Gifts for Grandchildren of All Ages

Great Ideas for Grandkids in All Ages and Stages

Do gift-giving occasions cause conflict in your family? Maybe there's some controversy over who should pick out gifts for grandchildren. Maybe you've been caught in one of these gift-giving pitfalls. Perhaps you have trouble knowing what gifts are age-appropriate. Maybe you've received a gift request from a grandchild that you don't want to honor or can't make come true.

I can't solve all of these problems for you, but I do have ideas for gifts for grandchildren in all ages and stages. Read on!

O Ball Car is easy for baby grandchildren to handle.
This easy-to-grasp car will entrance your baby grandchild. Courtesy

It's easy to get carried away buying gifts for the new grandbaby. Families can be overwhelmed by too many toys, however, so you'll want to choose your gifts wisely. This list of baby toys includes some that are versions of classics and some that are delightful innovations. Many will be treasured possessions long past the first year, or will prove sturdy enough to hand down to a sibling or a cousin. More »

cool trike gift for grandchildren
Grandparents and grandchildren will love this sturdy trike. Courtesy of

One reason toddlers are so much fun is the joy they take in new skills and discoveries. These toddler gifts are geared to helping little ones develop and grow. They're also sturdy to stand up to a toddler's rough play and designed to provide a whole lot of fun. Some, like the Duplo blocks and the Radio Flyer wagon, will provide play time for years to come.  More »

Green Toys Recycling Truck gift for grandchild
Grandparents can practice what they preach when they choose this Green Toys Recycling Truck as a gift for a grandchild. Courtesy of

Preschoolers gain new skills every day, so the selection of appropriate toys opens up to include those that encourage sports, artistic pursuits, fine motor skills, language and problem solving. Grandparents also like to give value, but it can be hard to find toys that will stand up to a 3-, 4-, or 5-year-old. The preschool toys in this list meet that test. More »

Snap Circuits is a great educational toy for grandchildren.
Most grandparents enjoy giving educational toys like Snap Circuits. Courtesy of

School age grandchildren are among the most fun to buy for. The items on this gift list are mostly gender neutral, and the prices range from budget to moderate. Many of these items are suitable for solo use but are also fun to share, sometimes allowing Grandma and Grandpa to get in on the action. This is a great time for puzzles, building toys and board games. It's also a great time for Razor scooters, but most grandparents will pass on those! More »

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Tweens 9 to 12

uglydoll gifts for grandchildren
Grandparents may not understand the appeal of Uglydolls. Courtesy of

As grandkids get older, gift-giving gets a bit more difficult. You'll need to find something that will meet their personal definition of cool. Talk to your tween grandchildren and learn their likes and dislikes, as well as seeking the counsel of their parents and siblings. But don't forget that tween grandchildren still need some gifts that are just fun, like these Uglydolls. 

instant camera gift for grandchildren
The quality isn't fantastic, but the fun of an instant camera wins the day. Courtesy of

Choosing gifts for teenage grandchildren, like dealing with teens in general, requires a grasp of what's hot and what's not, as well as knowing the individual. Technology has a strong presence, of course, but so do so low-tech items. These gifts for teen grandchildren should fill the bill and may even be popular with the young adults on your list. More »

Experience Gifts for Grandchildren

A new trend in gift-giving is to give experiences rather than things. Obviously, experience gifts aren't appropriate for infants and toddlers, but if your grandchildren are older, you might want to consider this option. And experience gifts have an extra bonus. You may be invited to go along (especially if you bought yourself a ticket).