Gift Ideas for Couples That Have Been Together Forever

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Gift Ideas for Times When You Run Out of Ideas

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I'll never forget a trip down to the US from Canada last Christmas, where the Border Patrol Agent asked me what I did for a living, "Dating Columnist," I said, and before I could share anything else, he blurted out, "I've been dating my girlfriend for 11 years, and gave her a vacuum cleaner last Christmas. Please, I need your help! I've run out of romantic gift ideas."

Twenty minutes later (yes, we held up the line!) we'd come up with a plan to get her a set of skis and a ski pass so that they could go skiing together. Why would this work for her? He shared she'd always wanted to learn to ski, so this was a great way for them to connect — by going out on the slopes as a couple. Now, this might not work as a gift idea for your long term relationship — but I bet we can come up with something equally wonderful! (As a side note, his girlfriend found me online and emailed me to thank me. She'd planned on ending things over the next bad gift).

So if you're still wondering what to get your partner of many years, here are some fun, unique suggestions with links to more information.

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A Perfectly Customizable Gift for Your Perfect Love

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Has your loved one every complained you don't take them out enough to see their favorite events? Now is your chance to prove that you are listening to their every word, and want to give them a gift they'll remember forever. This gift idea involves a gift certificate to pick their own perfection, or choosing a date for the two of you to enjoy together. Sporting events, live theater, and concerts are just some of the concepts to explore here, as well as last-minute events. (Buy Direct)

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Geek It Up for a Gorgeous Gift Idea

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I've had several people tell me that geeky gifts are male-centric, but I wholeheartedly disagree. I frequently salivate over ThinkGeek's product line, which changes monthly depending on demand and availability. They carry many strange and wonderful dating couple gift ideas.

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Wine, Cheese and Everything Foody-Goody Decadent

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Whether your partner loves wine or wants to learn, there are many products to help enjoy or learn more about the lovely liquid. It's quite easy to pick a nice bottle for a low price to enjoy at a picnic, over dinner, or just because — but why not really splurge and make a meal out of it with some imported cheese like the French do?

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Tea for Two? A Romantic Gift Idea

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Even if you weren't raised with the "I'll put the kettle on" kind of mentality every time crisis strikes, spending time with your partner enjoying a cuppa is an excellent way to commit to some quiet connection. Share with them this mentality when you give a "just because" gift, and see how it brings you together. 

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If Cleanliness Is a Gift, Get Dirty With Your Partner


There are few things better than a bubble bath drawn by your partner or a massage given with love after a long day. Why not take this a step further, block off some time for the two of you, and make your own hammam?

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Naughty Costumes for Long-Term Couples

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When was the last time you bought your partner something sexy or sensual to wear? Lingerie pieces range from mild to wild for both men and women. Or you could always buy yourself something nice, and then wrap yourself as the gift.

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Staycation, Vacation or Something in Between?

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Whether to escape the season or to plan for something in the near future, few partners will balk at the gift of travel. Many travel sites offer last minute deals and specials, as well as combination travel plans to take care of your entire excursion so you can enjoy the gift giving process, and not have to worry about the little details.

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Getting Arty With Your Love

A man and a woman paint together.

There are many ways and reasons to appreciate a piece of art, together. Perhaps a specific painting reminds you of your first date, or maybe an abstract artist captures your feelings for your loved one perfectly. Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words, and whatever you're unable to say with mere words, a fantastic piece of art can say everything.