Getting to Augusta, Georgia, and The Masters

These Are the Nearby Airports Plus Options for Driving

Savannah River at the Savannah Bluff Lock and Dam in Augusta, Georgia
The Savannah River runs through Augusta, Ga., and separates the city from South Carolina. Glenn Ross Images/Moment/Getty Images

If you're planning a trip to Augusta, Ga., for The Masters, you'll want options for flying there or driving there. The city of Augusta is served by its own small airport, and a larger airport is nearby within easy driving distance. Speaking of which: Are you traveling by car, rather than flying? Augusta sits on a major interstate highway.

The Augusta, Georgia Airport

The city of Augusta is directly served by the ​Augusta Regional Airport (code AGS), located seven miles outside the city proper. The airport originated as a flight training school for the military. It was originally named Bush Field, but the name was changed in 2000. And in 2007, the airport had a major makeover, going through renovations and upgrades.

Augusta Regional Airport is served by two major passenger carriers, Delta and American Airlines. All Delta flights into and out of Augusta connect through the Atlanta airport; all American Airlines flights into and out of Augusta connect through the Charlotte, N.C., airport.

On a seasonal basis, Delta also has flights between Augusta and New York-LaGuardia. American Airlines also has seasonal flights between Augusta and New York-La Guardia, Philadelphia and Washington-National.

Closest Major Airports to Augusta, Ga.

The nearest major airport to Augusta, Ga., is the Columbia Metropolitan Airport in Columbia, S.C., the state capital of South Carolina. Columbia is about an hour's drive from Augusta via Interstate 20. The Columbia airport has non-stop service to eight major cities, including New York, Philadelphia, Washington (D.C.), Chicago, Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston. Delta, America Airlines and United are the major carriers.

One of the world's major airports, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International, is about two hours, 15 minutes by car from Augusta (although flying in just prior to The Masters means allowing longer travel times by car).

Driving Distances to Augusta, Ga.

Arriving by car? Augusta sits on I-20, which runs east-west, and Augusta is located in-between the Columbia, S.C.-to-Atlanta stretch. Here are the miles to significant cities near (or at least not too far) from Augusta:

  • Atlanta: 145 miles via I-20
  • Macon, Ga: 120 miles via US-1
  • Columbia, S.C.: 75 miles via I-20
  • Charleston, S.C.: 169 miles via I-26
  • Savannah, Ga.: 128 miles via US 321 and 301
  • Greenville, S.C.: 114 miles via US-25
  • Charlotte, N.C.: 164 miles via I-77 and I-20

Once you're in Augusta during Masters week, you'll need a place to stay. And lodging needs to be arranged far in advance. For options and info, visit for hotel/motel reservations; or for private housing options. For general tourism information about Augusta, including event schedules and lists of attractions other than The Masters, visit, which is the website of the Augusta Convention and Visitors Bureau.