing your own butterflies, ladybugs or frogs
  • A sea monkey kit for your child's bedroom
  • Board games, video games or apps that are animal-focused
  • Arrange for your child to meet a veterinarian or another person involved with animals so he or she can learn more about their care and needs
  • A book about the wild animals in your area or a book on animal tracks
  • A pair of binoculars so your child can observe animals from afar
  • Animal themed calendar or animal themed stationary

Note: If you have the time and the money, you could arrange a day trip or a short vacation for you and your child that centers around animals. For example, you could take a trip to another part of the country to see the animals that are native to that region, or you could volunteer to work in a rescue or refuge organization for a few days. Other ideas might include visiting a zoo you've never been to before or taking a tour such as a dolphin watching tour, a swamp tour or another tour that features animals in their native environment.