Ghosts of Children

It's a sad notion to contemplate, but even children's spirits can be caught in the ghost's plane of existence. Here are true stories.

Ghost Child

A woman is awakened by the ghost of a child hovering over her bed.

Ghost Took the Teddy Bear

The ghost of a little four-year-old girl, long black hair, and white dress.

Hide-and-Seek Ghost

Little Ghost on the Stairs

A babysitter sees and extra child in the house.

Little Girl in the Mirror

In the mirror appears the shape of a little girl wearing a frilly dress with ribbons in her hair.

Little Spirit Thought We Were Family

The ghost of a little girl still thinks she's alive and living with her family.

Sad Little Ghost

Tess's loneliness is shaken by the appearance of a child-like ghost

Little Ghost Needed a Lantern

Little Ghost Needed a Lantern: Abby was touched by the child ghost's request.

Daughter Saw Grandparents' Ghosts

Girl talks to her long-dead grandparents.