Gift Ideas for Your Best Friend

Things to Give a Close Friend

Gift Ideas
Getting the perfect gift for your friend can be tough. Comstock Images/Getty Images

Buying the perfect gift for your best friend is tough. You don't want to give them just anything, and you want to make sure they'll have something to cherish for years to come. The gift needs to be unique, personal, and meaningful. 

Personalized Jewelry Ideas

Personalizing a gift doesn't just mean putting someone's name on it, but rather it's about making it specific to that individual. The key is knowing your friend well enough to give something they will love. If your friend likes jewelry, some of these ideas might suit their personality:

  • Friendship bracelets: These used to be something young girls gave to their BFFs, but the concept has grown up. Friendship bracelets come with crystals, pearls, or beads, and can be further personalized with a charm that contains your friend's name or initials. Some great choices for grown-up friendship bracelets include these affordable Tai bracelets from Willow Street (which are great for layering) or a homemade bracelet from a site like Etsy
  • Necklaces with poetry or a favorite quote: I love words on anything, but the phrase has to mean something to me in order for it to be special. A beautiful phrase, poem, or quote on friendship might be the thing your friend will cherish the most.

Handwritten Gifts

A person's handwriting is special, and even more so because we use computers and typewritten messages so much now. The gifts that really stand out are the simple yet thoughtful messages that your friend can go back to time and time again.

  • Cards: A simple note to tell your friend you care, are thinking of them, or appreciate them is one of the best ways to nurture your friendship and costs next to nothing. It's all about the time and thought involved that make cards special.
  • Memory journal: A handwritten journal where you record your favorite friendship moments is a gift your friend will love for years to come.
  • Get a large photo mat at the hobby store and write a message all the way around. Keep your writing even and make sure you space out your note so it goes all around the mat. Pair it with a favorite picture of you and your friend.

Gift Baskets

An entire basket full of gifts can be a fun way to show your friend how special they are. The key, once again, is making it personal to them. Give some thought to the special moments you two have had. Some ideas for creating a one-of-a-kind gift.

  • Movie basket: Include all your friend's favorite movies along with popcorn and snacks. Put small items in the basket that relate to the movies, such as magazines with the stars inside, a tell-all biography about the actors, or a behind the scenes special edition of the film. If the film has certain foods or clothing items, include those as well. If the picture is about sports, include a basketball or football. Add any items that relate to the movie that your friend would enjoy.
  • Travel basket: If your friend has always wanted to go to a certain city (Paris or London, for example) make up something that gives them everything they need to find their way around. Include a DVD guide, books, foods from the area (you can find them at World Market or the Internet), small trinkets, a photo album, and more. The basket can give them the vibe of being there, or give them a nudge to make a reservation to go.
  • An "all about you" basket: Your friend is unique and probably has many things that define him or her, so center a basket around their individual personality. Take all the things your friend likes and put in small things that represent those qualities. If your pal enjoys golfing, for example, put a sleeve of balls in the basket. A signed copy of a book from a favorite author can be a great gift for a book lover. Gardening gloves and seed packets are perfect for someone with a green thumb. You know what your friend would like best, so get creative.

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